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JWP Pure Dream Review, Results (November 3, 2016): Incoming Departures


JWP Pure Dream 2016

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Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan

Hana Kimura def. Natsumi Maki**1/4

This was a simple opening title match between two young wrestlers. Maki does a lot of cartwheels and Hana did a lot of kicks and other basic wrestling maneuvers. You can skip this and not miss anything important.

Mika Shirahime & Yako Fujigasaki def. Maya Yuhiki & Natsu Sumire**3/4

Natsu and Yako are in a middle of a feud, which leads to Yako refusing to shake hands with either Yuhiki or Natsu. Shirahime is polite to her opponents and Natsu invites her to center ring to pose for pictures. Yako runs in and dropkicks Natsu out of the ring and our match finally begins. Natsu and Yako are tagged in and go into a strike exchange. Natsu puts a mask on Yako for humiliation. Yako gets angry and even attacks Mika too, piling everyone on top of each other and double stomping them. Yako gets the win and pins Natsu. After the match she cuts a promo and tries to scrub Natsu’s face off. Natsu gets on mic and starts taunting Yako, Yako attacks first and four people are needed to separate the two, afterwards Yuhiki grabs Mika and all three walk away. Yako gets on the mic one last time and calls Natsu and possibly the other two stupid. This tag match had effective storytelling for the Yako vs. Sumire feud.

Manami Katsu def. Rabbit Miu**1/2

The first half of this match felt like it just existed to get to the finishing stretch which can become an issue in longer matches. After the first twelve minutes the pace finally picks up and the match starts to feel like it’s going somewhere. Post-match Rabbit Miu gets on the mic to announce that she’s retiring at the end of this year.

Command Bolshoi, DASH Chisako & Hanako Nakamori vs. Jaguar Yokota, KAZUKI & Tsukasa Fujimoto**3/4

Great Kabuki and Command Bolshoi, wearing a kabuki opera outfit, entered together and do a nunchuck demonstration. This was a nice cool down match with some light comedic moments and a fast pace. Team Bolshoi gets the win.

Nanae Takahashi & Yoshiko def. Leon & Rydeen Hagane***1/2

This was the best match of the night. At the last televised JWP show Nanae and Yoshiko were in a great tag match that stole the show, although not as great as their match last show, they continue to provide good performances in the JWP ring. Nanae and Yoshiko start controlling the match early by keeping Rydeen in and beating her down, including Yoshiko kicking Rydeen’s head in. Leon gets the hot tag and starts dealing damage to the opposing team. A highlight was Leon hitting a Sliced Bread #2 on Nanae by running up Yoshiko’s back. Yoshiko puts on a binding sleeper to Leon and Rydeen kicks Yoshiko’s back repeatedly to save her partner. More good wrestling between these two teams before Nanae hits a splash to win the match. Rydeen tries to start trouble with Yoshiko after the match and has to be held back, Yoshiko walks away flipping her off. If those interactions lead to more matches between these two in the future I’ll look forward to the hoss fights we could get to witness.

JWP Openweight Championship Street Fight: Arisa Nakajima def. Kyoko Kimura (c)***

Our main event for the evening is a street fight for the JWP Openweight title. Kyoko comes out to the ring with a barbed wire board, chain, and chair. Arisa declines a handshake and a chair offered to her by her opponent. When the action goes outside Kyoko slides Arisa into the chairs, they walk over to the other side and Arisa starts throwing Kyoko into the chairs and starts to gain control of the match. The barbed-wire board comes into play now with both trying to avoid getting hit or landing on it, eventually Kyoko tosses the board on top of Arisa before getting rolled onto the barbed-wire herself. Action rolls back outside and is now taken into the stands, when they get back ringside a table is set up and Arisa is placed on top of it. While Kyoko is climbing to the top rope, Arisa gains a second wind and rushed up to punch Kyoko off her perch. Chairs are brought into the mix with ringside tossing them into the ring. Now all the weapons have been used multiple times and we’ve got a good street fight match going on, Kyoko gets cut open and we see some brutal chair shots and more barbed-wire use. Arisa manages to get the win with just thirty seconds left and is the new JWP Openweight champion. An emotional Arisa announces that she’s leaving JWP at the end of the year. Then Manami Katsu & Rabbit Miu challenge Hanako Nakamori & Kyoko to a title match for the tag belts.

  • Average - 5/10


More than the matches, this show was important in that we've discovered that two core JWP talents are leaving the company at year's end. With Rabbit Miu retiring and Arisa leaving, possibly to Stardom (who knows for sure right now), this puts JWP in a spot to try to replace to of their veteran talents. The company has two rookies but neither are anywhere close to be able to replace Miu and Arisa. It'll be interesting to see what JWP does in the coming months.



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