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Kenny Omega’s Greatest Hits! #1

This is yet another series for Wrestling With Words, and this one is super special because I am diving into Kenny Omega matches before he joined New Japan Pro Wrestling full time. This was when he was a main stay in Dramatic Dream Team. He was one of the biggest stars in DDT for six years and made an impact like no other. During his tenure in DDT he would also work All Japan, Ice Ribbon, and a few other lesser known promotions. This is a god and he blessed us with all these Kenny Omega matches. I will be reviewing a few matches at a time. If you have any suggestions on which ones I should watch/review please let me know.

Kenny Omega vs. Sanshiro Takagi DDT (8/10/2008)***3/4

This is the main event and it feels like a big time bout. The crowd is lit and Omega seems full of energy like always. I will never get sick of Takagi’s entrance theme. The two warriors show respect towards one another with a hand shake but after that, they showed violence towards one another. Omega teased a dive within the first sequence but Takagi wisely moved out of the way. Omega goes out to battle Takagi on the outside and I think that was a mistake. He got bodyslammed on the Shinkiba floor and then taken outside of the arena and beat up out there. Takagi spiked DDT’d Omega on the road! That was such a brutal spot and it caused a ‘holy shit’ chant to break out. Omega fires back with a moonsault off a barricade but Takagi won’t let Omega back inside the arena and lays him out on the road and then comes off the top off a van with a knee drop! Omega dove from some sort of ledge in Shinkiba onto Takagi who was positioned on a wooden table. I say wooden table for a reason. Omega connected with an enuigiri which he follows up with a PERFECT tope con hilo. At this point in the bout the crowd is very much behind the Manitoba native chanting ‘Oh-Meh-Gah’ over and over. So the reason I said wooden table before is because Omega used the ‘Hadoken’ to put Takagi threw a PLASTIC table. You have probably seen the GIF of it like me, but wow, it added so much to this match. ANOTHER PLASTIC TABLE! This time Omega was drilled threw it with a superplex. Plastic tables look awesome when someone goes threw it but I can guarantee it does not feel good on ones anatomy. Takagi attempted a Hadoken but Omega pounced right back up and knocked the owner of DDT on his butt. Omega even at the 20 minute mark was still so crisp with all of his strikes and offensive maneuvers. Takagi sent Omega inside out with a lariatoooooooo and shortly after pinned Kenny with a sit out sunflower bomb. Very special and historic match in the history of both DDT and Kenny Omega’s career.

Kenny Omega vs. Minoru Tanaka DDT (11/27/2011)****1/2

This was the semi main event of “GOD BLESS DDT 2011”. Yes, that is the greatest ever name for a professional wrestling event. This is for the AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Championship. Tanaka is one of my all time favorite workers so this should be an absolute treat. So this match, um … I will start from the beginning. The two trade holds and have counters for each other’s counters. So smooth and silky which is a weird way too put it but it’s true. Kenny Omega run’s the ropes like no other wrestler, everything he does has purpose. Plancha early on from Omega. Shortly after Omega does a tope con hilo but Tanaka moves out of the way and Omega knocks down his pal Michael Nakazawa which allows Tanaka to perform a tope con hilo of his own. Tanaka gets Omega back into the ring and starts to break down the left arm to soften it up for the Minoru special. Omega would get a little bit of offense in but then Tanaka would just go right back to the injured arm. For example, Kenny went for a suplex but Tanaka countered that right into a Fujiwara arm bar. Jesus Christ I don’t think I have ever seen two men move as fast as Omega and Tanaka in this match. Super impressive and mind blowing. This match lasted 25 minutes and it was non stop action, the amount of skill it takes to pull a match like this off is incredibly high and so much respect should go to both men for pulling this match off without a single flaw. Tanaka at this point was an AJPW contracted wrestler and AJPW was owned by Keji Muto at this time so Tanaka paid a little tribute to Muto and used a shining wizard. Omega fights back with a stunner which he is paying tribute to DDT owner Sanshiro Takagi by using his finisher! Very good story telling. Minoru locks in the Minoru Special which Omega quickly fights off and makes to the ropes. Omega teases suplexing Tanaka to the outside but that didn’t happen, thank god. Omega comes off the top with a crossbody but Tanaka dropkicks him in mid air. Tanaka flipped out of two German suplex attempts and connects with a German of his own. Omega used a Northern light bomb from the top rope and then a Northern lights bomb onto his knee! JESUS!!! Tanaka is a genius and counters the Croyt’s Wrath with the Minoru Special. Tanaka busts out a 450 splash! Kenny’s facials when he was selling or fighting were tremendous. Kenny hits two jumping high kicks and then a Croyt’s Wrath BUT TANAKA KICKS OUT AT ONE! Omega is clueless so out of nowhere he uses the One Winged Angel to put away the veteran. One of my favorite matches of all time.

Kana & Kenny Omega vs. Hikaru Shida & Masato Tanaka - Hikaru Shida Produce (8/28/14)***1/2

This match only made its way online five days prior to this review so I was truly blessed. This is quite the match on paper and it’s amazing it took place. Tanaka and Omega in the same ring is pretty insane and awesome. Kana, now Asuka teaming with Omega is quite awesome and something I never would of expected. I didn’t even know this match was a thing. Kana wasn’t wearing shoes but just kick pads like Speedball. Her and Shida have some nice back and forth grappling action. This match was centered and focused around hip attacks. There were tons of them from everyone, even Masato Tanaka! It took some convincing from Shida but Masato Tanaka did use some hip attacks in this match. Legit. This was hip attack heaven if that is a thing. Omega and Tanaka gelled so well and made me crave a singles match between the two athletes. Great tit for tat wrestling. Major heat whenever Omega laid his hands on Shida and especially when he stomped on her. Shida used a really cool hurricanrana on Kenny. MORE HIP ATTACKS and this time Omega’s pants were down! Shida reversed and Kana’s face went onto Kenny’s ass. Kenny’s mannerisms are so great and unique! He does things no one else does and it’s beautiful. Kenny chopped Shida on the ass so hard the noise it made was quite loud. Masato Tanaka’s hot tag is so underrated – he cleaned house! Destroying both Kana and Kenny with lariats, forearms and DDT’s. I think Tanaka was the best person in this bout, he had amazing sequences with Kana and Kenny numerous times. Tanaka was dropped on his head twice with a snap German and Dragon suplex. Omega sold a lariat so well, he does it nearly every match but it always looks amazing. Omega killed Shida with a baseball slide and then went for a tope con hilo but Tanaka threw a kendo stick at him which allowed Shida to hit a plancha on him. The last few minutes were excellent, Northern lights bomb followed by a buzz-saw kick from team Kana/Kenny. Shida kicks out of a German suplex hold but submits to the chicken wing. Kana and Kenny embrace post match.

Talk about variety! There was a bit of everything in each one of these matches and I loved it. The biggest thing I took away from all of these matches is that Kenny makes his opponents look so great, even greater than they already are! His selling and facials are out of this world special. Kenny is truly one of the best ever and can wrestle anything or anyone and it will be entertaining. This series will be back soon because I want to watch every Kenny Omega match ever!


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