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Fortune Dream III Live Review: Big Lads Return

It's Fortune Dream III, Kenta Kobashi's supercard!

Kenta Kobashi Produce: Fortune Dream III
Watch: Brother Mort’s Puroresu Stream
June 14, 2016
Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan

It is back! Fortune Dream is back and better than ever. With a possible SOTY card in it’s return show how could you not be excited to see these elite athletes go at it. I am guessing that this show will sell out Korakuen Hall without a doubt. The main event is quite possibly the most manly match of 2016. You have the BJW Strong Champion teaming with the GHC Heavyweight Champion. Then you have two former Heavyweight Champions in Sekimoto and Hino teaming together. If you follow either on social media you would know they are very excited to team up and beat their opponents to a pulp. The Opening match is a old guard vs. new guard style of match. The top 90s Jr’s going up against some of the best Jr’s of the 2000s. Oh and Isami is in the match! Only my favorite current wrestler. I am so excited for this show, Let’s do it!

Stay tuned for live updates…

Feel the Burning Dream~: Jun Akiyama vs. LEONA***

OMG this was the greatest LEONA match I have ever seen and not because LEONA was great but because Akiyama beat the ever living shit out of Tatsumi Fujinami’s son. LEONA did bring the fight early on with a parade of forearms and dropkicks, even hitting a DDT on the floor but Akiyama had enough of LEONA’s shit and made him pay. The forearms and knee’s Jun was dishing out were killer. There were some LEONA chants HAHAHHAHA. LEONA did the worst dragon screw and figure 4 leg lock I have ever seen.  Jun hit a giant lariat that made the kid bleed. In the end Akiyama hit a exploder followed by a Boston-crab to make LEONA submit. This was hilarious.

Shining Dream: Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Kairi Hojo***1/2

This was a really really fun back and forth match. Others in the chat seemed to enjoy it a lot more than me but I still thought it was a tremendous Joshi sprint. Believe it or not I thought Matsumoto was the better worker in this match. She was incredible with her timing and showing off her strengths. She was in control for most of the contest but whenever Hojo got some offence the crowd was lit. Matsumoto was a beast, a wrestling beast. I need all the Matsumoto matches ever in my life. One vicious spot was were she just tossed Hojo out of the ring from a fireman’s carry position. She was brutal but she did have a very pretty missile dropkick as well. God bless Hojo she botched her signature springboard plancha but she somehow made up for it, lucky though it could of been very dangerous. Sliding D from Hojo, sliding lariat from Matsumoto. The back and forth was incredible. Really picked up for me towards the end. Matsumoto used a killer back drop suplex but as she goes to cover Hojo the time limit runs out and it is declared a draw! Wish this lasted longer.

Dramatic Dream~: Ultimo Dragon, Minoru Tanaka & Shinjiro Otani vs. Isami Kodaka, Shiori Asahi & Fujita “Jr” Hayato****1/4

Okay I am biased to all these guys because they are all my favorite wrestlers ever but this was one of the best things I have ever seen in wrestling and I am not joking. This was fun! This is PURORESU! THIS IS PROGRESS! This is what keeps me awake at early hours of the morning and keeps me writing these reviews. This was absolutely incredible in the best way possible. The entire story of the junior Dad’s vs. the punk kids was incredible. The older lads always had the younger lads out smarted and would use crafty shit to escape precarious situations. I am literally so happy right now, this was such a special match. It’s not a MOTYC but in my ratings of fun in pro wrestling this is definitely up there. Everything was perfect, the way that Otani looked into the camera after no selling Hayato’s kicks was perfect. Isami being a shithead but also being able to hit a pin point tope suicida was perfect. Ulitmo Dragon moving like he was 25 was perfect. Well fuck it, Ultimo Dragon is fucking perfect. The dude is one of the most consistent wrestlers of all time and this match just proved that point more. He is 49 (the same age as Kobashi) and his timing is better than ever. He is a much smarter Dragon. The veteran team using stereo dropkicks was perfect. Asahi doing his crazy sliding kicks was perfect. Asahi using an octopus stretch on Tanaka and Otani at the same time was perfect. Isami looking like a god was perfect. Korakuen loosing their minds over Otani being one of the best was perfect. Seriously when he did he face washes in the corner the crowd was so lit. The funny thing was when he did the face washes he hit Isami who was outside of the ring and not Asahi who is positioned in the corner. So many German suplexes and Otani of course busted out his dragon suplex. The chat was great for this, Morten was loosing his mind. In the end Otani hit a spin out Liger-bomb to pin former Shiori Asahi. Just in Otani fashion he climbs up on the corner turnbuckle and slips. Watch this asap.

Special Talk Battle Of Dream: Kenta Kobashi vs. Kensuke Sasaki

Two legends bantering in a language I don’t understand sadly. Both smiling. Here are some of what the chat believes they are saying.

Trask: “Marty Scurll is overrated,” laughs
Morten: ” Miyamoto vs. Kodaka Sumo Hall main event for the DDT title”
Tinygodzilla: “Gedo is the best booker in Japan” Kensuke retorts
Larrikn: “Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to fuck with” Kobashi responds
finbergin12: “the Suzuki gun invasion is a fresh story and i support it 100 percent”
R0x4ry: “I am actually the father of Jay White.” Kenta retorts.
Blazingrush: “Ringo Starr was the best Beatle” – Sasaki responds
Lob3: “All Hail”

But actually these two watched their famous match from the Tokyo Dome and bantered. It was lovely.
I hope they discussed Sasaki’s wife’s (Akira Hokuto) health and how the fans can help. Kensuke needs work to pay the hospital bills.

Destruction of Dream: Shuji Ishikawa & Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Kohei Sato & Maybach Taniguchi***1/2

This was pretty good while it lasted. I am writing this right after the finish which was so odd but I will get to that. Besides the finish everything else was great, the emotion and heat that crowded Korakuen was lit. The strikes were so brutal it made me cringe multiple times but hey I love that shit! Kohei Sato is one over man in the Fortune Dream ring. Sato and Nakajima traded some of the stiffest shots you will see in a squared circle. Nakajima did a perfect dragon screw… TAKE NOT LEONA. Twin Towers were going at it which is always fun. German suplexes galore, Taniguchi even used one! Commentary were loosing their minds. Taniguchi turned Nakajima inside out with a lariat. The finish was Nakajima reversing a powerbomb into a pin. It was terrible for this style of match.

Fortune Dream: Go Shiozaki & Yuji Okabayashi vs Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Hino****3/4

So what do I say, um this was only one of the greatest tag team matches I have ever witnessed with my 17 year old Australian eyes. I was blessed and I mean fucking blessed to be able to watch this live! As this match was going on in Japan I was in my spare room eating oats, watching 4 of the most manliest men beat the ever living shit out of one another. This is what Fortune Dream was made for. This is what Kenta Kobashi’s vision of pro wrestling is and by god he does have one hell of a vision. This was absolutely amazing in every way. Not one blemish at all, everything was on point and made sense. I lost count of the chops after the 253rd chop.. I am not joking. The amount of chops in this match was unbelievable, ALL OF THEM WERE LOUD AND SOUNDED LIKE TRAINS COLLIDING. This was 34 minutes of unadulterated violence. The amount of strikes between all these lads were out of this world. The German suplex spots were ridiculous. The lariats were the stiffest lariats I have ever seen. The camera panned to Kenta Kobashi numerous times and he had a ginormous smile on his face every time. I did too because holy shit this match was the best thing ever. This is a match of the year contender any way you look at it. The emotion this match had was off the charts. Korakuen Hall were unglued for 95% of this match, they popped for every little thing these gods of wrestling did. Shiozaki was the only one to get some boo’s which is understandable if your a hardcore NOAH fan… HAHAHAH imagine being a hardcore NOAH fan. Yuji Hino’s charisma just shined through like the sun on a winters morning, he is one of the most charismatic fella’s in the biz but no one knows about it.  Sekimoto is the best wrestler in the world and that’s fact. Everything he does is entertaining and keeps me invested. He could be wrestling LEONA and I could give the match more than 3 stars. WHAT THE FUCK THIS MATCH. I didn’t write notes because I knew how amazing it was going to be and I didn’t want to get distracted. There were no pretty boy moves in this match, these were the strong lads going out there and showing the world why they are four of the best performers in the world. The match originally went to a 30 minute time limit draw but Kenta Kobashi being the god he is made the match go another 5 minutes! Unlike the previous Fortune Dream event where he added 5 minutes to a draw and it still went the time limit this match had definitive winners. I don’t know if it was intentional or not though that’s the thing. I am pretty sure Sekimoto got a mad concussion and he didn’t know where he was causing him to get pinned. Shiozaki lariated him right on his face which basically put Sekimoto out but then Okabayashi hits another lariat which effectively pins Sekimoto. Watch this ASAP. One of the best things you will ever watch.

Yeah this is a show of the year contender and you need to watch it now. Like right now. I don’t care if you have washing to do or you have to eat dinner. Fuck that. Watch this entire show. Thank you for following along in my first ever live review.


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