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In the Thatch of Things (July 2015)

The ongoing process of porting over all my Timothy Thatcher reviews into one place continues with the reviews I wrote back in July of 2015. Please keep in mind as well that at first I wasn’t sure what I wanted my Thatcher project to be so a lot of the early reviews are a shade longer than they are now.

Westside Xtreme Wrestling: 16 Carat Gold ’15 – Day 2 (03-07-2015) Aaron Insane vs. Robert Dreiskker vs. Timothy Thatcher vs. Rotation vs. Sha Samuels vs. Michael Dante

This is a Six Way Dance Match.

Generic Six Way Dance; lots of spots with no meaning whatsoever behind them. Timothy Thatcher’s inclusion is a complete waste of him, and his work in the match is barely worth writing about. Basically he takes a couple of nasty head drops off of a Vertical Suplex Neckbreaker and a Half Hatch Suplex, and that’s it. Terrible match.

Westside Xtreme Wrestling: 16 Carat Gold ’15 – Day 3 (03-08-2015) Kim Ray vs. Timothy Thatcher vs. Daisuke Harada vs. John Klinger

This is a Four Way Dance Match.

Very disappointing, mainly because Kim Ray and John Klinger are awful and mediocre respectively. Timothy Thatcher looks pretty good here, though he seems out of place at times because he’s never really comfortable in multi-man matches it seems. Daisuke Harada is far and away the best man in the match. But, it’s another match with a lot of meaningless spots and stupid bullshit that serves no purpose. Westside Xtreme Wrestling had a chance to book a singles match between Harada and Thatcher. Instead they put them in a four way where they interacted with one another for maybe forty five seconds. Bad stuff.

EVOLVE Wrestling: 42 (04-18-2015) TJ Perkins vs. Timothy Thatcher

Read about it on Blue Thunder Driver.

Beyond Wrestling: Battle of New England (08-31-2014) Jonathan Gresham vs. Timothy Thatcher

Read about it on Blue Thunder Driver.

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