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Grappling With The Past: Degeneracy

Grappling With The Past (1/1/17): Oops, Vince Did It Again

Another day, another rambling about the state of affairs that have passed in WWE. In yesterday’s edition, I discussed the ridiculous and over-the-top feud featuring Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, and Vince’s fetish with disparaging entire religions while forming his own.

Today’s edition? It’s a bit of a continuation. I talked briefly about the horrible reformation about D-Generation-X during 2006, but I didn’t go into it as to why I thought it was a terrible, terrible idea. So, for the handfuls reading, and the hundreds who may share, let’s get ready to be appalled!

In examining what really irked me about DX in the third of what would come to be four iterations, there’s a couple of key things that stick out and really just, for lack of any better term, piss me off.

  1. HBK and HHH have NO logical reason to go from beating the snot out of each other to engaging in sophomoric and idiotic college pranks. It’s never explained how they just kiss and make up and it’s really out of nowhere. The only inklings to this is HBK and HHH doing the signature crotch chop during their respective bouts at WrestleMania 22.
  2. As much as they claim that both were changed men, HBK especially, the stuff they did was easily more immature than they had ever pulled off during the Attitude Era.
  3. I’m supposed to accept that Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon are viable threats to multiple time world champions. Not only that, I’m supposed to accept that two men can single handedly dismantle five men. I’m not a mathematician, but even a music major like me can tell you that the numbers don’t lie, except in WWE.

In all honesty, it shouldn’t have worked the way it did. There was no reason for the colossal waste of time and talent on DX that took place. The only memorable, and dare I say good feud we got out of the reformation was with Rated RKO (Edge & Randy Orton), to the surprise of nobody. All of this, though came to a screeching halt when Triple H suffered yet another gruesome quad injury during a brutal match at New Year’s Revolution 2007.

The end all be all on the reformation is this: why pour so much creative effort and television time into something that exposed a lot of glaring flaws in the product at the time? Even with burgeoning star John Cena on the roster as the WWE Champion, RAW was slumping, and badly. DX exposed gaps in the roster, and did not give new talent a time to shine or develop, something SmackDown did rather successfully during that same time.


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