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K-DOJO 14th Anniversary Club-K Super Evolution 14 Review (4/17/16)

Tokyo, Japan 
Korakuen Hall 
821 Fans 

It’s the second time in 2016 Kaientai Dojo has run Korakuen Hall and that makes this little reviewer so happy. K-Dojo rarely makes tape and when it does I will do a review because I have fell in love with K-Dojo and the characters in K-Dojo. For example I am all in on longtime Japanese independent star HI69 in the main event challenging the evil Tank Nagai for the main title in the universe that is Kaientai Dojo. Fellow staff thought it was a joke that I was reviewing K-Dojo but I love it now which is so odd to say. This show drew 200 more fans than when they ran Korakuen two months prior. Also the chairman Toeda announced that in 2015 Kaientai Dojo saw a profit, a significant profit! So things at the K-Dojo offices are looking up! I really hope they can run Sumo Hall next year.

Saburo Inematsu, Daigoro Kashiwa & TEPPEI vs. NEX4 (Kyu Mogami, GO Asakawa & Ayato Yoshida)**3/4

This was a hoot that had no right to be a hoot. This was tons of fun and the NEX4 guys shined as they were meant to. This was their big win against more experienced wrestlers and they told the underdog story perfectly. I am trying to pin point one of the NEX4 guys that was the best but honestly they were all superb. TEPPEI is a little dickhead. Yoshida pinned Kashiwa (who needs new gear) with a head kick followed by a vicious back drop suplex. The celebration and crowd reactions made the win so much more special.

TAKA Michinoku vs. Hiro Tonai***1/2

This was a very special and awesome bout. This was Tonai’s big time match in K-Dojo for sometime as he moved to another part of Japan. He is taking on his mentor, coach and friend: the legendary Taka Michinoku. Both men go for their signature holds which is an arm bar for Tonai and a facelock for Taka. Really really smooth mat work, catch as catch can as some would describe. Taka’s facelock and headlock were so great, quite the amazing performer Mr. Michinoku is! Tonai hit a jumping Shining Wizard and Taka jumped right up and hit a superkick. Taka was on fire in this match, he busted out a springboard knee drop even. Jumping high kick followed by a Michinoku driver for a near fall. Taka finally ends the match with the ‘just facelock’. Both men embrace post match.

(Independent World Junior Heavyweight Championship) Shiori Asahi (c) vs. MIKAMI***1/2

Another really good match! Everyone knows how fantastic Asahi is but MIKAMI’s matches rarely make tape so this was my first ever time seeing the man in action. HE IMPRESSED THE FUCK OUT OF ME! MIKAMI is an amazing performer. Everything from his timing and crispness to his athletic ability is so world class. Asahi was obviously awesome as well, his selling was very good. This match was much more hard hitting than I first anticipated. Both guys forearms were killer. MIKAMI moved out of the way of a plancha attempt from Asahi and hit a twisting plancha of his own. MIKAMI used a really cool modified 619. Asahi only used one of his great snapmare sliding kicks. Asahi kicked out of a 450 splash! Asahi retains with a rolling backslide.

(CHAMPION OF STRONGEST-K TAG Championship) Kengo Mashimo & Yuki Sato (c) vs. Taishi Takizawa & Kotaro Yoshino***3/4

YES! ANOTHER REALLY GOOD MATCH! This was the best thing on this show up to this point. The action was fast paced and had drama and felt like a big time bout. Kengo was balls deep in the Champions Carnival at this time so mad respect to him for appearing on this event. Yuki Sato doesn’t get enough credit for being a great dickhead heel, he is entertaining but you still don’t like him. This felt like a Southern 80s tag for some odd reason. Takizawa is one of the best younger performers in the business today without a doubt, skies the limit for that kid. He is a very safe worker and personally I would really love to wrestle Taishi Takizawa. Kengo used a great Penalty Kick. I believe K-Dojo is building to a Takizawa and Kengo singles match because there was much disdain between the two athletes. Their strike exchanges were oh so savage.  The finish was really good, Kengo and Taishi were on the outside and the referee got distracted and Sato went to use his pole on Yoshino but Yoshino just jumped at him with a Thesz press for the shock pin fall! NEW CHAMPIONS BABAAAAAY!!!!

(CHAMPION OF STRONGEST-K Championship) Tank Nagai (c) vs. Hi69****

I am not even joking with you right now, this is in my top 20 matches of 2016 thus far and there has been a lot of great wrestling in 2016. But some moments are very special and this match had some awfully special moments. I just think it’s so awesome for HI69 to be in the main event of Korakuen Hall. He is a fantastic performer and no one deserves it more, he busts his ass damn near every day on the indies. He got himself in pretty good shape and got a radical tan. Both guys moved really well and looked like they belonged in the main event of Korakuen Hall. Nagai was treating HI69 like trash and just walking all over him but Hirooki (HI69’s other name) didn’t take it lying down and slapped the taste outta Nagai’s mouth. Both guys are very innovative with their offence. Hirooki used an Asai moonsault! His kicks and strikes were so great! Legit man, when HI69 is put in a spot like this he will always deliver. Hirooki targeted the leg of Nagai and even used a missile dropkick that connected on the left leg of Nagai. Nagai is a man in every sense of the word, a very strong man! Would love to see him in the land of men… BIG JAPAN! Nagai blocked a splash with his knees, but that hurt him as well because his legs have been worked over. HI69 hit a 10/10 tope suicida, legit it was Aerostar levels awesome. The big spot of the match was of course the balcony dive. HI69 placed Nagai onto a table and climbed up to the balcony of Korakuen Hall and leaped off and splashed Nagai putting him threw the table. Unreal absolutely unreal, the velocity that man got was insane. All time great spot. Hirooki looked to have the match won with a Stuka splash but Yuma pulled the referee out of the ring as he was counting the fall. Chair shot behind the refs back but HI69 kicks out! Nagai retains his title with the big boy senton off the top rope. Super match.

What a show from the K-Dojo brothers! I did skip two matches but hey! From what I saw I really enjoyed this show and would recommend you guys watch every match. Especially the main event. It felt very special and the atmosphere was amazing. The crowd was really pulling for a HI69 victory. There are so many hidden talents on this show. For example Takizawa is so amazing but I guarantee most of you have zero clue who he is. But anyway it was a really solid well put together show that I enjoyed immensely.


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