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In the Thatch of Things (Nov 2014)

When I brought my Timothy Thatcher career project over to Wrestling With Words I wanted to make it more than what it was. To me that meant collecting all of my Thatcher reviews in one place. With this article I begin doing that, as I’m taking you gentle readers back in time to what I wrote about Thatcher in November of 2014. Like the regular editions of In the Thatch of Things some of the reviews will be linked to what I have written on another site, such as Blue Thunder Driver or Free Pro Wrestling. Pease keep in mind as well that at first I wasn’t sure what I wanted my Thatcher project to be so a lot of the early reviews are a shade longer than they are now. Either way, thus begins the journey of having all of my Thatcher reviews housed in one place. In the process making Wrestling With Words the internet’s home for Timothy Thatcher discussion,

Beyond Wrestling: Secret Show (04-13-2014) Timothy Thatcher vs. Biff Busick

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All Star Wrestling: Leas Cliff Hall (Unknown Date) Timothy Thatcher vs. Robbie Dynamite

They’re working in a ring that looks like a crackerjack box, and that does cause some problems at first. Neither man is on the same page. Timothy Thatcher appears to be having issues adjusting to the tinier ring. Eventually Thatcher takes a powder to the outside and it’s a very smart move. He’s able to have a row with the crowd, and be antagonistic enough that the audience really gets into the match.

Once he makes his way back inside Thatcher seems to have a better handle on the ring as he shortens up his stride and starts working through more compact sequences. Robbie Dynamite is a fantastic bumper, he makes all of Thatcher’s offense look just killer. He’s not what I’d call a great seller, but Dynamite really goes all out when it comes to taking moves from Thatcher. They time the comeback of Dynamite really well, and at this point the fans are really digging the match.

Unfortunately, Dynamite keeps insisting on attempting float around counters, and he’s just not fast or smooth enough to pull them off believably. Some of that falls on Thatcher as well. He should have recognized this and went for his offense a few seconds later, or ran a little slower, to provide Dynamite the time he needed to execute his counters in a way that would look more believable. Where Dynamite shows his wares is in his power countering, and I wish he would have gone that route more often. The end stretch is a great example of that as Dynamite slowly powers through a Thatcher attempt at an Armlock, and transitions into where he delivers a Tombstone Piledriver for the win. It was a nifty sequence, and using his strength to power through transitions is something I hope Dynamite uses more often than he did in this match.

All in all a decent, albeit flawed, match for both men. The adjustments that took place are a feather in Thatcher’s cap, and his ability to jaw with the fans and really get them to hate him through his actions in the ring is commendable. That being said he needed to work down to Dynamite’s level more than he did, and it is something that he does far more often later in his career.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: SPW Arena (02-17-2013) Jeff Cobb vs. Timothy Thatcher

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All Pro Wrestling: Gym Wars – Super Summer Series ’10 (06-12-2010) Derek Sanders vs. Timothy Thatcher

Timothy Thatcher is in his shiteating grin heel mode in this match. Right off the bat he’s complaining about Derek Sanders being greased up, jawing with the ref, and making sure that in this battle of two heels the audience understands he’s the one they need to hate. Sanders play his role nicely as he cheats, but he does so in a way that the crowd cheers for.

There’s not too much to Sanders as far as grappling or technical wrestling goes. He is gassed about two minutes into the match. Thatcher tries to give him a brief respite with a 15 second Chinlock, but as soon as they get back to running the ropes it’s clear that Sanders is still too gassed to bring much to the match. Thatcher tries to cover for Sanders by going to an Armbar, but it’s pretty clear that Sanders just has nothing in the tank and is only capable of very short spurts before he’s gassed again. Thatcher does his best to try and give a lot to Sanders, but it’s kind of like asking a stone for blood, it just isn’t going to give you anything.

The ending is fun with the repeated bouts of back and forth cheating until Thatcher is outcheated for the loss. Not a good match, not even a decent match, though Thatcher sure did try. Sanders was worth about as much as a bag of bricks, and there wasn’t a lot Thatcher could do with that. He tried to stall for time, he did some interesting little things like selling ear damage from a missed DDT attempt from Sanders, and in general putting over any offense Sanders employed like it was damaging. Still, not exactly a match for a best wrestler ever case to be built on.

Pro Wrestling Bushido: La Jaimica (10-16-2011) Timothy Thatcher vs. Fit Finlay

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National Wrestling Alliance Championship Wrestling from Hollywood: #44 (07-10-2011) Disco Machine vs. Timothy Thatcher

First things first, I never noticed how gnarly Timothy Thatcher’s teeth are. We’re talking chipped, broken, and just ghastly looking. In a way it detracts from the smooth aristocratic mat worker gimmick that he goes for most of the time. At the same time it adds an interesting twist to that image, and as stereotypical as it may sound the messed up teeth play into the British Messiah moniker.

Quick match, just around five minutes. Highlights just how much better Thatcher is than most people on the indies when it comes to pure wrestling. One mat sequence and it’s clear that the announcers are wasting their time in trying to get over the idea that Disco Machine is some sort of hidden mat wizard. His movements are slow and choreographed compared to the smooth yet grounded movements of Thatcher. The key is that Thatcher recognizes that he’s a few steps ahead of Disco and he reigns himself in. He could have blown Disco out of the water, but he works to the level of Disco and because of that the match is far better than it has any right to be.

In keeping with his gimmick Thatcher brings forth true disdain at Disco grappling with him, and when he does start ragdolling Disco it’s with the sort of contempt that I find a lot of fun to watch. In a decent match Thatcher looks great as he works to the strengths and weakness of his opponent and provides an entertaining match as a result.

All Pro Wrestling/Vendetta Pro Wrestling: Terror Dome ’12 (10-20-2012) Chris Masters vs. Timothy Thatcher

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PREMIER Wrestling: Mr. Athletic vs. Old School (12-15-2013) Sledge vs. Timothy Thatcher

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