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HEAT-UP Powerful Tag Tournament Day 2 Review (3/6/16)

Yokohama, Japan
Nigiwaiza B2 Kainoge Petri Dish Arena 

HEAT-UP coming through once again! Thanks to #brothermort for giving me the pleasure of watching. This show features the two semi-final matches in the Powerful Tag Tournament. The finals were held on the 3/19 and I know who won but I am still going to enjoy the matches for what they are. I am very excited to see CHANGO and PSYCHO in action once again and the main event looks like fire!

SHINYA ISHIDA & Kenichiro Arai vs. Fuminori Abe & Yoji Kondo***

Fun little workrate opening match. Mushuku who is Arai and ISHIDA relied a lot more on actual in ring work and not these stupid gimmicks. SHINYA ISHIDA is really growing on me, I have seen him in action the past three HEAT-UP shows and he delivers every time. He optimizes what a ring general is and should be, this match did get sloppy at points but ISHIDA knew what to do when a botch occurred. Yuji Kondo was full of fire, He is sort of like the young boy of HEAT-UP. ISHIDA sold a Penalty Kick from Abe like he was shot with a rifle. ISHIDA spiked Abe with a Dolph Ziggler like leaping DDT. Kenichiro Arai of all people pulled off an Alabama Slam. The finish was super flat, ISHIDA just lifted Kondo up for the Cross Rhodes and got the 3 count.

Kenji Takeshima vs. Taro Yamada**3/4

This is Kenji Takeshima’s final ever singles match in HEAT-UP, he retired on the 3/26 at Shinjuku Face. Crazy that this will probably be Takeshima’s last match EVER to make tape. I have enjoyed his work, he has been one of the independent heroes of Japanese wrestling for the last 7 years. This was a pretty good match but surprisingly it got sloppy at points. Yamada is so damn good, so athletic for a chubby fella. Graceful is a great work to describe Taro Yamada. This got very violent in the end, both men traded shoot headbutts! The noise was disgusting. No wonder Takeshima is retiring if he has been doing these headbutts on SECRET BASE shows. Takeshima locked in a Fujiwara arm bar for the submission victory. Thank you Mr. Takeshima-san!

Amigo Suzuki & Koji Iwamoto vs. Shuichiro Katsumura & Kenta Hattori***1/4

Definitely the best thing on the show thus far, everything was smooth with zero miscues. Good wrestling for the first few minutes but nothing to write home about. I knew I have seen Katsumura somewhere and that somewhere was none other than U-FILE Camp. Apprantly he is also a former mixed martial artist with a 11-9 win-loss record so you know he is a legit threat. He used a awesome flying arm bar along with other shoot style maneuvers. Iwamoto is very explosive with all of his offence, I love his hip toss knee move he uses. Hattori locked in a modified octopus stretch that I have never seen done before, awesome! Iwamoto did his crazy judo throw and then finished Hattori off with a doctor bomb.

(Powerful Tag Tournament) PSYCHO & CHANGO vs. Takashi Sasaki & Hiroshi Watanabe***1/4

Another neat little tag match that exceeded my expectations. I am in love with ‘Team Mushuku’ of CHANGO and PSYCHO, they are like 2 peas in a pod. If Amigo Suzuki and Taro Yamada has a child it would look like Mr. CHANGO. I haven’t been impressed by Watanabe but in this match he was pretty good, still looked a tad awkward but his grappling was top tier. Mushuku used a ton of old school heel tactics such as distracting the ref with outside stable mates, choking their opponent with a towel and so forth. PSYCHO uses this assisted springboard knee drop which looks great. He likes to springboard a fair bit actually. He missed a springboard swanton bomb and he busted out a 619 but over the top rope to the head. Sasaki made a wonderful hot tag and let loose of the devilish Mushuku members, during his violent tirade Sasaki connected with a picture perfect leg lariat. Old man Sasaki can still go man! Watanabe’s punches are the worst punches I have ever seen in a pro wrestling ring (except for the Gorilla’s from my local independent). He redeemed himself though with a beautiful German suplex hold for a 2 count. CHANGO and PSYCHO once again used their crazy double team finisher to win. Watch this match to see for yourself, it’s the best move ever.

(Powerful Tag Tournament) Kazuhiro Tamura & Mineo Fujita vs. Kotaro Nasu & Ryo Kawamura***3/4

Just like all the other HEAT-UP main events this delivered! Not as good as the wild tag team bout last month that featured Minoru Tanaka but still awesome. Tamura is one of my favorite wrestlers to watch in the world currently. Chuck him a Twitter follow, he seems like a great person. Tamura and Nasu grappled around like they have been for years and it was solid. Fujita played around with Kawamura being overly serious. Early on Kawamura no sold dick shots and Fujita was stumped! But the ref discovered that Kawamura was wearing a cup! The man came prepared. Kotaro Nasu’s kicks are so lethal. JAPANESE PROMOTERS PLEASE BOOK KOTARO NASU EVERYWHERE! HE IS AMAZING. Tamura actually missed the whisper in the wind on his first attempt which would suck. Kazuhiro Tamura’s strike combos were out of this world. So much great action, I couldn’t write it down. Mineo Fujita did his usual Mineo Fujita dick oriented offence … yes he connected with a basement dropkick to the balls. Whenever Mineo Fujita plays a serious wrestler he is a top 50 worker in the world. He was serious for most of this match and it was the best Mineo Fujita I have seen all year. He hit a leaping shining wizard which is something I have never seen. He finally put away Nasu with a swanton bomb.

Pretty average HEAT-UP show saved by a fabulous main event that featured two of my favorite workers in Japan in Nasu and Tamura. I would suggest you guys watch the main event to discover some great unknown talent. Kawamura is coming along great. Fujita is challenging Tamura for the HEAT-UP Universal Championship on 4/16 which should be a ton of fun. Also on that card will be Tatsumi Fujinami! Fujinami going from Sumo Hall to HEAT-UP! AMAZING! I will review every HEAT-UP show that EVER makes tape! Yes that is a big thing to say. Even when I am a billionaire living in a pent house I will continue to do my HEAT-UP reviews.


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