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Fujiwara Files: Yoshiaki Fujiwara & Yuma Aoyagi vs. Takuya Wada & Takatoshi Matsumoto (HARD HIT 2/28/16)

FUJIWARA FILES RETURNS! Fujiwara files is me reviewing every Fujiwara match in 2016. So this was his 5th match that made tape in 2016 and it’s in HARD HIT of all places! He is teaming with Yuma Aoyagi from All Japan which is neat. They’re taking on 2 guys I have never heard of sadly.

Yoshiaki Fujiwara & Yuma Aoyagi vs. Takuya Wada & Takatoshi Matsumoto

Wada and Aoyagi roll around on the canvas early on which is nice but shit really picked up when our savior Yoshiaki Fujiwara made his way into the squared circle. He teases the feared Fujiwara armbar and the crowd becomes unglued and leap out of their seats. Fujiwara is out wrestling the much much much younger Takatoshi Matsumoto, basically running circles around him while Matsumoto is in awe of one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. Matsumoto’s leg lock has zero effect on the tree trunk like legs of Yoshiaki Fujiwara. Fujiwara straps on a leg lock of his own to show who is the boss in the Japan territory. Before Fujiwara tags out he throws 2 shoot punches to the gut of Matsumoto, Fujiwara at 66 will still tear your limbs apart. After he threw the punches Fujiwara let a big grin out which made me stand up and applaud.

Wada and Aoyagi get in their for a little bit and do some things but it picked up once again when Fujiwara entered the ring once again. More like graced us with his presence once again. It’s time for Takuya Wada to feel the wrath of wrestling Fujiwara. As soon as Fujiwara enters the ring he ties Wada up as if he was some sort of salty pretzel that I would eat on a winters day. Wada is some sort of Karate fighter and wears he’s karate outfit and Fujiwara didn’t like this so he choked Wada with his own outfit! Absolutely tremendous. Fujiwara won’t allow Wada to escape his grasp, Wada can roll around all he wants but Fujiwara knows every trick in the book and will keep him down on the mat for as long as he wants. Aoyagi and Matsumoto to their credit have a great go at it and it was so awesome.

Wada would not take off his stupid Karate outfit off which annoyed out god Fujiwara so he simply applied the Fujiwara armbar and won the match for his team. All time great performance from Fujiwara. The other guys were good too. Keep checking Wrestling With Words because you will never know when a new ‘Fujiwara Files’ will drop. Thank you for reading.



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