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In the Thatch of Things (March 2015)

The ongoing process of porting over all my Timothy Thatcher reviews into one place continues with the reviews I wrote back in March of 2015. Please keep in mind as well that at first I wasn’t sure what I wanted my Thatcher project to be so a lot of the early reviews are a shade longer than they are now.

EVOLVE Wrestling: 35 (09-14-2014) Tracy Williams vs. Timothy Thatcher

Tracy Williams is not very good, and try though he might Thatcher just can’t help him to keep up. Very choppy stuff here, as Timothy Thatcher keeps leaving openings for Williams to do his own thing, but Williams insists on grappling with Thatcher. The result of that are sequences where Thatcher leaves himself exposed for unbelievable amounts of time, or where the chain of moves is executed super slow to allow Williams to try and keep up, though he usually fails. There are some nice moments like a Thatcher Butterfly Suplex and a wicked European Uppercut underneath the arm from Thatcher. However, there’s also things like Williams forgetting mid-move whether he was going for a Snap Suplex or a DDT and awkwardly spiking Thatcher on his head as a result.

EVOLVE Wrestling: 36 (01-09-2015) Timothy Thatcher vs. Ricochet

Leave it to Ricochet to cause Timothy Thatcher to have a mediocre match. Thatcher tries from the very start, but it’s pretty clear that Ricochet just can’t keep pace with Thatcher no matter how much Thatcher dumbs down his grappling. So instead they turn it into more of a Ricochet match, which would have been fine had Ricochet not blown most of his spots, been out of position most of the match, and in general looked pretty terrible. I mean, you have Thatcher leaning into every Kick that Ricochet is throwing, and they still look like crap. Ricochet had plenty of openings, and yet his timing was always off and Thatcher was stuck standing around like an idiot waiting for Ricochet to get into place. Then the finish came, where apparently a Shooting Star Press to Thatcher’s ankles is supposed to be a knockout blow. Apropos of the match, and Ricochet, though.

EVOLVE Wrestling: 37 (01-20-2015) Timothy Thatcher vs. Roderick Strong

Read the review at Blue Thunder Driver.

EVOLVE Wrestling: 39 (03-26-2015) Timothy Thatcher vs. Drew Gulak

Very good match, but not great. The usual technical back and forth between these two, with lots of interesting and dynamic mat based reversals and counters. These two know one another really well, and it shows in how easily they are able to flow from one move to the next and always keep up the mirage that they are engaged in a struggle to win a match. Only thing lacking from this match was a second gear. There were a few moments where it seemed like it was about to kick in, but ultimately the match stayed in first gear. The result does a splendid job of setting up Drew Gulak as a challenger for Timothy Thatcher when he’s EVOLVE Wrestling champion down the line. Oh, and I must have imagined all the cheering and chanting during the match, because I’ve been led to believe that Thatcher has no charisma and the fans sit on their hands during his matches.

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