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Kaientai Dojo K-Up Impact in Blue Field (January 9) Review & Results


Kaientai Dojo K-Up Impact in Blue Field ~ 2017 New Year Special 

January 9, 2017

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Chiba Blue Field – Chiba, Japan

This is some blessed times, approximately one year ago I did my first ever review for WWW and that was a K-Dojo review. It was wonderful. It got me into the deeper indies and exposed me to guys like Kaji Tomato, Kengo Mashimo, Tank Nagai, Taishi Takizawa and so on and so forth. Editor’s note: It’s neat to go back and read that, the glance back over to where Izzac is now and where his knowledge lays. We are back, a year later, to review another very awesome looking K-Dojo card. They are using lots of outsiders for this show which always makes K-Dojo much more enjoyable. Onita is in the main event which is awesome, so yeah let’s get to it.

Kaji Tomato def. Hitoshi Kumano***

NOAH boys out here, so Uchida the new owner of NOAH is buddies with Taka Michinoku who owns K-Dojo and they have now got a working relationship. Hence why Kumano is here and Go Shiozaki worked K-Dojo on Christmas. Hitoshi Kumano is a guy for me that excels when he is positioned as the young dude who won’t quit. He recently had a tremendous match with Yoshinari Ogawa where he played that role perfectly. We didn’t get that Kumano here. We got the Kumano who was more in control and slowed everything down. He was still good, don’t get me wrong. Kaji Tomato was great as always, using his springboard missile dropkick and his other flashy moves. Kumano used some vicious forearm strikes but in the end Tomato won with the Red Eye out of nowhere.

Kotaro Suzuki def. Go Asakawa***1/4

Very good stuff here, great dynamic of young hungry rookie against seasoned veteran with lots to prove. Kotaro Suzuki is a treasure, there were a few people shocked I had him so high on my top 100 Japanese Indie wrestlers list but one of the big reasons why he was so high on that list is because of matches like this. He works a lot of these smaller shows and he doesn’t have to bust his butt. My God; he does every time he is out in the squared circle. He gives it his all. Whether that be in HEAT-UP, Zero-1, K-Dojo, BJW or W-1 he gives it his all. He will always shine up his opponent as well, making them look great. He adapted very well to Go’s style, this was a much more technical Kotaro Suzuki match. He did some things here where I had to rewind and see how exactly he did it. He is so smooth with everything he does, all aspiring pro wrestlers should watch Mr. Kotaro. Go held his own as well, very charismatic. He hit some cool moves like the sliding lariat and middle rope elbow. Kotaro won in the end with the Tiger Driver.

Kengo Mashimo & Tank Nagai vs. Daisuke Sekimoto & Takuya Nomura***1/2

It’s basically a given at this point that any match featuring Sekimoto or Takuya Nomura is guaranteed to be very good. I don’t think young Nomura has ever had a bad match honestly. Kengo Mashimo also never has a bad match, the dude’s a freak in ring. So consistent and is the perfect ace for K-Dojo. He doesn’t age one bit either. He is 35 and looks 20. This match was built around Takuya Nomura. He was beaten up for a long time by Mashimo and then he got to shine with lots of offence mainly (duh incoming) on Kengo. Sekimoto altered his style and was superb. I yelled out a curse word when he did a dragon screw leg whip. I have never seen Sekimoto do that move before, I hope Mutoh dragon screws him at the big DDT show in March. Sekimoto and Nomura had some really cool double team spots. Tank and Seki did some hoss spots and Tank killed Nomura with a spear in the closing sequence. Mashimo applied the Mudo to Nomura to pick up the win.

Electric Current Blast Deathmatch: Saburo Inematsu & TAKA Michinoku vs. Atsushi Onita & Katsunari Toi***

On Inematsu’s road to retirement, he’s been facing all of his past deathmatch demons like Ryuji Ito, Isami Kodaka, and Jaki Numazawa. Now he has reached the Don of deathmatches. Atsushi Onita is struggling to move and get out of bed but my goodness he was not going to miss the last opportunity to wrestle his buddy. Crazy to see Taka Michinoku in a deathmatch, he hasn’t been in one for a while now. He even copped a barbed wire bat shot from Onita. Katsunari Toi looks like the dude who runs a corner shop in downtown Kanagawa but he is a bad ass. This was super fun and dramatic. Inematsu was very emotional as it was his last time facing Onita. In a shock to me, Inematsu scored the victory when he pinned Toi after an exploding barbed wire bat shot.

  • Good - 6.0/10


Solid stuff, nothing bad at all. Two good matches, one very good match and one moment in the main event. I urge you guys to check out all of this stuff. In closing I want to say thank you for following my puroresu reviews for a year now. I really do appreciate it. It shocks me how many good friends I've made from this wrestling stuff. Thank you all so much.

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