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I’ve Never Been More Pumped For A Figure Than The “Shane O Mac” Ringside Exclusive


My new favorite figure ever
I’ll be the first one to admit it: it’s far from perfect. Yet I’ve never pre-ordered something so quick in my life. As soon as I laid my eyes upon the new exclusive coming to Ringside Collectibles — the Shane O Mac “King of the Ring 2001” figure, I teleported back to the first time I watched Shane vs. Kurt Angle from that night in a street fight, and how much it meant/means to me throughout my life. What did I think about right away? Glass breaking. Well, it didn’t break the first few throws, but it broke. They didn’t even order the right glass for the PPV 16 years ago, but I know what I’m getting into when I have the chance to throw toy Shane through the play glass.

I’ve been in hibernation when it comes to wrestling figure fandom. Like a billion other kids in the 2000s, and any other era, my collection remains with me. I cherish what each figure represents — whether it was a match or moment, one I used a lot and think back on fondly, or love for any other possible reason. This touches on what is one of my favorite matches of all time, with two of my favorite wrestlers ever, from one of my favorite shows ever, with what is my second favorite wrestling show set of all time, paired with one of my favorite sequences (and specifically spot, when Shane finally comes in contact with the glass that breaks) all from my favorite year in wrestling …of….all……time!

You can tell that this means a lot to me. I hope a figure or other type of surprise, new representation pops up in the near future for you, dear reader. I never in my wildest dreams expected to check my DMs only to find one of my best friends linking me to what would quickly become one of the coolest toys I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I knew I needed it for my collection. I knew how much it meant. I knew just how fucking awesome it was, even if it looks a little like a contorted Ken Shamrock (who’s getting his own Elite Series figure now anyways)!

Until feeling what I felt in the moment of realizing what this figure represented — how much I badly needed it, I was curious as to why people had the type of emotional connection to wrestling figures that they do so, now, as adults. Why they have hundreds upon thousand continually stockpiled, not halted when they hit a certain age. Even if it’s just this figure, it provides me the same feeling they might have with parts of or all of their collection. It represents more than any single picture, any single piece of writing, any VHS video, etc, can…

My childhood through the eyes of pro wrestling.

 If you want to pre-order it and be a cool cat like myself, you can do so here.

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