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Shigehiro Irie’s Return To North America – #BookIrie … AGAIN!!!

This is not a drill lads, Shigehiro Irie is coming back to North America and Canada very shortly. After a highly successful excursion in 2016 Irie is coming back in 2017 to make a bigger impact, and he promises bigger and better matches. He had some barn burners in 2016 against the likes of Chris Hero & Eddie Kingston. I wrote a much more in depth article prior to Irie’s initial return (that the man himself saw; liking it in the process!) You can find that here So far these are the confirmed dates for Irie’s return:

January 10 – 21st CWE – Canada

January 26th IWA Mid-South – Jacksonville, Indiana

January 28th MIAW – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

January 29th Galli Lucha Libre – Chicago, Illinois

I urge you to get out to see him live and go to these independents and support Irie. Shigehiro Irie fell in love with North America and he will more than likely will return very regularly if you get behind him and support him. How can you not support the guy? He is the most lovable guy in the world. If you don’t know about Irie, go watch his match against HARASHIMA on the 12/25/16. One of the best matches of 2016. Anyway this is short and basically just to let everyone know Irie is returning and you should support him and if you’re a promoter you should book him, he won’t let you down. Thank you for reading. Remember to bring Irie Disney DVD’s if you see him in person!


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