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Indie Puroresu News: January Week 3

So I’m thinking of doing this maybe once a week and before I say anything else I want to shout out Puroresu Spirit as they gather a lot of news, results and misc info on a daily basis so definitely check those beautiful folk out. But yeah I’m going to list some of the most interesting non-NJPW puroresu of the week and give my takes. God bless, thank you for reading.

-Kento Miyahara retains Triple Crown against Takao Omori, The Bodyguard steps up as the next challenger.

I was honestly really worried Omori would end Kento’s amazing title run but thankfully the Ace retained against the veteran. After he defeats Omori in front of 850 people at Hakata Star Lanes, non-other than The Bodyguard makes the challenge. Bodygah pinned Omori in the Tag Title match earlier in the month so that’s why he’s challenging. It will be Bodyguard’s biggest match of his career. Bodygah turns 49 this year. The match will take place at the Jr. Battle of Glory finals February 26th more than likely.

-SUSHI leaving All Japan Pro Wrestling effective 1/28

We don’t know a ton of info just yet but SUSHI has said that he wants to continue to wrestle but also wants to do more performances. He stated he wants to do more performances for kids in hospital as well so I take my hat off to SUSHI.

-Jun Kasai vs. Ryuji Ito are set to wrestle 2/27 Shinkiba

At Tokyo Extreme Battle 2 BJW and FREEDOMS put all their egos to the side to put on what will be a hell of a wrestling show. Jun Kasai and Ryuji Ito are the two names that come to mind when you think modern day deathmatch wrestling. I hope somehow this leads to Kasai making sporadic experiences in BJW.

-Mr. Gannosuke Produce 3/7 card

Gannosuke is back and has booked a hell of a line up:

Isami Kodaka vs. Mr. Gannosuke
Tatsuhiko Yoshino vs. Mineo Fujita
Yuko Miyamoto vs. Buffalo
KAI vs. Atsushi Maruyama
Jun Kasai vs. Magnitude Kishiwada

-‘Brother’ YASSHI books a hoss fight for the ages

So YASSHI books cards every so often, hit and miss. Last year he booked Minoru Suzuki for one of his shows. But at the Kyoto Big Bang Festival YASSHI booked YUJI HINO vs. Cyber Kong! My goodness gracious, I am pumped for this match up.

-NOAH will continue booking outside talent for the foreseeable future

Guys like HAYATA, YO-HEY, Hi69 & Rionne Fujiwara though not signed will continue to work for NOAH the next few months at least. Go watch both NOAH shows that made tape this year, they are both very good. Sugiura vs. Nakajima is one of the best fights I’ve seen in recent memory.

-TARU & Hartley Jackson are the new NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Champions

I believe SMOP were meant to win these belts but due to Akebono being ill that got canned so TARU & Hartley Jackson are the new champs defeating James Raideen & Masato Tanaka. Their first defense of the belts will be at the 2/3 Zero-1 Korakuen show.

-Akito & HARSHIMA are the first challengers for the KO-D Tag Team Titles held by Yukio Sakaguchi & Masakatsu Funaki

This match is happening 2/12 and it will be great. Akito made Yukio tap out on the day prior to Yukio winning the tag titles.

-Masakatsu Funaki vs. Masato Tanaka 1/29 Current Blast Deathmatch

This isn’t any new news whatsoever but I haven’t seen much people talk about it so I’m adding it here. This match will be for Funaki’s Blast King Deathmatch Championship. I pray this makes tape.

-Kyoko Kimura’s retirement show is making tape!

This is super awesome because the main event is not only Kyoko Kimura’s retirement match but it also has the most bad ass trio of all time. The match for the folks who haven’t seen it yet is:

Kyoko Kimura, ISAO & Hana Kimura vs Minoru Suzuki, Aja Kong & Meiko Satomura!!!

That does it for this week. Check back next week for news from around the horn of non-NJPW puroresu.


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