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ICW Friday Night Fight Club Review (3/25/16)

This is my second week of reviewing ICW weekly, and last week (the review can be found on the site) had an awesome main event. I was pretty hyped to watch after seeing that and I was looking forward to this week’s episode!

BT Gunn vs. Stevie Boy**3/4

These two are currently embroiled in a feud, as Stevie Boy turned on the NAK. Kay Lee Ray accompanied Stevie Boy. The match started off with BT Gunn on top, in charge, and kicking ass all over the place but after Kay Lee Ray interfered a couple times, it was Stevie Boy’s match. BT Gunn hits an awesome Death Valley Driver on Kay Lee Ray onto Stevie Boy who was in a tree of woe. BT Gunn accidentally hits the ref, but it did nothing to further the match, unnecessary ref bump. A couple good near falls. BT Gunn hits a Destroyer but only gets a 2 as Kay Lee pulls the ref out and distracts him. BT Gunn then goes back to attack Stevie but gets hit in the head with a chair for the 3 count. It was an average opener and got the crowd excited, but I thought it was very average, and Stevie Boy and the constant interference dragged the match down.

As per usual there are some backstage promos that vary in quality, good to bad to meh.

Davey Boy & Grado vs. The Black Label (Jack Jester & Red Lightning)*3/4

Davey Boy comes out with The Wee Man, and he cuts a promo saying they are Team ICW. The Black Label come out with Flex Hunter and they jump the two babyfaces, gaining massive heat. Flex Hunter interfered way too much in this one for my liking. He kept down Grado on the outside for a lot of this match and Davey Boy got in no offense as the Black Label were dominating him. He finally gets in offense by hitting a lariat and then makes a hot tag to Grado. He hits a lot of his signature moves and pops the crowd. Flex Hunter runs in and chokeslams both men and Red Lightning gets the pin. It was a glorified squash match, and it wasn’t that good of one either. After the match the Black Label cut a promo and beat down on Grado but Coffey runs out and makes the save. He then calls out Red Lightning for a match against Damo, and thinks about giving him the shot because it will make him some money but he says no, and a big fuck you to Coffey.

Doug Williams vs. Noam Dar***

Lionheart joins in on commentary. Doug Williams uses some great grapple frick and Noam Dar was keeping up with one of the best UK wrestlers of all time. Doug Williams quickly hits some power moves as he outsizes Dar, and he dominates him for a bit. But Noam makes a good comeback after a while and then it becomes a back and forth battle. When Noam Dar gets Williams in a X wing, and Williams taps, one of Williams managers distracts the ref but also accidentally hits Williams and Dar gets the win. It was a pretty fun bout just wish there was no interference in a show filled with a ton of it.

Joe Hendry vs. Mr. Anderson***

Since there is no mic that falls from the ceiling, Anderson freaks out and looks for one until he makes the ring announcer drop him the mic and he cuts a promo. During this promo Mr. Anderson announces he doesn’t work for TNA anymore and says Fuck TNA. Hendry has an awesome Pokemon theme song music video and I love it, pretty funny. Anderson starts off aggressively and he hits an awesome knee during this part of the match. After about 5 minutes, Hendry finally starts to get some offense in, albeit sparsely until a takedown makes the match a bit even. Hendry wins after reversing a suplex into a small package for a 3 count. It was just a fun match and sends the crowd happy which I have no problem with.

You can find this show for free by clicking here.

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