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Freelance Wrestling “The Scene is Dead, Long Live the Scene” 2/5/16 Live Review

Welcome to Wrestling With Words’ live coverage of Freelance Wrestling’s live stream of The Scene is Dead, brought to you by Lawrence. Instead of writing a really fancy introduction that probably won’t do this show much justice, I’m just going to direct you guys to listen to the latest WDKW podcast featuring Freelance play by play guy Mark Maxwell if you want a real good preview/hype for this show before reading the review and watching the show.

Freelance Scramble (Darin Corbin, Kenny Sutra, GPA, Chip Day, Aria Daivari, Cody Rice, Coby Durst, Space Monkey: ***1/2

My god. What a way to start this show off. Space Monkey, in space monkey jumpsuit and all doing 450 Moonsaults and diving outside moonsaults was mind blowing. Even if he occasionally was distracted by Corbin’s banana (an ACTUAL banana people) he was such a pleasant surprise. Chip Day kicking the shit out of people was amazing. Rice is a hell of a hoss, and got a ton of power spots in this. GPA and Daivari completely stood out to me as super workers in this as well, what a spot filled, blast of an opening match that GPA won with a capitalizing rollup on Sutra.

Alex Ohlson vs. Craig Mitchell: ***1/2

The small/fiesty Ohlson answers Mitchell’s open challenge and starts off in crazy fashion by hitting a diving senton to the outside on much bigger Mitchell. That was the story of this one, Ohlson going balls out to beat the big guy who was complaining about not being on the show, and taking some unreal bumps in the process. After Ohlson was literally thrown backwards onto the back of his into the corner, Mitchell had the victory, but Mitchell’s ringside coach told him to hurt Ohlson instead. That gave Alex the opportunity to roll Mitchell up and score a huge upset to the mass delight of the crowd. Crowd and commentary on this helped the match so much and made it feel like a big important moment for Ohlson, just really compelling David over Goliath match that worked to a tee.

#1 CONTENDERS MATCH Sally Stitches VS Arik Cannon VS Masked Character: ***

A solid 3 way that probably would hve been much more suited as Arik Cannon vs. Sally Stitches. Masked Character is like the perved out version of Masked Mystery of GUTS World fame and it’s not necessarily entertaining to see Masked Character rubbing up on officials, the other competitors and touching himself the entire match. Just didn’t add any entertainment value to me while Sally and Arik really worked their butts off here. Sally is something else, she hit this Canadian Destroyer out of nowhere when Cannon tried to Alabama Slam her from the top rope. This allowed Sally to be one on one with the Masked one, and Sally eventually caught him witha  rollup and she will be facing the winner of Velazquez/Rave for the Freelance title at a later date!

B-Boy vs. Sugar D: ****1/4

What a match. Sugar D tried messing around like usual at first, and B-Boy was having NONE of that crap. B-Boy absolutely beat D up to a pulp, until Sug finally had enough and snapped. Sugar D was the most fired up I’ve ever seen him in any match, B-Boy raised his level so much with his intensity and it made for something real special between these two. Some insane fighting spirit like spots, a Michi Driver on the apron from B-Boy, Sugar D doing topes just to scratch and claw back into it after taking so many brutal B-Boy strikes. And to make it even crazier, Sugar D kicked out at 1 on a perfectly timed spot and ended up making B-Boy TAP OUT. B-Boy is an indie vet who probably never gets enough credit for being one of the greats of that early 2000s era and Sugar D came out and matched his level. Awesome.

Ethan Page VS Mustafa Ali:****1/4

Wow. Back to back amazing matches at Freelance. Ali is incredibly technically sound, and was outwrestling Ethan Page at the onset, until Ethan went to his bag of tricks and destructive power wrestling to keep Ali down. Ali came back by actually flipping over Page’s back, and reversing a Spinning Dwayne into a tornado DDT. The counter wrestling these two displayed was fantastic, and this match was HOT. They went back and forth trading absolute bombs and Ali just flew around everywhere, he’s an astonishing athlete and really know his way around the squared circle. Ali had so many great counters for the Spinning Dwayne, including one into a crossface that almost made Ethan tap, but Ethan being Ethan raked the eyes to barely hold on. Finally, Ali dove off the top rope while Ethan pushed the ref towards the corner, and Ethan had Ali’s crotch meet his foot on the way down while the ref was distracted, and a Spinning Dwayne for the victory was hit. Hell of a match.

Post match angle was hot, as Ethan brutally attacked Ali with a chair, prompting EGO Robert Anthony to jump Ethan and save Ali. A feud between All Ego and EGO, how fitting. The Clowns and Space Monkey coming out from the back to hold back Page was a hell of a visual.

Freelance Tag Team Title Match: Beauty and the Beast (C) VS 4 Star Heroes vs. The N Words: ***

Apparently Stevie Fierce and Rob Matter toured with Wrestle-1 recently? I missed this, but that’s really cool. They defend their belts here against Matt Knicks and Chris Castro who I loved when they represented Freelance at the FIP trios tournament. Knicks is a good workhorse while Castro is a mountain of a man. Fierce is a Kendrick trainee, and I haven’t really seen him so I’m curious to see what he can do. Former tag champs The N Words showed up out of nowhere and they want to cash in their rematch clause! We have ourselves a 3 way now. I don’t know if I would have made this a 3 way tag. It suffered from too much going on at times and some confusion in the ring. I did enjoy a lot of the double team stuff but I’m usually just not a big proponent of multi team affairs anyway. Knicks and Castro were definitely the standouts for me in this one, Knicks is a great striker type and that provided for some favorable sequences, especially with Jazz and B-Ryce from the N Words who also looked good in this one. Castro throwing guys around as the big man was a good dynamic in this. I thought Fierce suffered a little bit from Ziggler syndrome where he just does some over the top bumping and mannerisms that I’m just not too keen on. Him and Matter won this one with an assisted Unprettier/top rope stomp combo which was really awesome though. Just wasn’t as crazy about this as other stuff on the card.

Post match, Knicks turned on Castro in a stunner, wow!

Team IOU VS The Brothers of FUNstruction: **1/2

I really like Iggy and Awful. They meet these scary clowns from hell Yabbo and Ruffo. Dear god, it’s like Doink had a meth experience. These methhead clowns can go though, utilizing awesome quick tags and great double team offense including their clown shoes and popcorn in the face. IOU answered back with some double team knees of their own, just a battle of two good TEAMS. Finally, IOU isolated Ruffo and Yabbo tried to help by throwing popcorn at Nicky Iggy while having holds locked on. Amazing. Some more creative double team offense from IOU, when Iggy hit a dropkick while Awful slammed one of the clowns in a Michinoku Driver. Unfortunately, the Clowns ended up prevailing with a spike tombstone on Iggy, and this match wasn’t all that remarkable.

Freelance Heavyweight Title Match: Isaias Velazquez (c) VS Jimmy Rave:****

Oh my god. Jimmy Rave is in Chicago folks and he’s going to try and dethrone Freelance’s own Isaias Velazquez who is a damn good worker. I can’t get over how cool it is that Jimmy Rave is here. And he SPITS in Isaias’ face to start. I love it. Rave schooling the champ in wrestling in the beginning was beautiful to watch. Velazquez eventually used his amazing natural ability to gain the advantage though, as he just cockily beat on Rave and spit water all over him. This just pissed Rave off though, and these two warriors were trading stiff shots back and forth, Rave’s chops and Velazquez’s kicks. I really mean it when I say Isaias could be in the WWE, he has a great look and god gifted ability and a very good charismatic presence about him as well. Some great spots in this as well, Rave’s World’s smallest package for a near fall that drove the crowd to insanity, Rave hitting his famed spit take leading to an STO on the apron that almost had Velazquez done. Unfortunately, Velazquez’s cronies Team BETA came to his aid, interfering and allowing the champ to hit Rave with a double underhook piledriver to retain the title. A darn good match that could have been very great if given a little more time and without the weird sudden interference laden finish. Regardless, a damn fine effort from Rave per usual and Velazquez is a star.

Rave was attacked by Team BETA in the post match leading to #1 contender Sally Stitches, Alex Ohlson and GPA to make the save and for Stitches to make Velazquez a marked man. Rave got please come back chants which is a glorious way to end this one. What an awesome, awesome outing from Freelance that will absolutely be in my top 5 shows of the year most likely. There was nothing that I absolutely hated and almost everything I liked to loved. The highlights for me were B-Boy/Sugar D, Page/Ali, Rave/Velazquez and even Ohlson/Mitchell for an awesome David and Goliath worked match that got Ohlson over huge. Check this out ASAP if you missed the live stream!

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