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TNA Impact Review – That TNA Show

TNA Impact

Watch: PopTV

Air Date: June 14, 2016

Universal Studios/Impact Zone – Orlando, Florida

TNA is airing and it’s airing live in Canada. POP is airing a commercial over and over or did TNA’s production staff not get paid and this was the sabotage?  Mean Gene has the scoop at 1-900-909-9900. Josh Mathews starts off the show by immediately making my skin crawl with his voice. Here comes Lashley, who gives the fans five seconds to voice their opinion about him and he tells everyone to zip it. I’m already 10 levels of fired up. This is a great promo by Bobby Lashley.

Here comes:

Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble…

Fresh off his victory of Yellow Pants Mike Bennett, It’s Ethan Carter the Third and he wants a shot at the belt tonight! Lashley says that he’s not ready for ECIII, which is funny because ECIII has beat Lashley at least 4 different times. Groundskeeper Drew Galloway is now out and has invoked his rematch clause. I’m okay with this rematch, I gave their match on Sunday ****¼ and think this will be good to great TV main event, better than what we got last night on RAW.

Jeff Hardy and Eli Drake are shooting on each and set up a match for tonight.

Here we go!

King of the Mountain Championship: Eli Drake (c) vs. Jeff Hardy**1/2

Let’s be honest here some moves happened, some kicks and punches were exchanged and both these guys were well on their way to a **1/4 TV match that was Eli’s best TNA match until Matt Hardy came out and mistook Earl Hebner’s fingers for seedless grapes and threw on an extra ¼ to this match. This was not bad and Matt’s appetite once again got the best of him but to much better success than it has in the past. Jeff has slowed down a bit in the ring but it’s worked well for him, his more grounded approach is getting pretty good matches out of talents that normally don’t have the best of matches. 

Winner: The fans who got to see Matt Hardy bite Earl Hebner’s fingers.

Backstage segment with Drew and ECIII talking about how tonight’s main event. ECIII promises to keep things on the up and up, which means shenanigans in carny speak.

Jeff is in the ring still, and he’s tired of Matt. Which makes Jeff the only one tired of Matt. Jeff is calling Matt brother Moore? Which makes me unsure if Jeff thinks Matt is Shannon Moore.  

Broken Matt Hardy has got me shirtless and chanting what, this guy has the IT factor, with his game of thrones cosplay act. This segment should never end.

Reby uses a fire extinguisher on Jeff. Farewell Brother Nero  Jeff goes sliding down the fucking stair rail into a table and I’m cackling.

This was the best thing I’ve ever seen in the history of the sport and this is not Tony Schiavone hyperbole. This is what I show my next tinder date who I try to get into wrestling, this time it could work.

Oh my god, Orgasmic Matt Hardy is now here, this thing is still going and Matt challenges Brother Nero to a six sides of steel match. What a feud.

X-Division Championship: Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Trevor Lee**

They had a pretty short match, that was back to what the X-Division has been for the past few months, a match with no real flow, just a few spots mixed in here and there and over before you know it. Part of me has a ominous feeling that something really stupid will be happening with the X-Division as this was a step back from last night. 

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Josh Mathews says there is no higher honor than being inducted into the TNA HOF, likely because anytime you join the TNA HOF you end up with a WWE deal a year or so later. I’ll accept this point Josh.

The Bromans are now doing a big brother after dark gimmick, by showing secret cameras around the impact zone.

They show a clip of catering and surprisingly Bob Ryder wasn’t back there stuffing his pockets with dinner rolls and chicken wings. Naturally this transitions to them looking at Raquel changing because TNA has always been forward thinking with Women, they’ll be sure to remind you anytime the NXT women have a good match.

ECIII and Lashley are talking chess, and Lashley keeps acting like he hasn’t lost to ECIII like 4 times, this is an odd plot hole, perhaps TNA knew tonight most of their fans would be watching an endless loop of TV commercials and skipped continuity.

Dixie Carter is in the ring and she is getting ready to announce the new TNA HOFer and it’s Gail Kim. I love this pick, the early era of the knockouts were a blast to watch and Gail was the leader of that “revolution”.

It’s a shame TNA botched her first run, causing her to leave and eventually return only to spend the next two years wrestling only Awesome Kong.  Truly a worthwhile pick. Also  Worth noting Gail hugs everyone but Bram, I’m amused by this.

Marti Belle sitting down with Jeremy The Stooge Borash, and she’s totes jelly that Jade’s new best friend is the knockouts title, which makes me question what’s more odd, your best friend being a piece of metal or being jealous of the piece of metal. This is about as thin of a plot as you could ask for.  Very weird segment.

TNA Tag Team Championship: The Decay (c) vs. The Bromans vs. Grado & Mahabali Shera vs. The Tribunal **3/4

Good match between these four teams, I cannot stress enough how much the Bromans have improved and The Decay are also very fun to watch. Tonight we got Shera showing off his new high-flying skills with a crisp shoulder block off the top rope and some good back and forth action. The best match of the show.

Winner: The Decay

Maria and Yellow Pants are in the back and they are pissed. They are threatening to quit TNA and no one is stopping them. Maria being the worker she is acknowledges this and wants to stick around she has a plan. Huge heel heat.

Jeff and Matt continue to go back and forth. They’ve taken up at least 60% of the show and I’m cool with it.

Here come Yellow Pants and Maria.

Mike is shooting, he clearly spent all of the past two days vanity searching himself and has finally snapped with the fact that no one thinks he’s good. Maria agrees with Mike and demands Dixie comes out. Instead we get Billy Corgan, can someone call POP and ask them to run that loop of commercials again?  Billy Corgan continues to look like the after photo of Kingpin after a stint with Weight Watchers.

Here comes Dixie, and she tells Maria to shut up, and Dixie says there should be wrestling. There has been maybe 15 minutes of wrestling on this show for what it’s worth.

Maria calls Dixie the problem and says she can run the program better than Dixie #shootweek. Dixie just slapped Maria, I swear to god if this turns into a match, I’m packing it in as the TNA reviewer.  It certainly felt that this was the case here. This is bound to happen.

It’s main event time and there is plenty of time left in impact so this could be the saving grace of the show.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Lashley (c) vs. Drew Galloway***3/4

Both guys are banged up from their intense match last night.  These two really did beat the heck out of each other last night. Galloway hits a sick German suplex into the ropes and I can already tell these two want to kill each other, this is wrestling! Cut to an unneeded commercial hopefully IMPACT comes back and it’s not an endless loop of this commercial. We are back and Josh informs us it was all Lashley during the break, I’m pretty skeptical since Lashley is laying on the ground outside the ring. Lashley teasing the guy he has lost two at least 4 times, in ECIII, I’m very entertained. Lashley has been on a roll. This match is getting a little too floor brawlish for my taste. Holy shit a leg lock counter into a piledriver! That was a sick spot from Drew. Big Celtic Cross off the top rope. These two sure know how to have a fantastic hoss battle. Great chemistry between these guys. ECIII comes in and accidentally smacks Galloway with the chair match over. Can’t say I’m surprised by that ending, I figured there would be a set up to cause animosity between Galloway and ECIII. Drew probably wasn’t going to eat another clean loss either.  Damn fine main event from these two again.

Final Thoughts:

TNA will likely never catch a break, they come off an excellent PPV showing with all of their core audience getting to watch an endless cycle of that 70’s show commercials and news that they almost couldn’t afford to run tonight’s show. For those that got to watch TNA, saw what TNA has pretty much been for the past several years an inoffensive show, that felt like too much was crammed into and needed room to breathe. Tonight’s show was very light on wrestling, which goes against the theme of having every title on the line. You have to discriminate on the type of show you want to do, in TNA’s case they need fresh stories and time to build these up perhaps this show was better off in a month or two since the next PPV won’t be until October. Overall it was an average show.



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