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In the Thatch of Things (Dec. 2014, Part 3)

The ongoing process of porting over all my Timothy Thatcher reviews into one place continues with Part 3 of the reviews I wrote back in December of 2014. Please keep in mind as well that at first I wasn’t sure what I wanted my Thatcher project to be so a lot of the early reviews are a shade longer than they are now.

All Pro Wrestling: Gym Wars (10-16-2010) Matt Carlos vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is my third time seeing this match-up, and I’ve grown to like Matt Carlos less and less. He’s extremely limited as a pro wrestler, and every match he manages to show how limited he is. Timothy Thatcher keeps trying with the kid, but there’s only so much he can do with a guy who seems to only know the same two or three moves. The first couple of minutes are interesting as they keep things on the mat and Carlos really works over a Side Headlock. Once they move beyond that though it’s pretty much a case of Thatcher allowing Carlos to bust out his weak looking offense while they buy time until the finish.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: 11th Anniversary (04-17-2011) Bobby Hart vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is for Timothy Thatcher’s Supreme Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

There’s a lot to like about this one, but just as much not to like. I’m not familiar with Bobby Hart at all, and while he tries it’s pretty clear he’s not capable of hanging with Thatcher. That’s one of the things to not like about the match as they run through a lot of mat sequences that are based off of the idea of the audience going, “Wow, aren’t these two so evenly matched on the mat. Oooh, they both rolled away from one another to a standing position in unison, let’s clap for them.” To their credit Thatcher and Hart really have the audience with them and they do indeed clap for those sequences. They didn’t completely work for me and it’s because Hart is always noticeably a step behind Thatcher. He comes across as capable on the mat but as a guy who really doesn’t have a plan but instead is just grabbing a limb because Thatcher grabbed a limb.

Hart has decent strikes, and he’s able to get a pretty loud crack behind his Elbows. Highlight of the match had to be a sequence where they did one of my least favorite spots; the back and forth Elbow strike exchange. However when they got to the part where they were screaming and hulking up both guys slowly lilted backwards and collapsed to the mat. A pretty ingenious way to turn a well-known spot on its head. There’s nothing in the match that rivals that moment, even if they do try to lay it in thick with a hard hitting finishing run. Still, by that point Hart is pretty blown up and is having to take a lot of time in between moves which in turn takes away from the momentum of the finishing stretch.

Thatcher’s work is superb, especially his selling which is often something I overlook when it comes to his skillset. I’m not sure if Hart has more upside, but he at least shows in this match that he is capable of being a pretty decent wrestler. Shave a few minutes off of this and maybe work around Hart’s strikes more as opposed to him trying to hang with Thatcher on the mat and this would have been pretty good.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: Unknown Event (Unknown Date) Dexter St. Jock vs. Timothy Thatcher

Total and complete annihilation of an arm, that’s what this match is. What impressed me the most was how Timothy Thatcher is varied in his attack on the arm, and in how he wrenches everything in. Dexter St. Jock does his part by really selling the amount of pain he is in. However, the ruthless manner in which Thatcher goes after the arm is really the star here. The finish is the culmination of that, as Thatcher doesn’t lock on a submission so much as he just wrenches back as violently as possible on Jock’s injured arm until he has to submit. File this one into the very good squash category.

Pro Wrestling Bushido: Lucha Rulez (02-26-2011) Cjay Kurz vs. Amazing Red vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is a Three Way Dance for Timothy Thatcher’s Pro Wrestling Bushido Heavyweight Championship.

There are a few interesting sequences between Thatcher and Cjay Kurz, but on the whole a completely forgettable match. It’s about seven minutes long and not much happens outside of your usual, and trite, three way spots.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: 8th Year Anniversary (04-20-2008) Bubba Blanchard vs. Sir Samurai vs. Mr. Frost vs. Vinny Massaro vs. Luster the Legend vs. Virgil Flynn vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is a Double Hell Challenge Seven Way Match for Timothy Thatcher’s Supreme Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

Double Hell apparently means two rings, one is encased in a cage, while the other had barbed wire draped over the ropes. There are weapons galore to be found, and the goal is to climb a ladder in one ring and take down the title, then traverse to the second ring, climb another ladder and hook the belt up there.

As should be expected, this is abysmal. I happen to be a somewhat fan of death match stuff, but this is the very worst of the style. I’m not going to bother breaking much of the match down, because it’s just a bunch of weapons shots and stupid bumps. This is interesting merely from the vantage point of it showcases Thatcher in a completely different environment. He stays in character though, he doesn’t work over an arm or anything, but he tries to keep wrestling even amid all the chaos. It adds a nice touch to his character and it’s probably why he stands out compared to the rest even though he doesn’t do anything special. Thatcher doesn’t shy away from taking bumps either, he gets tossed into the barbed wire ropes, thrown off a ladder, slammed on a barbed wire sign, and is shot in the head multiple times with a staple gun. None of it adds up to anything good, but it’s interesting watching Thatcher in such an environment, and how even in a garbage match he manages to stand out from the crowd.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: Unknown Event (06-09-2011) Sir Samurai vs. Timothy Thatcher vs. Johnny Plinko vs. Josh Robertson

This is a Four Way Match.

Odd set-up for this match, as it’s a Four Way, but guys tag in and out all the time and it’s not an elimination match. That makes the majority of the match feel pretty darn superfluous, because it’s obvious the match isn’t going to end until a pair is isolated in the ring. Maybe the singles matches will reveal more, but so far Sir Samurai is not living up to his rep as a quality worker. He shows a lack of timing, and kind of just flies around the ring busting out moves at random. Timothy Thatcher is solid here, but this is a match where he needed to vary things up a bit and he didn’t really do that. Him working over Johnny Plinko’s arm is interesting, but him doing the same exact routine to Josh Robertson and Samurai is overkill. The one aspect of Thatcher’s work that I wish he would expand is his moveset, because most of the time his arm work is fine, but in a match like this him pulling out some Suplexes would be great. Still, Thatcher sells well here, bumps well, and is convincing with the offense he does use. Though, the format of the match makes this one pretty meandering.

PREMIER Wrestling: Cobb vs. Dutra (06-09-2013) Timothy Thatcher vs. JR Kratos

A bit of a fuck you finish from JR Kratos as he tries to time his kickout to be right after the three, but he mistimes and mangles the ending as a result. Otherwise a swell match. Nothing too flashy, just simple hold for hold wrestling. Timothy Thatcher excels, as it’s pretty obvious right away that he is carrying Kratos. Don’t get me wrong, Kratos is game, but he’s a hair too slow and musclebound to really keep up with Thatcher. But, Thatcher works to Kratos’ level and the end result is a really good match. Lots of believable transitions and submission attempts. I liked how they worked with the idea of Kratos being a powerhouse and how Thatcher used that trait against Kratos. For the most part Kratos did a fine job of selling Thatcher’s offense, and I’d love to see Thatcher use the Running Knee as a finish more often.

Unknown Promotion: Unknown Event (11-07-2009) Timothy Thatcher vs. Riv Vampiro

Apparently this is Riv Vampiro’s first ever pro match, and it does show. There’s not much here from Riv, as he looks quite nervous and off in everything he does. He’s never offensively bad though, and that’s a big plus. Timothy Thatcher looks good in guiding Riv through the match. He keeps things simple and allows for Riv to become more at ease the longer the match goes. Not exactly a great showing from Thatcher, but he did good in not blitzing the kid and giving him too much to work with.

WestCoast Wrestling Federation: WCWF Arena (01-11-2014) Timothy Thatcher vs. Dave Dutra

Reviewed over at Blue Thunder Driver.

North American Wrestling: Lodi (Unknown Date) Bobby Hart vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is very early in Timothy Thatcher’s career, he doesn’t even have the Union Jack tights yet. This is a very interesting match as the ground work is present in Thatcher for the wrestler he will become. He works over Bobby Hart’s arm, and he understands how he needs to work over the arm with a variety of moves and build towards his Thatcher Stretch. At the same time Thatcher has yet to understand the importance of transitions and moving from one move to another. Thus he stands around a lot in between moves, which is very odd to see coming from Thatcher.

This is mainly a back and forth grappling match, but it suffers because even a green Thatcher comes across as leagues better than Hart on the mat. Hart feels like a guy who watched a few tapes and thinks he can grapple now, and he acts accordingly by going with the same repeated moves like a Cross Armbreaker and Fujiwara Armbar. He may not get the transition side of things, but Thatcher’s arm work is much more focused and crisp, and there are hints of the greatness that is to come.

As a match this is middling, but as a glimpse at a green Thatcher this is a fascinating watch.

All Pro Wrestling: Gym Wars (01-03-2009) Timothy Thatcher vs. Jeckles the Jester

This is for Jeckles the Jester’s All Pro Wrestling Internet Championship.

Awful match, mainly due to neither man being on the same page. There’s multiple missed spots, including a glaring Polish Hammer attempt from Timothy Thatcher that Jeckles sells even though Thatcher misses him by a good foot. There’s also a botched Chokeslam near the end, where Jeckles lifts Thatcher up and then Thatcher bumps forward instead of backward and they tumble to the mat. I don’t know, maybe that’s a silly move of Jeckles’ and it’s supposed to be that way, but it looked bad. Neither man really does anything other than miss spots. This is the first match I’ve seen from Thatcher where I’ve felt he was legitimately awful.

NorthWest Wrestling Alliance: Unknown Event (04-05-2008) Dan Daniels vs. Timothy Thatcher

More early Timothy Thatcher, and he’s still in the process of molding his style in this one. He works over Dan Daniels’ arm, but he’s not as vicious as he later would be nor is his attack as focused as it would become. Still, the arm work is present, even if the destination point is missing. Even at this stage in Thatcher’s career Daniels comes across as a prop more than anything else. He does have one wicket Lariat though, I’ll give him that much. This match also features an early Thatcher spot that he has dropped, and I’m glad he did. He goes for a Small Package, and then Thatcher and his opponent roll back and forth and in circles while maintaining the Small Package position. An interesting idea in theory, but in execution it does very little to progress or add to the match.

PREMIER Wrestling: Cobb vs. Tannen (09-29-2013) Dylan Drake vs. Timothy Thatcher

A maddening match. The framework of a well worked match is present, but neither man is willing to fully commit to the gameplan of the other. Things start going south when Dylan Drake goes for a Dragon Screw Legwhip, but Timothy Thatcher isn’t prepared so he bumps the wrong way for it. He still sells the move, but he makes Drake look pretty foolish in the execution. Drake’s leg based offense has good intentions, but it’s too soft and all over the place. He seems to think that yelling and then dropping to the mat should convince us that he’s hurting Thatcher’s leg despite it being all too obvious that Thatcher’s leg was never in a position where Drake dropping down while grapevining it would hurt said leg. The idea of Drake working over both of Thatcher’s legs is interesting, but it’s poorly executed mainly due to Thatcher deciding to not sell the work. Thatcher hitting a Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex looks impressive, but it’s pretty stupid considering he’s supposed to barely be able to walk. The finish sums up the match nicely as Thatcher stops a Dragon Screw Legwhip attempt by basing out and then swiftly moves into a Cross Armbreaker. It’s a sequence that looks great, but makes no sense as Thatcher hasn’t worked over Drake’s arm all that much, nor should he be able to base out with two supposedly severely damaged legs.

A bad performance from both men, but especially egregious from Thatcher as he is capable of so much better.

NorthWest Wrestling Alliance: Salem (03-21-2008) Paul Raze vs. Timothy Thatcher

Despite being earlier than the previous NorthWest Wrestling Alliancematch I reviewed, Timothy Thatcher seems to have more of an idea of how to transition and tie his moves together in this match. It’s all very slow so that Paul Raze can keep up, but the methodology is more akin to present day Thatcher than green Thatcher. Thatcher is still getting there when it comes to bumping and selling for his opponent, but even in a match like this it’s clear as day that he is operating on a different level than Raze when it comes to putting a match together and getting the ins and outs of a wrestling match. That’s not to say that Thatcher is great here, because he’s not, but it is interesting watching him put the pieces together while still struggling with aspects like movement, timing, how and when to amp it up, and so on and so forth.

All Pro Wrestling: Gym Wars (06-16-2012) Dave Dutra vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is for Timothy Thatcher’s All Pro Wrestling Universal Championship.

Pretty good match until it degenerates into nothing but finishing moves and nearfalls for the final couple of minutes. The camera is up close, right alongside the ring, and it really gives an indication of how much more Thatcher works a style I prefer compared to Dave Dutra’s style. I like Dutra, he’s a good pro wrestler, but the camera reveals how much more snug, crisp, and stiff Thatcher is compared to Dutra. It also relays how Thatcher makes Dutra work for everything. That’s something Thatcher does that I wish more wrestlers did today, there’s no easy transitions with him. At one point in the early going Dutra attempts a DDT out of nowhere and Thatcher sandbags him. It’s not the point in the match for that and Thatcher makes him work to get into a better time and place within the match to hit such a move. A pretty good match, but a great showing for Thatcher who really shines with the camera up close enough to show in fine detail how smoothly rugged his transitions are, how hard hitting his offense is, how well he bumps, and so on and so forth.

All Pro Wrestling: Gym Wars (01-05-2013) Oliver John vs. Timothy Thatcher

Reviewed over at Blue Thunder Driver.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: Unknown Event (07-15-2012) Mustafa Saed vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is a Two Out of Three Falls Match.

Uh, yeah, bringing in Mustafa Saed is bad enough, but bringing him in to wrestle a ten minute best Two Out of Three Falls Match, that’s just asking for terribleness. And terrible this is; Mustafa lumbers around throws some awful looking strikes and a few times he bumps for something Timothy Thatcher throws. But essentially this is Thatcher placating the bigger star who is appearing for a lot of money and thus the promoters want him to go over. The end result is a match that is nothing like a Thatcher match, and one where he is made to look pathetic.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: St. Peter’s Hall (07-29-2007) Kassy Summers & Timothy Thatcher vs. Honor Society (Drake Frost & Sir Samurai)

This is an Intergender Barefoot Thumbtack Match for the Honor Society’s Tag Team Championship.

A bag of Legos also becomes involved at some point, along with lighter fluid and trays of hot sauce. It’s all pretty ridiculous, and pretty awful, but it’s interesting to see Timothy Thatcher function in such a match. Any pretense of him being classically trained is tossed out the window and he takes on the tough guy role of tossing dudes into piles of thumbtacks. But man, does he ever bump, and that’s where Thatcher shows versatility in this match. He’s thrown into the thumbtacks, misses a Double Stomp and lands right in the thumbtacks, and does the lion’s share of the work for his team. He’s still not able to make chicken salad out of chicken shit, but, as previously stated, it is an interesting watch nonetheless.

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood: Unknown Event (02-10-2013) Timothy Thatcher vs. Willie Mack

This is for Willie Mack’s Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Television Championship.

A match that is okay, but brings up an interesting talking point. Timothy Thatcher works over Mack’s arm the first opening he gets, but by the end of the match Mack has largely ignored all of the work. Now, I’m usually one to put the blame on the person selling. Thatcher clearly and definitively worked over Mack’s arm, and he should sell the injured arm throughout. However, in a setting like this versus a wrestler like Mack maybe working the arm is putting Mack in a bad spot. He needs to get in his stuff and pop the crowd, it’s an indie crowd who wants their entertainment and that means Mack hitting his spots. Maybe the onus should be on Thatcher to vary his gameplan and wrestle a less limb focused match? I don’t know, I still find myself thinking that Mack should sell, but it’s food for thought either way.

As for the match itself, it’s okay I guess. There are patches that are hard to see, but they are minor. I can see the charisma that Mack possesses, but I’m not sold on him as a complete package yet. Thatcher does his thing, he looks good doing it, but Mack shrugs it all off and makes his big comeback to pop the crowd.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: Unknown Event (03-18-2012) Rik Luxury vs. Timothy Thatcher

Missed chunks of this thanks to two dudes standing in front of the camera. That’s okay though because what I could see was pretty good. Rik Luxury had the spot of the match when he and Timothy Thatcher engaged in the no-sell German spot. Luxury hit a German Suplex, Thatcher no sold and hit one of his own. Luxury popped up and yelled attempting to no sell but instead he yelled “shit” grabbed his back and hit the floor. It was quite the humorous spot, although I suppose it does kind of stick out in a match that is otherwise serious and hard hitting. Luxury appears to have some decent strikes and hits his moves with snap. Thatcher is able to be very physical with Luxury, and he really lays into his European Uppercuts. I’m willing to peg the match as good with a well done hard hitting performance from Thatcher, but I would have liked to have been able to see the whole thing.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: Unknown Event (12-11-2011) Sal Thomaselli vs. Timothy Thatcher

An angle opens things up, as Sal Thomaselli bitches about Timothy Thatcher not being able to beat him clean, and then Thatcher surprises him with a Schoolboy for the quick pin. Nothing I can say about this three second or so match.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: Unknown Event (12-11-2011) Sal Thomaselli vs. Timothy Thatcher

Up until the last three or so minutes I really liked this match. It’s still good, but man do those final few minutes suck the life out of the joint.

Crowd pops big for the previous angle, and is really into it when Timothy Thatcher agrees to keep going to prove he can beat Sal Thomaselli another time. Of course this is turned around on Thatcher as Thomaselli takes every opening he sees to turn this into a brawl. In the fray Thatcher hurts his arm and Thomaselli is all over that hurt arm. He essentially pulls a Thatcher as he beats the crap out of Thatcher’s arm. Lots of interesting work from Thomaselli, and Thatcher is on point with his short term selling.

Thatcher has a fiery comeback, including a hard Lariat that I can’t recall him using before or since (which is a shame because it would make a good addition to his repertoire). Up until this point the match has been really great, and very compelling. It remains compelling, and the audience seems to love the final couple of minutes, but Thatcher’s use of his arm pretty much lost me.

At first Thatcher goes for his really dumb London Bridge is Falling Down (which is essentially a Twirl Reverse STO), which I’m glad he’s dropped in his recent work. The first try is fine, as he can’t execute the move because of his damaged arm. However, after Thomaselli hits a Spinning Fisherman’s Buster Thatcher goes for his move again, and connects. He then moves into the Thatcher Stretch, again putting all the torque on his injured arm. A few more back and forth moves that ignore all of Thomaselli’s limb work, and then Thatcher latches on the Thatcher Stretch again for the submission. The crowd seems very happy, and I wish I could be too, but Thatcher is pretty awful in the final few minutes of the match.

A lot of limb work that doesn’t factor into the ending and is ultimately ignored doesn’t make me a happy camper. Thomaselli and Thatcher looked great for the first twelve minutes, then the final three happened and they looked pretty bad. Hitting move after move for a bunch of nearfalls does nothing for me when it ignores everything that has come before. Thomaselli seems like a decently talented chap, but he and Thatcher should have provided a much better match.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: Unknown Event (11-19-2011) Timothy Thatcher vs. Sir Samurai vs. Bobby Hart vs. Rik Luxury

This is a Four Way Match.

Not much I can say about this match, as a lot of stuff happens but none of it means a thing. I’m not sure why Supreme Pro Wrestling uses the stupid tag in-tag out rules for their Four Way matches, but they really hamper any build or suspense behind everything up until the actual finish. To that end Timothy Thatcher does a lot of his usual stuff, but it matters not because nothing in the match matters.

Pro Wrestling Bushido: Warriors Way Tournament ’12 (04-29-2012) Johnny Goodtime vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is for Timothy Thatcher’s Pro Wrestling Bushido Heavyweight Championship.

One of those matches where a lot of it is great, but a lot of it is hard to see. There’s a large outside the ring segment in the middle of the match, as well as two over the top rope bumps, where I couldn’t see a thing. Not a negative against the work, but I can only go off of what I can see. What I could see was pretty great though. Johnny Goodtime is an interesting talent, he’s really energetic and moves around the ring with great agility for a guy his size. At times this creates problems as his body is slow in catching up with what he’s going for, such as a Side Headlock Takedown where he almost spikes Thatcher on his head. Still, Goodtime makes for an interesting match, because he has a physicality and presence that a lot of Thatcher’s opponents lack, and he can really bring the fight to Thatcher.

This time out Thatcher’s leg is being worked over, and Gooditme goes after it in interesting ways. One such way is a Stretch Muffler Sharpshooter. Highlight of the leg work has to be Thatcher’s attempts to climb the ropes. His leg shakes the entire time, he struggles just to make it to the middle rope, and he easily falls off the ropes. It’s a small thing, but a sequence like that is what makes me really find Thatcher to be a superb worker.

Anyways, there’s a spirited rally to the finish, and that’s really the only place where the visible part of the match falters. I still don’t completely buy the Thatcher Stretch as an out of nowhere finisher. Maybe I’ll come around on it at some point, but not yet. Him using it here after not having worked over Goodtime’s arm since the opening minutes of the match rings false.

Good match though, with great selling and a great all-around performance from Thatcher.

Pro Wrestling Bushido: Warriors Rising (08-26-2012) Johnny Goodtime vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is for Timothy Thatcher’s Pro Wrestling Bushido Heavyweight Championship.

The bloom comes off the rose for Johnny Goodtime in this encounter. It becomes pretty clear in this one that outside of his energetic athleticism he doesn’t have a whole lot to offer. There’s no selling or bumping that is noteworthy, and his ability to connect with the crowd is put to the test when his more athletic spots and energetic mannerisms don’t have much of an effect on said crowd. Luckily Thatcher is on top of his game here, recognizing early on that he has to do a mite of carrying this time around, and that’s what he does. He keeps Goodtime’s time on offense to brief spurts, which helps to make his limited offense mean more. Unfortunately, a problem with that is Thatcher does a lot of limb work, but Goodtime isn’t really interested in effective selling it. Overall this is what I would call a decent popcorn match, it is good from time to time, but doesn’t leave much of an impact. Though it was fun to see Thatcher take control of a match and bring a guy back from the brink of completely losing the crowd.

Sacramento Wrestling Federation: Ring Warriors Revenge (10-06-2012) Oliver John vs. Timothy Thatcher

Reviewed over at Blue Thunder Driver.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: Unknown Event (Unknown Date) Timothy Thatcher vs. Drake Younger

Drake Younger strikes me as a guy who sees something done in a ring, decides it’s cool, and then has to do it in his match. There’s no rhyme or reason for most of the stuff he pulls out in this match. Silly Throat Thrusts, sure toss em out in the middle of a running the rope sequence for no discernible reason. Northern Lights Suplex out of nowhere, why not? Better yet, mug to the crowd and lock in a Muta Lock, because that makes the least sense of all. Basically, Younger isn’t a good professional wrestler in this match. Maybe he’s better at other times, but he’s downright awful here. I don’t even know why he bothers letting Timothy Thatcher do any arm work, because he continually shrugs it off at random so he can do some more yelling and bad pro wrestling. This is very much the Younger show too, as he takes a lot of the match for himself and doesn’t really give Thatcher much of anything to work with. Problem is everything Younger does is bad, and thus the match is equally bad.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: Unknown Event (09-18-2011) Honor Society (Sir Samurai & Timothy Thatcher) vs. Faction (El Flaco Loco, Paul Isadora, & Sal Thomaselli)

This is a Handicap Match.

Pretty much a nothing match. This exists to get Paul Isadora over as a monster killer. There’s one key problem with that, Isadora is not a competent monster. He’s wooden, slow, and his every movement is a chore to sit through. Sir Samurai and Timothy Thatcher try to put him over big time, but there’s only so much they can do with such a stiff. As for Thatcher himself, he has one nice hot tag segment but otherwise he blends into the background for most of the match. It’s not really his match so I can’t fault him for that, but still, this isn’t a feather in his cap or anything.

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