Introducing The WWW Audio Network Lineup Going Forward

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Your Taste is My Taste: Garrett & Trask embark on a journey to morph into each other via sharing their tastes in multiple facets, but most importantly, becoming professionally sidetracked to discussions they attempt to facilitate for a full show. It’s the laziest wrestling podcast in the world!

We Don’t Know Wrestling: Sam aka Concrete1992 proves that we actually DON’T know wrestling. Whether it’s two guests, a solo sprint, the yearly awards show or WDKW 100, the flagship of the WWW Audio Network is keeping the brand strong with promised banter and burials every week.

Sports Entertainment Shrinks: The #1 Quasi-Wrestling Culture Discussion Podcast, cause it’s the only quasi-wrestling culture discussion podcast! Their dreams came true when The Great Khali returned at Battleground 2017. It’s all downhill from here, but at least the Shrinks will cheer you up. Insert watermelon emoji here.

Wrestling With Reaction: Pretty self-explanatory, WWR is the most serious of them all. Whether it’s split-squads for promotions, the same old crew for big events or whoever appears on shows, WWR provides pure unadulterated reaction to a show that just went down. They’re recorded mere minutes after they go off the air, and you know, there’s also the actual review of the show to happen as well.

FOW Show: YellowMan Patrick, Danny Danger & Mika Vilas are typically at the helm for our weekly all-encompassing podcast. The biggest news stories, the grandest intergender banter on the network, and your #1 source for Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment coverage – they’re the fans of wrestling.

Ringside Revolution: It’s about time you had WWW’s women only (for the most part) podcast in your ears, where host Alex brings on other friends to discuss … you’ve got it … women’s wrestling. Whether it’s Beginning Pro Joshi or WWE women’s wrestling, you can’t look any further for the most comprehensive podcast on women’s wrestling. Rants are to be had frequently.

Wrestling With Games: In case you weren’t aware, our sister place to be is WWG. We stream games. We record ourselves playing games. We have both a YouTube and Twitch, but most importantly, we now have a podcast. Marcus brings on the crew to have extensive discussions on a given topic in the world of gaming. There’s tons of gaming/wrestling crossover, and we’re here to hit the bullseye on that intersection.


#VeryMadOnTheInternet: Garrett & Trask aren’t #VeryMadOnTheInternet, but many people are, as they critique the enraged critiques of those that have problems with wrestling, games, products, other entertainment, and more. Join us as we add fuel to the fire of those that are angery online.


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