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In the Thatch of Things (August 2015)

The ongoing process of porting over all my Timothy Thatcher reviews into one place continues with the reviews I wrote back in August of 2015. Please keep in mind as well that at first I wasn’t sure what I wanted my Thatcher project to be so a lot of the early reviews are a shade longer than they are now.

World Wrestling Network: Live in China – Day 2 (11-12-2014) Timothy Thatcher vs. Biff Busick

Another good match between these two, although it is very by the numbers considering what these two are capable of. Because of that the match becomes more about the Chinese crowd and how they respond to what happens in the ring. Having seen this match done a few times previously, and much better in other settings, the fans reactions were interesting to take in. Biff Busick rolls with the reactions and plays to the broad appeal that the crowd seemed to be clamoring for. He exaggerates all his mannerisms, his shouting, etc. Timothy Thatcher remains stoic, and almost grinds out reactions from the crowd. They don’t pop as easily for him as they do Busick, but Thatcher is able to use timing to get the crowd hot at the right moments. So yeah, good match, but very interesting crowd reactions.

EVOLVE Wrestling: 45 (07-10-2015) Timothy Thatcher vs. Drew Galloway

Read the review at Blue Thunder Driver.

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