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In the Thatch of Things (Dec 2015)

A new month and more Timothy Thatcher to discover. For the uninitiated, this is a long running project I’ve been working on. Basically, I view Thatcher as the best wrestler in the world. But, I’m not content with forming that opinion based only on what I have seen to this point. Thus, I am constantly seeking out matches of his to watch and review so that I can see the good, the bad, and the ugly to gain a better understanding of what makes Thatcher such a special worker. These are the Timothy Thatcher matches I watched in December of 2015,

Main Event Pro Wrestling: A Benefit for the Boys & Girls Club of North Central Louisiana 

(11-14-2015) Drew Gulak & Timothy Thatcher vs. Hot Shots (Cassidy Riley & Chase Stevens)

Main Event Pro Wrestling is a southern Indie that is looking to maybe become bigger, or at least that’s what I’ve been told, so they brought in Drew Gulak & Timothy Thatcher as representatives of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Fun stuff, for the most part. It’s about six minutes too long, and those extra minutes do hamper the match. It’s also surprising that it is the Hot Shots who are off the mark more often than not. Most noticeable is the sequence where Chase Stevens attempts to Backdrop Cassidy Riley onto Thatcher, but he way overshoots and Riley lands squarely on the mat. But, the match manages to overcome those moments and remain fun throughout. The Hot Shots generate heat rather easily, and I always get a kick out of watching Thatcher do his heel thing. I especially loved Thatcher on the apron interacting with the fans, he really is a natural heel. Not great, not even good, but plenty of fun.

PREMIER Wrestling: XI: Embrace the Grind Challenge (11-28-2015) Jeff Cobb vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is a Round Robin Rounds Match in the Embrace the Grind Challenge.

These two have a history, though you’d have to be tuned into the Northern California indie scene to know that. Regardless PREMIER is clearly building to something between Timothy Thatcher and Jeff Cobb. A short affair, but plenty good at that. Cobb gives a great wounded performance; selling the previously injured knee big time and making the flash finish very believable. Thatcher is great at working a grappling game where he needs to lock up with Cobb but whenever he does Cobb overpowers him with his amateur wrestling. The counters here are very nice because of the grappler versus amateur wrestler approach. All in all good stuff, and it should be building to a fantastic blowoff at some point.

PREMIER Wrestling: XI: Embrace the Grind Challenge (11-28-2015) Joe Graves vs. Timothy Thatcher

Read the review over at Blue Thunder Driver.

All Pro Wrestling: Gym Wars (11-03-2012) Dylan Drake vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is a Cage Match for Timothy Thatcher’s All Pro Wrestling Universal Championship.

Dylan Drake and Thatcher had their fair share of matches around this time period. They all followed the same basic template, in that they were structured around the more brawl heavy Drake trying to take down the technician in Thatcher. While I enjoyed their matches together I always came away feeling like something was missing, and this match is no different. The biggest detriment is that I simply don’t buy Drake being a guy who pounds out someone like Thatcher. Maybe if Drake was a more suplex heavy guy I could, but from a pure punch and kick perspective it’s never worked for me. That’s the crux of this match, and both men work as well as they can around that and the gimmick of this being escape the cage rules. Thatcher looks good here, but the match suffers from some flow issues thanks to neither man ever really gelling with the match gimmick. A decent affair, but no more.

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