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HEAT-UP 3rd Anniversary 1/7/16 Review

Tokyo, Japan
Kitazawa Town Hall
Attendance was A Family of 11

So this was going to be discussed solely on the next Puro in the Rough, but the brothers made me do it, well not really…they said I should — and I thought it would be a funny concept. HEAT-UP is possibly the sleaziest independent promotion in Japan and we are truly blessed that most of their shows get uploaded to YouTube. The roster in HEAT-UP is the ultimate “WHO?” because I basically know zero people on their shows except Kenichiro Arai and Masa Takanashi, They surprisingly brought in Tatsumi Fujinami last year as well as Koji Kanemoto. This show I am about to review is a 5 match card and boy it doesn’t look good at all, the main might be decent but when you have to rely on Arai to pull out a performance you know it’s going to be a bad time.

Hiroshi Kondo & Hiroshi Watanabe vs. Fuminori Abe & Masa Takanashi*1/2

This was just ok and besides Takanashi everyone else wasn’t great. It was really sloppy and Abe looked like he has been wrestling for a few months but he did have a beautiful dropkick. Very short match with the team of Hiroshi’s getting the win when Wantanabe hit a German suplex on Abe for the fall.

General TY Yamada, Super Takeshima Machine & Super Takeshima Machine 2 vs. Mushuko No Sekiko, Mushuku No Seiko & PSYCHO-*****

This was maybe the most ridiculous match I have witnessed, ever, and went WAY over the top. So for about 1 minute they do wrestling and it was nice but then it turns into a cluster of guns, death, stabbing, promos, and everything else under the sun. It doesn’t help I don’t know who any of these humans (If you can call them that) are. At one point they killed the ref, everyone was dead at one point but one guy was awake and hung himself over the top rope. This is too sleazy for HEAT-UP. The finish of the match came when everyone was dead on the floor after shenanigans and the referee came back to life and called it a double KO. I have no clue what I just watched.

(Ladder Match) CHANGO vs. Amigo Suzuki**3/4

This could be decent even though I don’t know these guys. It is a ladder match and a singles match. It was a pretty ok match and definitely the best thing on this shit show thus far. Both guys took some pretty dangerous bumps and both worked hard for 15 minutes. I would actually recommend this match somewhat because I witnessed some ladder spots that I have never seen incorporated into a ladder match before and that’s saying something. The ladder looked like it was purchased at a $2 store and just adds to the sleaze. CHANGO won with a neat splash from the top of the 7 Foot Ladder.

Mushuku (Kotaro Nasu & SHINYA ISHIDA) vs. Daisuke Kanehira & Koji Iwamoto***1/2

So besides Nasu who looks like and wrestles like Samoa Joe, I have no clue who the other guys are. It’s a common trend of me not knowing who any of these indie dudes are, but dare I say this was a pretty great tag match! I am so shocked, going into this show I thought I would hate writing the review and watching, but man this was great stuff. Nasu was the star of the match but Iwamoto and Kanehira are goddamn excellent young wrestlers and have bright futures. One minor criticism is ISHIDA doing a lot of American moves but I guess it’s different and he does have the best headlock in wrestling today. Sorry Kev but this SHINYA ISHIDA guy from Japan has a better headlock then you. The last 5-7 minutes of this bout were executed to perfection and had some intense near-falls, Iwamoto and Nasu traded back drops and brutal meanuevers but in the end Nasu kills young Iwamoto with a head kick.

(Vacant HEAT-UP Universal Championship) Kazuhiro Tamura vs. Kenichiro Arai***1/2

Oh boy. This could be tremendous or the shits so let’s pray it’s not the latter. I will be honest — I was only paying 50% attention to the first half of the match because a girl gave me a compliment and those things are rare but I was fully invested in the second half, and it delivered! Arai was pretty good in this bout and Tamura was damn incredible. He needs to be booked in more places. He worked a couple dates in AJPW this year but he would fit perfectly in Big Japan. I would describe Tamura’s style as a shoot/kick much like the Hashimoto’s or Kohei Sato. I will give both men a ton of credit because they made the crowd come alive during this match even if there were only 100 bodies in the building. For the last 3 minutes of the match Tamura destroyed Arai’s arm with knee’s and foot-stomp’s which lead to Arai cinching in a beautiful cross arm breaker which Arai falls victim to. Tamura is the first ever HEAT-UP Champion. Really good for what I saw and if you watched the entire match and payed attention it wouldn’t surprise me if people threw ****. Nasu and others celebrate in the ring with Tamura and I believe Nasu challenged him either for a tag match or for the titles, so that should be interesting.

So that was my inaugural HEAT-UP review and to the 17 people that actually read all of that, thank you heaps and I am blessed. This is what makes this site the best wrestling site on the planet because who else has HEAT-UP reviews? No other site I know about, that’s for sure. Skip the first 2 matches and watch the top 3 matches if you dare. Overall I am glad I watched this event because I learned about some Japanese fellas and watched some pretty decent wrestling. If you go into this expecting NJPW level stuff then you will be HIGHLY disappointed but if you understand this is a grime invested, sleazy indie then you should be fine. Thank you for reading and I will be back shortly with more puro reviews, a Daniel Bryan article, and a couple cool new podcasts I am working on.


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