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K-DOJO “Club-K Super In TKP Garden City Chiba” (1/10/16) Review

If you’re viewing this review, thank you, because I was crazy enough to watch an entire K-Dojo event!!!! It’s not going to be bad wrestling by any stretch, it’s just so sleazy. If your a casual Puro fan the only name on this show you will recognize will be Taka Michinoku since he heads this company and possibly Independent wrestling veteran RICKY f’n FUJI. So please enjoy this review and tell all your friends about Izzac’s Kaientai Dojo review.

NEX4 (Ayato Yoshida & GO Asakaws) vs. NEX4 (Dinosaur Takuma & Kyu Mogami)**3/4

Hey, it’s Mr. Takuma Dinosaur man! Fray Movement’s favorite wrestler! That might be a gimmick but he is seriously a very good wrestler. This was a very good opener to the show, everyone worked hard and Mogami stole the show. NEX4 are a really cool tag team, I couldn’t find much on either wrestler but one looks like a young Taka and one is doing a Katsuyori Shibata cosplay. I’m guessing all these guys have only been working 2 years which is astounding because they shined in this match. Mogami wins via submission with a butterfly lock.

Bambi & Koharu Hinata vs. Manami Kanda & SAKIMINUS **

Who is hyped for some Joshi action? Bambi is by leaps and bounds the veteran in this match, she went pro 13 years ago. Manami Kanda is terrible, she has only been working 2 years but her bumps and ring positioning were atrocious. SAKI has a very unique look and a bright future. This was one of the worst matches ever, Bambi tried but the other three women are the dirt worst. Watch this so you can vote it worst match of 2016.

Magatsuki (Kunio Toshima & Yuma) vs. Daigoro Kashiwa & Saburo Inematsu*

This is some sleazy shit right here brothers, these four men get entrances so we know their not jabronis. Yuma looks like an out of shape Dean Ambrose, he and his partner jump their opposition to get things rolling. Team Magatsuki are wanting to brawl instead of wrestle, so they brawl with Kashiwa and Inematsu all over the arena that has roughly 54 people in attendance. This match is doing nothing for me except when Toshima tried to attack Kashiwa with a pair of sandals. Inematsu hit a power bomb on Toshima for the fall. This was nothing.

Sekitoba (Taishi Takizawa, Kotaro Yoshino & Yoshihiro Horaguchi) vs. TEAM69ROLL (TAKA Michinoku, Ricky Fuji & Hi69)*3/4

YAY! Three guys I’m familiar with in TEAM69ROLL, for those that don’t know much puro Hi69 is basically the gatekeeper of the sleazy indies in Japan. I really enjoy team veteran beating up younger guys but this really isn’t doing anything for me, not even Taka can save this. It isn’t bad it’s just sort of there. though I do think Horaguchi has a nice future ahead of him, he really impressed me. Fuji moves a lot slower then he used to but he still gets his shit in which brings a smile to my face, he ate the pin-fall surprisingly after Kotaro Yoshino hit a Thesz press. Nothing bad but just boring.

Independent Jr. Heavyweight Championship Match: Shiori Asahi (c) vs. Kaji Tomato****

This bout is for the independent Jr. heavyweight title. Kaji Tomato’s gimmick is that he is a god damn Tomato and I love it! His entrance was hilarious… it made me smile! Well after sitting through nearly an hour of terrible wrestling, I stumbled across an incredible match. This was 14 minutes of epic Jr. heavyweight action! Kaji Tomato is now one of my favourite wrestlers and Shiori Asahi could be a major star if given the opportunity. These guys could have phoned it in like all the other guys on the show thus far but they didn’t. This had reversals and moves I have never seen before in wrestling. Asahi uses the ropes in a very unorthodox way and pulls off some of the coolest maneuvers in pro wrestling and don’t let the Tomato gimmick fool you, Mr. Tomato is a great worker and very athletic much like his opponent. These fellas had incredible pinning sequences and technical warfares and at one point Tomato hit a tiger suplex! It took three rolling-sliding buzz saw kicks (one of the best moves in wrestling) for Shiori to retain his title. Seriously go and watch this match now, it was awesome.

STRONGEST-K Tag Team Title Match: Kengo Mashimo & Yuki Sato (c) vs. Ryuichi Sekine & Kotaro Nasu***1/2

Wow after that awesome bout I’m hyped for more K-Dojo. This is for the strongest K heavyweight tag titles. More crowd brawling in the very darkened arena, first 5 minutes are actually spent on the outside. Dare I say another excellent match, skip the first few minutes of crowd brawling though. This match was built around everyone throwing stiff kicks to one another, Kotaro Nasu delivered once again and proves that he should be booked in more places. The crowd was red hot for this and loved every second of it, Kengo and Sato are the heels but they’re too cool to boo. Sato is flying around all match doing missile drop-kicks and bumping like a mad man. If you enjoy stiff you will enjoy this, Mashimo pinned Sekine following a German suplex and a brainbuster.

STRONGEST-K Title Match: Tank Nagai (c) vs. Hiro Tonai***3/4

Well after those two matches I can’t contain my excitement for this bout, Nagai is very good and now with Hino gone, he is the ace of Kaientai Dojo if there is one. The story early in the match is that Tonai is the better technician and instead of trying to use mat work Nagai uses his size to gain an advantage. This was a solidly, smartly worked main event, Heel Nagai doesn’t do a whole lot but he does play his role very well and Tonai made me a fan of him. Tonai is a great mat based athlete and is up there with Sabre and Thatcher in my opinion. The entire match Tonai worked and worked Tank’s left arm and Nagai would always use his stronkness to overcome. As the match went on Nagai’s power slowly decreased as his arm became immobile and he had to rely on his right arm. If you’re a guy that likes selling and limb work this is the perfect match for you. Nagai’s selling was top tier and even when he hit his signature spear he only used his shoulders, when he tried to apply the ankle lock he couldn’t lock it in fully because he was selling his arm! Fantastic performance. Tonai lost clean after a Dick Togo like senton from the top courtesy of Tank, excellent main event even though it wasn’t flashy, this bout was a very well executed match.

So yeah K-Dojo rules! Well, maybe just the final three matches did but hey I will take that. I urge you to watch the last 3 matches on the card, you will not be left disappointed. Each match delivered something different. The under-card was disgusting to be honest and featured one of the worst matches in pro wrestling history. I watched close to 2 hours of K-Dojo for you guys reading this, so please tell me on twitter @Izzacwrestles how you liked this review and if you would like more puro reviews. I love doing these reviews but I don’t get feedback and feedback is what I need so I can make these better for the readers. Thank you for reading and keep your eye out for Kaji Tomato, that kid is great.




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