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IPW: UK Supershow 8 Review (04/17/2017)


IPW: UK Supershow 8 on April 17, 2017 

Watch: YouTube, FloSlam

Casino Rooms Nightclub – Rochester, UK

Before we get to the review, I would like you to know that this is the first ever IPW: UK show I have watched.

Note: I quite like the commentator, he hyped up everything well, and for a new viewer like me, he explained things like the 10,000 Peso challenge well.

The winners of The London Riots vs. The Hunter Brothers and ZSJ/Jinny Havoc vs. Lucha Bros are moving to the finals of a tag tournament/our main event tonight.

Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final: The London Riots (James Davis & Rob Lynch) vs. The Hunter Brothers (Jim Hunter & Lee Hunter)***1/2

As someone who has seen all their Progress bouts, this match made me a bit nostalgic. For those who have seen their previous matches, this was as good as one would expect, and for those that have never seen a Riots vs. Hunters match, it’s a treat. Just a good little tag team with great teamwork vs. a big tag team with good teamwork, The Riots were good heels, constantly managing to counter the Hunters when they went for one of their moves, and The Hunters got good babyface shine. Good tag action all around. Riots win to advance to the main event.

Angelico vs. Marty Scurll**1/2

Advertised as an International Dream Match.

This was something. This match went longer than I would think, with far less high flying from Angelico than one would expect. At one point Marty tried to go for a pinfall after doing a back rake, and commentaries reaction to that was great. Angelico counters the Chicken wing into a pinning combination for the upset win! Post match Marty tells Angelico to suck it and then runs off before Angelico can try and beat him up. Well, this was an interesting match that while never bad, was *really, really* way too long. Angelico looked better here than he did at RevPro.

Adam 'Flex’ Maxted vs. 'Blackbelt’ Tom Dawkins**

I went into this match with no knowledge of either competitor. I left this match without a truly solid opinion on either man, the match was solid but could have been a lot better. Dawkins gets the win. Maxted sells the loss well, and Dawkins sells the win well! Dawkins is pimped as a future contender for Jimmy Havoc’s IPW: UK title.

Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final: Havoc’s Army (Zack Sabre Jr & Jimmy Havoc) vs. Lucha Bros (Penta El 0M & Rey Fenix)***3/4

ZSJ is announced as Zacky 3 Belts with his Evolve, PWG, and RevPro Titles. Havoc is Jimmy 3 Belts with his IPW:UK Title and two regular old belts. We got a lot of fun combos here, with an unexpected strike exchange between Fenix and ZSJ looking great. We mainly had Havoc and Penta or ZSJ and Fenix facing off. The crowd cared, and we got a lot of fun sequences. I would have enjoyed this going a little longer. ZSJ makes Fenix tap for the win. Havoc and ZSJ made for a good tag team.

Commentary takes the time to explain the 10,000 Cuban Peso Challenge, with anyone who beat Cuban Heat in his open challenge winning 10,000 Cuban Pesos

The 10,000 Cuban Peso Challenge: Cuban Heat (w/Big Tits & The Banker) vs. Johnny Storm**

Hahahahahaha, I love Cuban Heat’s entrance. He has a lot of heat, with the crowd’s boos making it hard to understand Heat’s promo. Eventually, Heat gives up and Storm makes his entrance. The YouTube video description has this listed as Lee Hunter vs. Cuban Heat. This was a quick, short and interference laced bout that served to get Cuban Heat……more heat. I like this story of Heat using anything he can to keep his pesos, but it does make the matches, not as entertaining work rate wise. Editor’s note: That’s not all that matters! 

Commentary hyped up Big Grizzly and pimps his win on the last show over David Starr, and notes Grizzly’s challenge to Jack Evans has been accepted.

Jack Evans vs. Big Grizzly***1/2

The start of the match sees Jack Evans talk smack, have a cigarette, and some beer. Then he breakdances. After this, we get a solid big man vs little man story, with Jack Evans hitting his many dope high flying moves such as the Sasuke Special, and Big Grizzly works as a good base, making Jack’s moves feel like they have an impact while still looking strong himself. The pure amount of high flying moves Evans hits in the first five minutes is insane. Both men looked great here, and if you want to see a lot of Jack Evans’ flying Skills against a big man, this is a great choice.  Big Grizzly gets the win.

Post-match Grizzly cuts a promo telling everyone in the back to watch him, then he goes to try and beat up Evans some more. Angelico comes up to make the save, Grizzly chooses to back down, and Angelico challenges Grizzly to a match at a future show and helps his partner – Jack Evans to the back. Effective angle.

Angelico vs. Big Grizzly is announced for 5/21.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Jimmy Havoc for Havoc’s IPW: UK title is announced for 4/30, and we are told we are getting a contract signing next for a match on the 30th.

Sammy Smooth and Scott Star contract signing

Star out first with Chikara, recaps the feud so far and tells Sammy to get out here and sign the contract. Snooth comes out with an unnamed woman and Maxted. Smooth says Scott over and over while the crowd boos. We get some stalling. The match on the thirtieth is changed into a trios match. Smooth, Maxted, and an unnamed woman vs Star, Chikara and X-Pac (no one heard from him today as he was scheduled for the match, it didn’t pan out that way now).

The next IPW: UK FloSlam show is announced for 5/21.

Tag Tournament Finals: Havoc's Army (Jimmy Havoc & Zack Sabre Jr.) vs. The London Riots (James Davis & Rob Lynch)***

The camera in this match has trouble keeping up with all the action. This becomes a brawl in the crowd very quick, with people being thrown into chairs, people being punched, and ZSJ locking in a Octopus Hold on the outside. The Riots counter the run around the ring and do a uppercut and do a run around the ring and do a cannonball that looks good. No one has been in the ring yet! Once everyone goes into the ring the match officially starts. We get the Riots working over ZSJ and Havoc for a while. ZSJ and Havoc eventually get a comeback segment. Riots take back control with some dope German Suplexes after Havoc’s Army get their shine in. The finish is hot, though Havoc does use a low blow, which is aggravating, but at least they continue a bit after and continue their hot final exchanges, which ends with two Acid Rainmakers and a PK for the win! Solid brawl with a hot closing stretch.

  • Strong Effort - 7/10


We got two great tag matches in the semi-finals, with everything else being not bad, and the presentation looking very professional. As a first-time IPW: UK viewer, they got me interested enough to at least be willing to cherry pick other shows of theirs, but nothing on this show really managed to stand out from the countless indies of the world.



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