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ICW Friday Night Fight Club Review (4/8/16)

After last week’s horrible episode, we are back with another episode of ICW’s Friday Night Fight Club! Before the matches start, Red Lightning says the scheduled birthday bash for BT Gunn will not happen. Let’s not waste any more time and get right into this week’s show, including some good looking matches.

Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey***

Battle of the big boys right here. PROGRESS Atlas competitors, perfect fit for each other. These two went at each other, but Coffey was kept very strong, he hit an awesome dropkick off the top rope onto Rampage. They hit some huge strikes, they looked great. Rampage Brown hit a Taker style apron leg drop which was sweet. With more time this could have been amazing. A bit of dragging here and there but this was a very solid TV match! A nasty discus clothesline keeps Brown down for the count and Coffey wins the match.

After the match BT Gunn’s birthday bash happens, which goes as well as well as you think it would in ICW. People run in, and it gets turned into a 6 man tag, what else did you expect really? Black Label vs. Team ICW, of course it is gonna happen.

Grado, BT Gunn & Chris Renfrew vs. Wolfgang, Red Lightning & Jack Jester**1/4

An average match, solid moments with BT Gunn as he is a great wrestler, but when it was Jester or Grado, it got boring. Kay Lee Ray got taken out of the equation early on. Grado got the hot tag, stole some finishers, and it was alright. BT Gunn hits a brainbuster and gets the win for his team. A very skippable match, some of the wrestlers were enjoyable to watch, but others, not so much. After the match Joe Coffey assaults Red Lightning but he then gets attacked as the Black Label come back.

(ICW Women's Championship) Carmel (c) vs. Sammii Jayne vs. Nikki Storm vs. Kay Lee Ray**1/2

A stacked lineup here, with Storm reportedly going to the WWE and with Kay Lee Ray being an amazing in-ring talent. A bit of a sloppy clusterfuck, but it was still entertaining. A cool looking top rope cutter, but a lot of other moves looked like they simply did not connect. Like when Carmel wins with an ugly, and not in a good way, spear that looked like a hug and a takedown.

(ICW World Heavyweight Championship) Big Damo (c) vs. Johnny Moss***1/2

Two big dudes going at it, Damo is a monster, but that is not a knock at Moss who is ripped. They brawled on the outside, like literally … outside. There were cars and they were going at it on the sidewalk after brawling through a sea of fans. When they get back inside, they fight on the bar and near the merch. They brawled nearly everywhere possible in the venue. They somehow get back in the ring after brawling on the outside for a such a long time. Moss hits German Suplexes consecutively, brute strength, and a tombstone piledriver too. Damo ends up winning with the Ulster plantation, a very fun match!

A much better show than last week, which is not hard to execute. Also one weird thing is that even though Barramania is up, this show takes place before it, so watch this before you watch Barramania. Thanks for reading, and for all your ICW FNFC reviews, you are already in the right place, Wrestling With Words!


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