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Get to Know the Staffers: Who is Your Favorite Wrestler Ever?

Eddie Guerrero is a large favorite amongst the panel

Welcome to the first edition of “Get to Know the Staffers” here on Wrestling With Words. Every day we ask the staff a new question. It’s a rotating cast. Question #1 of 365 is “Who is Your Favorite Wrestler Ever?” 

Quentin Moody – Eddie Guerrero: A man that means so much to my wrestling fandom and childhood in general. For a lot of kids who grew up in the last 20 years, Austin and Rock were the universal stars and favorites. Eddie became somewhat of a cult hero for this generation of fans. One of the first guys to wow me with his character work and his in-ring ability. I remember being dazzled at how slick he was and how he made he made normal moves look 10x more intense when he’s performing them. As a personality he always had a likable charm about him, as both a fiery face and a sleazy heel. His cool rudo tactics, his versatility, his matches, and the emotion he wrestled with captivated a young me. All these years later, now as (I think) an adult, I’ll never get tired of watching Eddie’s stuff and I somehow became an even bigger fan of him when I got smart enough to go seek out his non WWE work. Love everything about the guy.

Brandon Wagemann – Eddie Guerrero & The Rock: I’m not going to say just one but two of my favorite wrestlers of all time which are The Rock and Eddie Guerrero for different reasons. Both steam from my childhood, The Rock is based on pure nostalgia for me when I watch a Rock match today, like how a generation or two before me when they watch a Hogan, a Savage or a Warrior match. I always think back my time as a 6 or 7 year old wrestling fan when watching an old Rock match. I don’t think critically watching Rock matches, I don’t question moves like the People’s Elbow because, hell, that move is the coolest thing and spectacle to watch, I don’t care if it realistically puts people away or not. Rock had it all to like at a important time period in my lifetime and not to mention you find out he is actually a good dude later on in his movie career. Which is someone I can get behind. Now onto Eddie. I can get the same nostalgia for Eddie matches as I do for Rock, but as i learn to understand to watch wrestling critically, I realize how much he has done right and why things made sense. Seeing the placement of where he was like in the Eddie vs. Rey at Halloween Havoc, or going back and watching his NJPW work as Black Tiger. I grew a bigger appreciation of him as I grew as a wrestling fan. I can always find the little things he did in matches. Eddie was a guy who can make you love him and a guy who can make you hate him at a drop of a dime. People say Ric Flair, or Stan Hansen or Funk as the greatest of all time, while Eddie might not be on that level to a lot of people I think if he isn’t on their level he is just a tad bit below them as Eddie had it all when you watch wrestling critically. Those are my two all time favorite wrestlers.

Corwo – Sami Zayn: Sami Zayn is my favorite wrestler of all-time. His expressive selling has always been tremendous. So tremendous, in fact, that he could make you buy his expressions when he was wearing a mask. Another reason I love Sami is because of the way he implements that same emotive language and babyface fire in his promos. Take the one he cut when he returned in London, for instance. Or even the one he cut before his now iconic NXT Title match with Neville at TakeOver: R Evolution. Now, we get into his in-ring work. When I first saw Zayn, it was in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match with Cesaro, and he absolutely blew me away with his absurd athleticism and high-flying ability. More importantly, everything he did in that match meant something, and that is a quality I hold near and dear to this day.

As requested by Corwo a Sami Zayn promo (click here to watch).

Timothy – Daniel Bryan: My favorite wrestler of all time is American Dragon Bryan Danielson, for years I always just said my favorite wrestling was Bret Hart because he was originally who I was the biggest fan of and he really made me a hardcore fan of wrestling but, now that Bryan’s career is over and taking a full look at it he truly was the greatest of all time. Most of Bryan’s work even from the very beginning is very readily available and even in random tags in WAR from the start Bryan just had something special. Bryan would go on be signed to WWE multiple times and every time he released he went right back at it trying to better himself traveling around the world, training, and even changing his diet. Bryan’s passion and talent for the business both seemed to know no bounds those factors combined made for a wrestler that rarely had a performance that was less than great of the course of his over 15 year career. Bryan was the most amazing indie worker that wrestling had for years and then when he finally had his long term full time run in WWE he became one of the greatest “Spots-entertainers” that ability to adapt and work to the crowd is what makes him my favorite wrestling of all time.


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