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HEAT-UP in Yokohama Review: Watanabe’s Coming Out Party

Tamura vs. the improved Watanabe main events the show for the Universal title

HEAT-UP in Yokohama 

May 14, 2016

Ko-Hall – Yokohama, Japan 

It warms my heart to let you guys know I am back to reviewing HEAT-UP and boy it makes me happy. I have been busy with life actually. Sadly I had my heart broken by a girl and I have been partying too much. I still get out reviews but my life is a mess. Last night I went out and had too much alcohol and decided it was smart to workout in the morning. When I got home I passed out and slept for the day. Now it’s 9 PM and I am reviewing a Japanese professional wrestling show that no more than 100 people attended. We are blessed?

Daisuke Kanehira vs. Ryuichi Sekine***

Solid ass opening contest. The first two matches are BASARA vs. HEAT-UP which is a nice change of pace. Hopefully this means Isami Kodaka is working the big HEAT-UP show in four months in the 8,000 seat arena. Kanehira looks like a mega star and if he continues the way he is there is no doubt in my mind he will be. Big crowd ovation for Kanehira using a simple body slam. Shot-gun dropkick from the HEAT-UP rookie. Finlay Roll followed by a PK for a near-fall. Sekine chocked out Kanehira to win and send BASARA up 1-0.

Shinya Ishida & Yoji “Dokonjo” Kondo vs. Takumi Tsukamoto & Daichi Kazato***1/4

Good tag match from these four brothers. Awesome to see more of Kazato outside of BASARA. He was wearing new gear and looked slick. Kazato was full of energy, just in the opening sequence you could tell he was having a great time. Using mean Euro uppercuts as well. This feels like a Daichi Kazato love fest but legit he was great, amazing height on his dropkick. Everyone chopped the shit out of one another. Ishida made a very basic but energetic hot tag. Crowd was heavily behind Kondo. Kondo and Ishida were beefing and didn’t get along. Kazato pinned Ishida with a perfect springboard Axe-Bomber.

Koji Iwamoto & Fuminori Abe vs. Kotaro Nasu & Shota Nakagawa ***1/2

This was just okay until the back half of this match and then it picked up. Super awesome last 5 minutes. Iwamoto and Shota worked real well with each other. Abe is an awfully skinny human being. Kotaro’s kicks to Abe were great to watch but I bet they didn’t feel good. Abe is very quick with his strikes and timing is superb. Double team PK/basement dropkick from Nasu and Shota. Iwamoto with his judo throw that pops me everytime. Abe and Nasu worked so great together and their closing strike sequence was lit. Nasu made Abe tap out to a sleeper hold. Respect was shown post match.

PSYCHO & CHANGO vs. Ryo Kawamura & Amigo Suzuki***1/4

Another solid match, but I will say I didn’t pay 100% attention to it sadly. Amigo is so over, holy shit. The HEAT-UP fam love them some Amigo Suzuki. Amigo and PSYCHO were killing it, those two have great chemistry. Mushuku have been teaming for awhile now and have developed great chemistry as a team. Great dick head team in the best way possible. Kawamura was decked out in his shoot boxing get up which looked hilarious but I wouldn’t dare say that to him because he would fuck me up. The dude is tank and beats the shit out of everyone in sight. He got submissions on both of his opponents at once which looked cool. His kicks were the most impressive thing in this match though. He was wearing no boots but by god his kicks still looked tremendous. Lots of double team moves from Mushuku. They hit their double team finish on Amigo to win. Their finisher is one of the coolest moves in wrestling.

Universal Championship: Kazuhiro Tamura (c) vs. Hiroshi Watanabe***3/4

Really good main event. Tamura is seriously one of the best aces in wrestling. He looks great whenever he wrestles and makes his opponents look great in the process. He always gives them time to get their shit in. Everyone that has read my HEAT-UP reviews in the past knows that I have never been high on Watanabe and around January I thought he was not a good performer. This was his coming out match or coming out party. The past six months Hiroshi Watanabe has put in the work and has improved as a wrestler tremendously. In January his German suplex hold was just embarrassing and now his German suplex hold is one of the best! It goes to show if you care about your craft and are willing to put in the time you can improve. Take note wrestlers! But this match brothers! What a match it was. Grapplefuck was in full effect and It couldn’t make me happier. Watanabe is very smooth with his grappling and mat work. Watanabe took Tamura to suplex city multiple times with Germans, Saito’s and a wrist-clutch suplex. Tamura ran wild with his signature offence which includes a tribute to BROTHER NERO, hitting a whisper in the wind. Ode to Tanahashi with a sling-blade. Watanabe couldn’t bridge on his German suplex hold because Tamura has been working over his legs. Close near-falls for the younger Watanabe who also sells his beating so great. Tamura kicked Watanabe half way back into his mothers stomach, it was brutal. In the end Tamura retained with a cross-leg figure four.

REALLY REALLY SOLID SHOW! Nothing MOTY level at all but a really fun show that will take you less than 70 minutes to watch; so I highly recommend you will check out this show and discover some of the good brothers that bounce around on the Japanese independents on a regular basis. Thank you for reading.


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