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GFW Destination X 2017 Preview & Predictions

GFW is hosting the yearly Destination X special Impact episode on August 17th. The card is very impressive with a lot of matches I wouldn’t even imagine happening in the Impact Zone a year ago.


OVE, A.K.A OI4K, A.K.A The Crist Bros. debut

Hype level: Interested & optimistic

OVE are two talented brothers – Dave & Jake Crist who have been making waves on the indies with Sami Callihan. Expect a well oiled machine with a broody & angry theme who are gonna murder whoever they are in the ring with, and with the few tag teams left to challenge LAX, I see them getting a push right out the gate, though I would be curious what the dynamic there would be, as I feel OVE are better suited to be heels.

Prediction: OVE looks strong.


Matt Sydal vs Bobby Lashley for a title shot of the winner’s choosing

Hype level: Interested & excited to see the fallout.

“They are pushing the angle of, ‘there is absolutely NO WAY’ he wins.” – Wrestling With Words Staff Member, Larrikn

This feud has told a very smart story of Sydal having to overcome a different obstacle than the usual cruiserweight class, & Lashley being frustrated that he has to face someone below his weight class when he feels he should be in the main event. This is a very unique match-up that I can see either man winning, but I can not see Lashley challenging for the GFW World, Grand or X Title. But I can see Matt Sydal challenging the X Division Champion.

Prediction: Sydal wins and challenges for the X Division Title.

Dezmond Xavier vs Taiji Ishimori – Super X Cup Finals

Hype level: Ron Swanson at a really good steakhouse.

The Super X Cup 2017 has been my favourite Super X Cup of all time. There were only two others before it, but still. Worldwide talent in first time match-ups that have all been action-packed & I love it. Expect fast-paced & clean sequences galore. This right here feels like a high end WCW Cruiserweight Title match; two insanely impressive men with no gimmicks having a straightforward wrestling match. Seeing as Taiji isn’t sticking around, I see GFW rightfully getting behind Dezmond Xavier to be a face for the X Division & make a star out of a man with all the tools to become a legend. Also, it gives Trevor Lee another babyface challenger if he wins the belt.

Prediction: Dezmond Xavier wins the 2017 Super X Cup.

Trevor Lee vs Sonjay Dutt – X Division Championship Ladder Match

Hype level: Drooling like a harsh star rater who was just served Ratatouille which reminded them of their childhood; Joy, pure joy.

Looking at the video package for this match, you would assume this is a heated, well written rivalry. Really, this has been an OK rivalry that has had awkward moments & has not been featured all that prominently. This feud has done a good job rehabilitating Trevor Lee from his low end status in Impact last year, while Dutt finally has his X Division Title reign, and when two great wrestlers are given a big time stipulation, only entertaining things can happen. While it would make Dutt’s reign short, I see Trevor Lee gaining a renewed push under the GFW regime, most likely after some form of shenanigans like a low blow.

Prediction: Trevor Lee wins the X Division Title.


Gail Kim vs Sienna – Knockouts Title Match

Hype level: I want an excuse to put my pinkies up.

So, Gail Kim is the surprise challenger for Sienna, revealed on the August 10th Impact. I do not like that, as while I like Kim, I do not want the focus of the division on her again. I hope a good story of Gail’s speed & experience vs Sienna’s power is told, and hopefully Gail gives Sienna a rub on her way out instead of resetting the division back to focusing on Gail Kim, as she is only wrestling until the end of the year. Could be a really good match at least, as both ladies are talented, though this is definitely the match I am least excited for.

Prediction: Sienna retains.


Low Ki vs Alberto El Patron – GFW Unified Championship

Hype Level: Dario Cueto screaming for violence!

I can not state I am enthralled by the LAX vs Alberto feud. Frankly, I feel it has made the well built, charismatic, talented & beautiful tag champs look like chumps, but Low Ki seems to be a clever swerve to get the heel faction back on track, and with both men’s habit of having a hard hitting style, I fully expect an all out slugfest in the best way possible. I am curious as to who wins, as LAX’s newest member losing would not be something I would be a fan of. I also don’t see all heel champs or Alberto losing his title so soon, and since Ki is an X Division talent, I see the Perro Era continuing.

Prediction: Alberto El Patron retains.


Overall hype level: Mojo hype! Not a single bad looking match on the card, a few potential bangers & I can really see this as a turning point for GFW. Really well-built with first time match-ups, Destination X 2017 is shaping to be a must-see show.

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