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In the Thatch of Things (Dec. 2014, Part 2)

The ongoing process of porting over all my Timothy Thatcher reviews into one place continues with Part 2 of the reviews I wrote back in December of 2014. Please keep in mind as well that at first I wasn’t sure what I wanted my Thatcher project to be so a lot of the early reviews are a shade longer than they are now.

All Pro Wrestling: Gym Wars (03-20-2010) Matt Carlos vs. Timothy Thatcher vs. Dave Dutra

This is a Triple Threat Elimination match for Dave Dutra’s All Pro Wrestling Internet Championship.

Terrible, terrible match full of some of the worst triple threat spots I’ve seen in recent memory. The match can be broken down into two sections. In the first section all three workers grapple with one another simultaneously as they try, and fail, to get across some sort of “we’re all trying to out-grapple each other” idea. The second section is your standard triple threat nonsense where one guy hits a move, is taken out by the second guy, and then the second and third guy wrestle for a bit while the first guy either lays on the ground knocked out or just stands by and idly watches the other two guys wrestle. It’s all so meaningless, and badly choreographed, the first truly terrible match I’ve seen from Timothy Thatcher.

All Pro Wrestling: Gym Wars (01-16-2010) Dave Dutra vs. Timothy Thatcher

Another really good match between these two. Tack a few more minutes onto this and supply Dave Dutra with more convincing offensive maneuvers and this could have been great. As is it’s really good though, and a really neat mixture of Timothy Thatcher’s mat based grappling and Dutra’s flying based wrestling.

A match like this is the sort that really makes Thatcher stand out from the pack. There are a lot of elements at play that make this the Timothy Thatcher show. He’s clearly the one calling the match, and while Dutra is game he’s also very green and it is Thatcher who is leading him along. Like usual Thatcher’s grappling is very impressive, but it’s even more impressive that he’s able to offer so much up to Dutra in the grappling game. In fact, Dutra looks like he belongs on the mat with Thatcher. He’s clearly a few steps behind, but Thatcher puts together the grappling sequences so that they flow nicely and don’t make Dutra look bad in any fashion. There’s plenty of great bumping in this match, the sort that Thatcher doesn’t always get the chance to bust out. He’s always in the right spot, and he works really hard to make Dutra look as believable as possible. Thatcher takes all of these elements and puts them together in a way that gives the match its high quality.

That’s not to say that Dutra doesn’t contribute, because he certainly does. He sells the arm damage really well, and he does a terrific job of getting across the desperation he feels in avoiding the Thatcher Stretch. Offensively Dutra is at his best when he’s flying, as he has a really nice Dropkick and he puts just the right amount of snap into his Reverse Elbows and Split-Legged Moonsault (complete with excellent delayed selling of the arm that leads to him missing said Moonsault). Where Dutra needs work is in his supposed high impact offensive moves. They lack true impact and ultimately they come across as empty flash.

A really good match, and a match that anyone who wants to give Thatcher a shot should really check out.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: Sacramento (08-21-2011) Sal Thomaselli vs. Timothy Thatcher

There’s a definite sense that these guys are never on the same page and that really hurts the match. Sal Thomaselli is fast and athletic enough to keep up with Timothy Thatcher, and there are times when he looks very good in his movements. However, for the most part this is a tale of two guys who are reading from the same book, but one is always a page or two ahead or behind of the other. This makes for some very odd sequences, such as when Thatcher goes to run the ropes but he doesn’t time it right and thus he just stands still like an idiot for a few seconds and waits for Thomaselli to get into position and then runs the ropes as if nothing has happened. It’s all very odd and very off, not the sort of match that gives one much to chew on.

I’ll say this much, this is the sort of match that works against my case for Thatcher as a top one hundred guy. There will be matches where timing will be off, but Thatcher needed to do more to reign that element in and better deal with the timing issues. He shouldn’t have looked as lost as he did at times, and thankfully I think this is an area he has greatly improved upon in the following years. If this match were to happen today Thatcher would do a much better job of rolling with the punches and improvising.

Alas, it doesn’t really matter how much present day Thatcher has improved because he still has this performance in his ledger, and it’s not a good one.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: Sacramento (01-16-2011) Mike Rayne vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is for Timothy Thatcher’s Supreme Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

For the most part this is an interesting test to see if Timothy Thatcher can produce a good match when he’s forced to wrestle himself. Mike Rayne is utterly useless, an embarrassingly bad professional wrestler. His offense is not fitted for his frame and he struggles so mightily with his Kicks that it’s business exposing bad in its assisted choreography. There’s never a point in this match when Rayne contributes anything worthwhile, and he even manages to botch the ending by attempting to do the after the three count kickout but kicking out too early.

As for Thatcher, he tries, but there’s not much he can do. He does his usual stuff, he bumps for whatever the hell it is that Rayne’s offense is supposed to be. Still, Thatcher isn’t really suited to be a one man show, and this match accentuates how good Thatcher is at giving to opponents and making them look good in the process. I really can’t fault Thatcher for this match being as terrible as it is because he wasn’t working with an actual professional wrestler.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: Unknown Event (03-20-2011) Cjay Kurz vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is for Timothy Thatcher’s Supreme Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

A very interesting, and nearly great match. Cjay Kurz very early on establishes that he’s not a grappler in the Thatcher sense but more of a shoot stylist. Thatcher is really good at giving offense to Kurz, at working within a more shoot style to really put over the immediacy of Kurz’s approach. There’s an early segment where they exchange reversals on the ground, working within the concept of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with guard, half mount, and full mount exchanges. It’s all so very interesting, and very well done.

The match picks up even more once Thatcher goes on the offensive, because he does bring his old school grappling style to bear. However, in his efforts to get the approach of Kurz over Thatcher melds his style with what Kurz is doing. He never completely takes over the match, and he augments his attacks to be based more on quickly destructive as opposed to wearing down and working over a limb. Thatcher adds in little flourishes like a nifty Hangman’s Swinging Armbreaker, which I don’t recall seeing before or since, but it sure as heck is a great move to add variety to working over an arm. The whole while Kurz keeps working in his shoot style stuff, and adds some pro wrestling touches as well. Of special note was the way he modified a Lung Blower so that he executed it from the side and put all the impact of his knees into the side of Thatcher’s ribs.

Where the match falters is when both guys attempt to get too cute. There’s a Kurz springboard into a Thatcher European Uppercut that is slightly off, and another attempted Spingboard DDT from Kurz later in the match that goes horribly awry. Unfortunately that is the set up for the finish, and the initial mess up just leads to the entire finishing stretch coming across as being off. It didn’t help matters that going for a Kurz German Suplex where Thatcher gets his shoulder up at the last second to win isn’t a finish that works within the story and execution of the match prior.

I don’t want to sell Kurz short. He had his guffaws with the ropes, but all in all he was on point in this match and presented a very different style for Thatcher to work with. That made for a very interesting match, with the icing on the cake being the ninety eight percent of the match was well worked and very well thought out. Matches like this are a real boon to Thatcher as they show he’s not a one trick pony and can easily switch his style to fit his opponents and get something great without applying the same approach.

Pro Wrestling Bushido: Lucha Rulez 6 (01-11-2012) Johnny Goodtime vs. Sami Callihan vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is a Three Way Match for Timothy Thatcher’s Pro Wrestling Bushido Heavyweight Championship.

Three way matches aren’t for me, at least not ones that take place in the singles ranks. This one is no different. I give all three gentlemen credit for trying early on to work a faster pace that makes the inevitable “one guy sitting around and waiting for the others guy to do their thing” stuff not as terrible as could be. The first half of the match is not big on Thatcher, he spends most of his time down and selling so that Johnny Goodtime and Sami Callihan can go at it. All three are good workers and that shines through even the overly choreographed and bad looking three way spots. I really can’t forgive the triple submission spots though, those are just stupid.

The second half of the match has more of Thatcher, and it is not unexpectedly a little bit better than the first half. He really lays into his strikes and executes some stiff looking moves. Still, Thatcher’s style isn’t really suited for the mayhem and melee that is a three way match and it comes across loud and clear in this match. That’s probably why he spent so much time down on the mat selling, because Thatcher as a grappler just doesn’t fit into a spotty three way. Of course if that’s the match the other two guys want to work then it’s up to Thatcher to work that match and make the best of it. He doesn’t really and truly do that here and the match suffers accordingly.

The best part of this match is when Thatcher almost executes a Baseball Slide Dropkick, but it ends up just a sick tease. A tough match for me to write about because honestly I’m not the audience for three way matches as they aren’t my cup of tea. As I said earlier all three men are good workers, but this wasn’t the environment for them to really shine.

Pro Wrestling Revolution: Watsonville (06-08-2014) Timothy Thatcher vs. El Pistolero

An interesting styles clash and one that works for the most part. There are a couple of exchanges where neither man is on the same page, but they are small in the grander scope of the match. Ultimately this is the Timothy Thatcher offense and El Pistolero selling show. Both men do really well at both of those facets in this match. Thatcher viciously attacks Pistolero’s arm, really working it over. Again he shows a pleasant amount of variety busting a couple of new moves to work over the arm. Pistolero sells the arm work like the vicious affront to his person that it is. The end comes suddenly, but it’s been well built to and really works. A very short match, not so much a sprint as a methodical beatdown that is well bumped and sold for.

Unknown Promotion: Unknown Event (09-11-2011) Perry von Vicious & Timothy Thatcher vs. Suburban Commandos (D-Rent & T-Unit)

Paint by numbers tag match where Timothy Thatcher doesn’t do much of anything. The match has its moments, but to be honest most of them are courtesy of the double teaming from the Suburban Commandos. There’s really not much to say when it comes to Thatcher in this match, he’s just kind of there.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: Sacramento (12-17-2012) Brian Tannen vs. Timothy Thatcher

Neat short match where Timothy Thatcher acts very un-Thatcher like. He plays the face in this match, which is never a role I’ve seen him take on in a match. He’s playful as the babyface, mocking Brian Tannen and playing to the crowd to get under Tannen’s skin. I’m not sure if Thatcher can be a babyface long term, but in this match he’s able to pull off being a face very well. Mostly it further adds to the idea of Thatcher being extremely versatile and not just capable of working a single specific style.

Being the babyface Thatcher has to bump a little more and his offense has to have a bit more pep to it. He succeeds in executing both, working well from underneath to make Tannen seem like a true power guy who can, and is, tossing Thatcher around with relative ease. Thatcher times his comebacks really well, his European Uppercuts are especially nice to see as he really puts some pop behind them and hits them at the right time and elicits a pretty vocal babyface reaction from the crowd when he uses them.

Tannen is good as well, really playing up the jock idiot aspects of his character. He’s able to keep pace with Thatcher on the mat, but he does so in a much more cumbersome fashion. Tannen presents himself as a skilled wrestler, but still a jock who can’t be smooth because there’s no way a jock would be smooth. His offense is more clubbing than anything else, but it really fits his character.

From bell to bell a well done sprint. They played to the crowd really nicely and told a neatly compact story. Thatcher looked great as the babyface and Tannen was really good as the boorish heel. Quality professional wrestling this match be.

All Pro Wrestling: Gym Wars (09-11-2010) Timothy Thatcher vs. Mr. Wrestling IV

This is for Mr. Wrestling IV’s All Pro Wrestling Internet Championship.

This starts out as a comedy match, and that’s really where it’s at its best. Timothy Thatcher is splendid as the dumbfounded heel who can’t get a grasp on what Wrestling is trying to do. Watching Thatcher line up for a test of strength and the growing face of consternation he manifests as Wrestling keeps switching hands and refusing to lock up is quite funny. Wrestling really does have the comedy aspect of the art down pat as just about everything he did was able to elicit laughter from me. My hats off to Thatcher as well, because he had me laughing with his frustrated heel antics.

Then they start wrestling and it’s pretty pat once that happens. Nothing they do is egregiously bad, but it’s all so vanilla. Thatcher hits his usual routine of arm based offense, but it has no lasting impact as Wrestling doesn’t really bother to sell the damage. He hits multiple Polish Hammer’s where the lead arm is his damaged arm, and he goes for a Backslide where he has to use his damaged arm to power Thatcher into position. Thatcher’s offense can look as great as it wants, but if the opponent isn’t selling then it’s useless.

Useless is a great way to describe this match, because though there’s nothing terrible it all ends up coming across as mundanely useless. Stay for the comedy and leave once the wrestling starts.

Pro Wrestling Bushido: Lucky Fest (03-16-2013) TJ Perkins vs. Timothy Thatcher

Reviewed over at Free Pro Wrestling.

All Pro Wrestling: Gym Wars (09-18-2010) Vennis DeMarco vs. Timothy Thatcher

Slowly worked very old school wrestling match. This is the sort of match that I could easily see fitting right in with the 1970s North American aesthetic, specifically the upper end World Wide Wrestling Federation stuff. They don’t go for any real highspots. Rather, they work the match around the idea of wearing your opponent down. Vennis DeMarco doesn’t look like much of a professional wrestler, but he is able to hang with Timothy Thatcher to a point. I say to a point because it becomes clear after a minute or so that Thatcher has slowed himself down and is helping to walk DeMarco through all the spots. It’s not really a carry job, more of a cooperative job and it shows the ability of Thatcher to work at a level that gets the best out of his fellow worker. Very simple match, but really well worked, and quite good.

Supreme Pro Wrestling: Unknown Event (07-17-2011) Paul Isadora & Timothy Thatcher vs. Sir Samurai & Alan Sanchez

A match to set up an angle more than anything else. A lot of stuff happens, but it doesn’t have any real meaning. I mean, everyone does their job: Paul Isadora stands around like a bump on a log, Timothy Thatcher works the mat, Sir Samurai bumps, and Alan Sanchez gets the crowd pumped up. But, it’s all for nothing as none of it means anything. One of those wrestling matches where maybe if I followed the promotion on a week to week basis the match would have more meaning in my mind.

Reno Wrestle Factory: Wrestlerawk (12-13-2011) Adam Thornstowe vs. Timothy Thatcher

Hard hitting affair that was much the same as their first encounter, but better. It’s a very simple match, worked around limb work and Timothy Thatcher grounding Adam Thornstowe. To his credit Thornstowe keeps pace with Thatcher with no problems at all, and works in some of his own tweaks as well. I wasn’t a fan of the big German Suplex near the end as it went against the arm work of Thatcher, but having the match end on a Cross Armbreaker almost made up for it. For as much as he was in control of the match Thatcher really gave a lot to Thornstowe, putting over his offense a bunch. I’d like to see a match between these two a few years down the line when both are even better.

Reno Wrestle Factory: Unknown Event (Unknown Date) Will Rood vs. Timothy Thatcher

I’m assuming this takes place at a later date than their previous meeting I reviewed. The reason for this is that they seem to have better chemistry, and Will Rood comes across as a much more refined pro wrestler. The match itself is pretty much an extended beatdown from Timothy Thatcher on the young Rood. It’s about a ten minute match and Thatcher is on offense for eight of those minutes. When he does make his comeback Rood is iffy, mainly because of the way he chooses to go about his offense. Throwing a Dropkick works, but throwing awful looking windmill European Uppercuts does not. Standing in the middle of the ring and trading said European Uppercuts with Thatcher only makes him look worse when Thatcher’s are delivered with such vicious crispness. Still, Thatcher does look very vicious here and seems to relish beating the snot out of Rood. I like that vicious streak in him, it’s what makes me believe that he can take an opponent apart at will. It’s a character quirk, and one that really makes him seem like a methodical killer.

All Pro Wrestling: Gym Wars (01-31-2009) Jeckles the Jester vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is for Timothy Thatcher’s All Pro Wrestling Internet Championship.

An odd match, mainly because of Jeckles the Jester, although Timothy Thatcher is off his game as well. Thatcher’s timing is really off throughout the match, and he’s out of position for more than one moment of Jeckles’ offense. This is not a performance to go into the plus column for Thatcher. Jeckles is impressive when he’s throwing nasty Elbow strikes, but that’s pretty much the only time he’s impressive. He’s not that good at bumping or selling, and his non-strike based offense looks weak and is often hit in an ill-timed fashion. All in all a very blah match, although I did like Thatcher cheating to win at the end, something I wish he would incorporate more often to fit his blue blood type character.

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood: #3.07 (10-14-2012) Ryan Taylor vs. Timothy Thatcher

Outside of the finish I really dug this match, or at least what I could see. There was a guy who kept getting in the way of the camera so I missed some of the transitions, but I saw enough to have a qualified opinion. Very mat based affair, but again Timothy Thatcher impresses both in how much he is willing to give to his opponent and in how he varies his arm based offense. This time out he added in a Yakuza Kick to Taylor’s arm while it was trapped in the ropes. Stuff like that adds up, it really paints the picture of Thatcher as a complete wrestler who is attempting to vary up a recognizable formula as much as possible.

A really good, and smooth back and forth contest, featuring lots of nifty transitions and great limb work from Thatcher. That’s also why the finish doesn’t work, because Ryan Taylor decides to say fuck you to all the limb work and lock in a Crossface where he’s using his damaged arm for all the torque. It’s not a smart finish, though I imagine it’s a finish that Taylor sure thought sounded neato.

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