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Jinny: Straight Up Savage & The Complete Package

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Do you remember when wrestlers had some form of character to them, or a backstory (whether true or not)? Either crafted by them or from the genius of someone else, something that made them different and easy to identify? No matter which content you watch, it’s very likely that some of your favorite wrestlers don’t have one, unfortunately.

A good example of a great character is The Undertaker. Granted that believing a man is deceased yet alive is rather over the top even for the most wild imagination possible–throughout his career he has managed to put it across as if he’s really not human, there’s an aura of mystique yet you never wish to peep behind the curtain to see that character disappear into just a normal human being, out of fear it may ruin what you have come to believe strictly based on the way in which he carries himself.

On the opposite end of that, you have terrible characters. It doesn’t often come up in conversation which is wonderful, but whenever I hear the word “Glacier” a small part of me wants to lay down and cry at the stupidity. For those of you unaware of what the hell I’m talking about, first off you’re truly blessed and if you wish to continue being blessed, skip ahead to the next paragraph, for those of you silly enough to continue reading, he was WCW’s attempt at copying Sub-Zero from the Mortal Kombat games. It was horrible and he wore really weird gear.

By now you’re probably wondering “wait a minute, Rebecca writes women’s wrestling articles, what does this have to do with that?”. Well, delightful specimen reading this, I’m about to tell you about one of my own favorite character based wrestlers, who’s killing it on the independent scene.

This woman obviously may not be on the same level as The Undertaker, because I’m fairly certain she would find dead things unfashionable anyway. Especially the hat he wears. I mean, who with any form of dress sense would wear that? But, she is arguably the best heel in women’s wrestling right now. I’m open for discussion on this topic, but just know that I am right and you are wrong.

Despite only making her in-ring debut in early 2015, Jinny has burst onto the scene with an undeniable impact and it’s mostly based on the fact that she’s a bitch. No, I’m not taking personal shots. Her character is genuinely a nasty piece of work.

Not only does Jinny pride herself on being the most fashionable woman in wrestling, dressing in only the best designers in the world, but she also demands that her opponents dress appropriate for the occasion of facing someone like her. Trust me. If they’re not, they soon find out why they should be, either from her vicious Style Clash, or from the verbal assault she lays on them with ease.

Jinny has undeniable talent. It’s very easy to see from watching absolutely any of the matches she’s competed in that she no doubt has a very bright future in wrestling ahead of her. However, one could argue that her biggest strength is this character she has created.

The Knightsbridge fashionista incites chants about her clothing choice and a rally of boos whenever she is present. The crowd in attendance will then receive the exact same tongue lashing that her opponents get if they dare attempt to say she’s a “Primark princess,” for example. For those of you unaware, for someone like Jinny, Primark is the lowest of the low and somewhere that she probably wouldn’t even shop for a towel, never mind clothing.

If you think the character work stops there, you’re completely wrong. We live in a world where social media updates us on absolutely anything going on in the world, yet a simple scroll through Jinny’s Twitter wrangles tweet after tweet including insults. Plenty of insults. Those being aimed at either fans or her opponents, it’s rather comical but brilliant at the same time.

Obviously, it’s a lot easier to get behind a heel character because I think we all recognize bad personas as something either we have within ourselves or have seen from people around us. With Jinny, you want to see her get beat up but you still want her to win. You hope someone knocks some sense into her, yet you’re hooked on this “I’m better than you” mentality that she puts herself across as. You feel like she completely believes in it and by the time she’s finished you also start to feel that way. It’s like a wrestling brainwash trick.

There’s no end to the amount of personality she brings to the table. It’s somewhat of a rarity in women’s wrestling to find someone who is a great blend of in-ring talent, ability to cut a good promo and a certain amount of charisma to get you interested in them. Yet, Jinny is that complete package already.

Ir makes me happy to see this character work, it relies heavily on people reacting negatively to it. Even if you were to show up to an event completely unaware of who anyone is, I guarantee you would leave feeling some type of way about Jinny, something that did actually end up happening to someone I know.

In regards to her wrestling ability, I’ve recently found myself hooked on PROGRESS, which is extremely easy due to the style in which their product is presented. It also helps they’re very forward thinking when it comes to not only women’s wrestling, but also supporting LGBTQ+ members of their wrestling circle, something every promotion should do. I highly recommend you check out one of their shows if you have not.

However, another of the main reasons is because of the feud between Jinny and Pollyanna that they showcase.

For those of you who have not seen any of the content or matches between the two, think about how great Sasha Banks and Bayley are when they work together. It is the exact same with these two. They’re perfect opponents for each other. They have undeniable chemistry once they both step between the ropes. As much as I find it very easy to get bored of seeing the same people square off on numerous occasions, this hasn’t happened with this feud. Every single match they put on feels special.

Pollyanna is in no way an underdog, yet due to how crafty and conniving Jinny is, you feel as if she is one whenever they face off. Jinny herself will admit that Pollyanna is talented, despite how much her fashion sense annoys her.

If you do wish to check out some of their work together, go for the first ever women’s match on a PROGRESS Chapter, a no disqualifications match that was voted as one of the best matches from the promotion in 2015. The pair beat the absolute hell out of each other and take full advantage of the stipulation they were given.

The mini-feud that went down between Jinny and her personal assistant Elizabeth, now known as Laura Di Matteo, was also very entertaining. You knew that Elizabeth was eventually going to get tired of being treated poorly and the demands she was being given, yet it was still a great way to show off another underdog story of fighting against the overbearing boss–something everyone can relate to that has been done on numerous occasions over the years.

There are numerous promotions Jinny has made appearances for including the equally as wonderful wXw. In fact when I reviewed their Femmes Fatales tournament she appeared in, I said that she was one of the best things from the show. I stand by my statement.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her future. Speaking of which, WWE recently posted about their tryouts they held in Glasgow and Jinny was among the bunch of people there. It immediately got me elated. Whether she gets signed, ends up showing up in the heavily rumored women’s tournament, or if nothing comes from it this time around–it’s crazy to think that someone who only stepped into the ring in early 2015 is already being scouted by the top company in wrestling. If that doesn’t prove how great she is, I don’t know what will.

Just think of the crazy match ups she could potentially have in NXT. I’d personally be keen on a match between her and someone like Billie Kay or segments of her mocking the clothing choices of Liv Morgan, but facing Asuka could potentially kill me off from sheer excitement and I’m not over exaggerating.

Whatever ends up happening, I predict big things for Jinny, so if you’re not on the hype train, first off what are you doing with your life? Second, I’d recommend you get a ticket and fast. Just make sure you’re wearing something fashionable.


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