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Kaientai Dojo Club-K Super in Korakuen Hall Review (2/25/16)

Tokyo, Japan
Korakuen Hall
663 Fans

Ah yes another Kaientai Dojo review from the big dog at Wrestling With Words! After my last Kaientai Dojo review was praised by numerous people it was just fitting that another Kaientai Dojo show made its way online so I could review. My previous Kaientai Dojo is the front runner for Sheety ‘Article of the Year’ so I believe I can make this one even better! It would be amazing if the top 2 articles of 2016 were both K-Dojo reviews.

NEX4 (Ayato Yoshida & GO Asakawa) vs. Sekitoba (Kotaro Yoshino & Yoshihiro Horaguchi)***
First real match of the show, there was a exhibition before this but I chose not to watch. This was a fun opener, nothing blow away but good action in which got the crowd into the wrestling. Yoshino looks like Antonio Honda and GO looks like a young Taka Michinoku. Horaguchi is real crisp with his offence, his strikes and kicks look good. Sekitoba were in control of GO and wouldn’t let him tag out, smart tag team wrestling right there. GO made the tag following a sweet judo throw which allowed Yoshida to run wild for a short while until chaos ensued between all 4 men. Nice Sliding D and PK combo from NEX4. Kotaro Yoshino pinned GO with a spinning powerslam.
Magatsuki (Kunio Toshima & Yuma) vs. SFU (Bambi & Kaji Tomato)*3/4
MY BOY KAJI TOMATO! Tomato-san has the best entrance in all of wrestling and if he isn’t in the Super J and Super Haitch cups then I will be sad. Tomato is honestly a fantastic worker and the match was only good when he was involved. Yuma used straight jabs on Bambi who is female! Toshima then did a terrible violence party on her. Tomato won the match with a snap small package. Why couldn’t Tomato just wrestle Taka one-on-one?
Ayumu Honda vs. Hikaru Sato***
This was a solid shoot battle, could of been a ton better if it was given more time. Amazing grappling went on for the first 3 minutes until Sato decided to attempt some strikes. Honda escaped a leg lock twice in short time, very impressive. Hikaru Sato is kicking the jesus out of Honda’s legs whilst still attempting submissions. Honda used a couple awesome looking judo take downs and he attempted to follow those up with holds but Sato wasn’t letting Honda get a hold of any of his ligaments. The finish was very out of the ordinary, Honda couldn’t reach the 10 count after getting demolished with shots to the leg. Creative finish because it was presented as a shoot fight.
Bozz Rengo (Daigoro Kashiwa, Kotaro Nasu, Ryuichi Sekine & Saburo Inematsu) vs. TEAM69ROLL (Hi69, Ricky Fuji & TAKA Michinoku) & MEN's Teioh**1/4

This was nothing really — just a little bit of fun to break up the seriousness. It’s smart to book a match like this because it gives the crowd more reasons to make noise and be more lively. It’s very infrequent a Mens Teioh match makes tape, good to see Mr. Teioh! He looks very healthy and in shape for a 45 year old man. Match was mostly comedy, some good and some bad. HI69 did his lionsault which is pretty. HI69 rolled up Kashiwa for the win.

(UWA World Middleweight Championship) Hiro Tonai (c) vs. Kyu Mogami***1/2
Very solid match but didn’t connect with me as much as others. It was not too flashy but had its moments. Mogami is a younger guy and this is a big spot for him and he delivered. Tonai is always very good and was in the drivers seat for most of the bout. Mat based match with tons of wicked reversals and counters especially in the last few minutes were Mogami would try to apply a butterfly lock but Tonai would try to lock in an arm submission. Tonai won with a crazy arm bar. It was much like Becky Lynch’s arm bar but he trapped the other arm with his leg!
(STRONGEST-K Tag Team Championship) Magatsuki (Kengo Mashimo & Yuki Sato) (c) vs. Makoto Oishi & Shiori Asahi****
Holy shit. My goodness. This match was straight out of Reseda. THIS WAS AWESOME GUYS! One of my favorite tag matches of 2016 thus far. Oishi and Asahi work so good together and it’s a shame we don’t get more tape of their matches. Magatsuki is the big heel stable in K-Dojo but both Mashimo and Sato had their working boots and didn’t rely on gimmicks to get through a match *cough cough* Suzuki-gun. I have seen 2 matches of Asahi in 2016 and if there was more tape of him I could honestly see him being in my top 5 workers of 2016. They built to the hot tags well throughout the bout and Magatsuki knew when to cut them off. Asahi was a workhorse with all his sliding kicks, he even did 2 plancha’s. Asahi and Oishi work comedy into their matches as good as anyone. They kept attempting their double team Canadian Destroyer and could never hit it but they finally did! IT WAS AMAZING! One of the craziest spots I have ever seen. Yuki Sato actually won when he countered a jackknife pin from Oishi into a pin of his own.
(STRONGEST-K Championship) Tank Nagai (c) vs. Taishi Takizawa***3/4

Super hard hitting main event that made me a big fan of Takizawa. Watching this immedietly after the last match probably wasn’t the best idea but I still enjoyed the hell out of this fight. I call it a fight because Takizawa beat the shit out of Nagai for 20 minutes. Taishi Takizawa has some of the most vicious slaps and chops in wrestling today. I love Nagai as the big angry boss and it’s a rare occasion when he doesn’t put on a great match. From start to finish it was a hoss fight. The last few minutes were different, Nagai used a coal miners glove as a weapon but the ref was out so he couldn’t count the fall. Takizawa got an amazing nearfall with a Fire Thunder Driver but in the end Nagai retained after using a shoot headbutt and a big boy senton from the top.

My god another Show of the Year Candidate from the brothers over at Kaientai Dojo! Especially Mr. Taka Michinoku who is easily one of the best people to ever grace the wrestling landscape. I may be tricking about the SOTYC stuff because the only stuff really worth watching are the final 3 matches which are all excellent in many different ways. I know this is a big show for K-Dojo but if I had all this talent on the card I would keep the top 3 matches the same but maybe do a battle royal and 3 singles matches pitting the younger guys against HI69, Taka Michinoku & Mens Teioh. I really want a Tomato/Michinoku singles bout soon. Thank you for reading my K-Dojo review! Tell all your friends about Izzac’s K-Dojo review!


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