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ICW Friday Night Fight Club Review (4/1/16)

I would have had this up earlier, but it was WrestleMania Weekend and I was going to be reviewing EVOLVE 59 but they could not get their stream working. It was horrible. If I talk about EVOLVE any longer, it will devolve into a rant so lets get into it!

(ICW Women's Championship) Carmel Jacob (c) vs. Nikki Storm**

This was an alright match with a lot of distraction from Sammi Jayne and it was pretty sloppy. Storm hits Eye of the Storm for a near fall. Nikki tries to hit Carmel with the belt but Carmel decides to turn around and hit a spear, and Storm kicks out. Carmel wins with a DDT. Very average, better than a Veda Scott match though. Storm nearly won if it wasn’t for Janye! There was a pretty bad post match angle, and it isn’t worth going into detail. It was boring.

Liam Degree with Lionheart and Kenny Williams was next and I loved it. I like both of these guys and it made me a bit excited for what ever is coming up between those two. DCT came out, it evolved and turned into a handicap match.

DCT & Kenny Williams vs. Lewis Girvan, Liam Thomson & Lionheart**1/2

A pretty fun match, nothing special, pretty average, but the story was good. Fighting back against the Black Label, and watching Kenny Williams fight is always entertaining. He hits a pretty awesome double elbow springboard. DCT gets hit with a Rock Bottom by Lion Heart at one point. DCT wins with a roll-up. They all beat up on SCT until Polo Promotions make a run in. Williams and Lionheart brawl through the crowd. Solid match. Red Lightning denies Polo Promotion a title match until he finally caves in and gives them the match with the 55, but the stipulation is that the manager of the team that throws in the literal towel first, and they get fired. Then Joe Coffey comes out and asks for a match. So Red Lightning makes his match with Grado a tag match with him and Jester vs. Coffey and Grado.

Chris Renfrew vs. Wolfgang*1/2

Renfrew cuts a promo about losing the title and how he lost due to the refs decision, and he then stunners the ref. This match was a brawl. But isn’t every Renfrew match? And of course, Stevie Boy and Kay Lee Ray run in and interfere. Only 5 minutes in. BT Gunn comes in and saves Renfrew. It just turns into an all out fight and it’s a no contest. I was excited for this and typical ICW interference shenanigans happen.

(ICW World Heavyweight Championship) Big Damo (c) vs. Mikey Whiplash***

These two are pretty darn good, but on ICW TV you never know if it can be good or not. Whiplash has a Hayabusa tribute face paint, and I love it. This was a good fight, brutal, hard hitting, and some pretty good spots. Damo is really good guys. Some great near falls, had me excited, but the match just felt off, I think after a card of bad matches but good segments, this match just did not feel right. They trade headbutts until Damo hits a driver for the win! Damo goes for a handshake but Mikey refuses at first, then goes for the handshake, before flipping him off. Damo then lays him out, a strong way to end off the show.

Well, this was simply not that good of a show like the last two, a boring effort. I would recommend giving this show a skip. For all your ICW needs and reviews, you are already in the right place, Wrestling With Words!

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