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In the Thatch of Things (Jan 2015)

The ongoing process of porting over all my Timothy Thatcher reviews into one place continues with the reviews I wrote back in January of 2015. Please keep in mind as well that at first I wasn’t sure what I wanted my Thatcher project to be so a lot of the early reviews are a shade longer than they are now.

PREMIER Wrestling: Kratos vs. Dutra (11-22-2014) Joe Graves vs. Timothy Thatcher

Reviewed at Blue Thunder Driver.

World Wrestling Network: A Wrestling Odyssey (04-04-2014) Timothy Thatcher vs. Drew Gulak

Reviewed at Blue Thunder Driver.

EVOLVE Wrestling: 31 (08-08-2104) Timothy Thatcher vs. Drew Gulak

Reviewed at Blue Thunder Driver.

EVOLVE Wrestling: 32 (08-09-2014) Timothy Thatcher vs. Biff Busick

This is a Match in the 2014 Style Battle Round Robin Challenge Tournament.

I liked this a lot, but it fell just short of being great. It’s really, really good though. The early hand manipulation by Timothy Thatcher is really something, just the way he visibly wrenches Biff Busick’s wrist and makes it seem like he’s really grinding down on Busick and damaging his body. Thatcher’s also great with facial expressions, the looks of disdain he gives when Busick escapes holds is a real treat. For his part Busick is crisp as well, although his offense was a little too unfocused for my liking. My biggest gripe with the match was the stop-start nature of stretches of it. For as much chemistry as these two have it felt like they weren’t on the same page a lot. Still, though this would be around a ***3/4 match, and that’s still a darn good match in my book.

EVOLVE Wrestling: 33 (08-10-2014) Timothy Thatcher vs. James Raideen

This is a Match in the 2014 Style Battle Round Robin Challenge Tournament.

James Raideen is very limited as a wrestler. He has some nice Chops, but that’s about it. Luckily this was kept very short, and Timothy Thatcher pretty much got the best possible match out of Raideen. Lots of rudimentary stuff, and a lot of hand holding from Thatcher. In the end there’s only so much he can do with such a limited wrestler, but he manages to get the most out of what Raideen can do. Not a terrible match, which is a testament to Thatcher’s ability to guide Raideen, but merely a passable match.

EVOLVE Wrestling: 34 (09-13-2014) Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Timothy Thatcher

Reviewed at Blue Thunder Driver.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: Unknown Event (12-18-2011) Sir Samurai, Virgil Flynn, Mike Hayashi, Bobby Hart, & Timothy Thatcher vs. Faction (Sal Thomaselli, Cjay Kurz, Paul Isadora, & Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend))

This is an Elimination Match.

Frankly put, a lot of this match is dead weight. Because of that it’s very rarely good as for the most part the guys who can work are stuck in the ring with the dead weight. There’s also a decided lack of flow or purpose behind the match, and it really shows. It ends up being a bunch of guys hitting moves and throwing strikes without meaning or import, and that stuff in a vacuum isn’t interesting to me. Timothy Thatcher isn’t in this that often, but he does pretty good in a long selling segment he gets. That’s about it though, as his participation overall is very minimal and he adds very little to the match. Essentially this is a match that can easily be skipped.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: 13th Anniversary (04-21-2013) Cjay Kurz vs. Timothy Thatcher

Really good contest, though Cjay Kurz flubbing a handful of spots stops this from being great. To be clear, he still connects in the spots he flubs, but they are Knees and Kicks that need to connect with Timothy Thatcher’s head but end up hitting his chest instead. Thatcher is very, very good in this match, doing all the little things that make me like him so much as a pro wrestler. He works for things, and that makes all the difference in the world. He wants a Headlock, but Kurz turtles up, so instead of just squeezing a half locked in Headlock he grinds his elbow into the shoulderblades of Kurz, getting him to pop his head up so he can latch on a tight Headlock. There’s also a sequence where he blocks a kick and Slaps Kurz in the head, and they repeat the sequence again. Then there’s the finish where he takes a series of Kicks, and he leans into them so that they look far more vicious than they actually are. Perhaps that’s another reason this match isn’t great, it’s more a series of great Thatcher moments than one cohesive whole. But, I’m not sure that’s entirely true as for the most part Kurz is right there with Thatcher, albeit a few steps behind.

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