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FMW Return Series 2015 Review

FMW Return Series 2015
Tokyo, Japan

Korakuen Hall before 1800 Fans

Oh yes, you certainly read the title correctly, FMW after a 13 year hiatus has returned. The new revival of FMW has been running sporadic tours since April of this year with the main story being FMW vs. the also defunct promotion WING. The big blow off to this feud was for the FMW World Street Fight Six Man Tag Team championship being decided in the main-event of this very show I am about to review.

Gosaku Goshogawara, Kisarazu KID, Pandita, Ricky Fuji & Wild Seven vs. Gangster, Katsunari Toi, Kikutaro, Naoshi Sano & Raiden*

Lots of out of shape old guys that really shouldn’t be in the ring working a match but hey, when you have Kojika running around it’s all fair game. The highlights of the match was Kikutaro and Ricky Fuji being themselves and making me chuckle. Crowd didn’t care for anything that anyone did in this match even when Kiku got suplexed by a Panda which was cool. Ricky Fuji got the win for his team following the throat-clutch DDT.

The Great Nita & Buffalo vs KENSO & Mitsuya Nagai*

This is the long awaited return of ‘The Great Nita’ (not really), it is just Atsushi Onita in a Great Muta like outfit. 58 year old Atsushi Onita is wrestling twice in one night, you have to respect that. Nothing of note in the match; just a lot of slow brawling throughout Korakuen, I really enjoy Buffalo, but in this environment he is given no chance to shine. KENSO pinned Buffalo after the top rope elbow drop.

Kayoko Haruyama & Tsubasa Kuragaki vs. Miss Koharu & Miss Mongol**

The much larger team of Tsubada and Haruyama control the match early with power moves, Mongol tags in and runs wild with clotheslines to the applause of the crowd. Mongol hit the ref with a bronco-buster when Haruyama dodged, lots of not so funny comedy with the ref. There was a cool spot were team JWP gave both women tandem argentine back-breakers. Koharu kicked out of a double arm face-buster but she’s finished when she eats a moonsault and a top rope leg-drop from the 200+ pound women.

Ultimo Dragon & Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs. Kotaro Nasu & Ryo Kawamura***1/2

Super weird to see Ultimo work this show but I’m not complaining, this is Kanemaru’s first post All Japan match as he worked very hard and looked motivated. Fantastic match. Everyone was on point with timing and reversals, and there were lots of stiff strikes and kicks. Some of the best grappling I have seen in a while occurred in the opening portion of the match. Kanemura hit a split-legged moonsault and a spinning brain-buster to get the win for his team.

The Headhunters (Headhunter A & Headhunter B) vs. Kintaro Kanemura & Koji Nakagawa**1/4

Now this was something! Los Headhunters are one of my personal favourite teams of all time, so innovative and spectacular in the 90’s that they were basically Abdullah the Butcher’s that could do flips and incredible aerial offence. In 2015 not a lot has changed as they hit all of their signature stuff and if they had the right opponent’s I could see them having great matches. Kanemura looked really bad and it was sad to see, but I will give him credit…he took a super-bomb. Headhunter A pinned Nakagawa with a Michinoku Driver and a top rope moonsault! Not a technically sound match but it was very fun.

Ayako Hamada vs. Ray**3/4

Hayabusa is shown watching on from backstage, the match was clipped for television so it was missing parts of the bout but still a very nice match. Solid mat work, we come back from an ad break and both wrestler’s miss moonsault’s and trade kicks with Ray ending the sequence with a god damn 619! She follows that up connecting with a moonsault for a near-fall. Ray tries to fight out of a power-bomb but Hamada powers her up and drills her. She finishes Ray off with a version of a Michinoku driver.

(FMW World Street Fight Six Man Tag Team Championship Control Over FMW Barbed Wire & Certified Weapon Falls Count Anywhere Match) Atsushi Onita, Hideki Hosaka & Masato Tanaka vs. NOSAWA Rongai, Raijin Yaguchi & Tomohiko Hashimoto***3/4

Crazy name for a match but that’s the weird and wacky world of Japanese puroresu. Crowd is red hot and I’m getting a mid-90’s FMW vibe just by the crowd’s reactions. With everyone being pretty old they are all moving well, minutes into the match Onita killed Nosawa with a pile-driver through a table. Team WING dominate Onita for a few minutes while Nosawa is throwing barbed wire boards at the crowd! Onita misted Hashimoto and destroys his opposition with weapons, Mr. Onita attempted a tornado DDT but it looked terrible. A lot more wrestling than I first imagined. Rajin and Hashimoto choke-slam Hosaka threw a barbed wire board but Hosaka makes a quick comeback and drives Hashimoto into the mat following a top rope frankensteiner, not to be out done Masato Tanaka does a frog-splash from the top. Onita hits the ‘Thunder Fire power-bomb’ on Nosawa but Yaguchi breaks it up, he hits it again but Mr. Rongai kicks out. Onita hits it for the third time but Nosawa kicks out once more and is showing fighting spirit! Onita levels Nosawa with stiff chair and table shots which knocks him down and allows Tanaka to hit the Sliding D and just to put the icing on the cake Onita hits the fourth Thunder Fire power-bomb to secure the win for team FMW as the crowd goes nuts for a great old school street-fight.

If you were looking for a pro wrestling show that had nostalgia and bought back memories of the glory days of FMW 20 years ago, this was the show for you. I will preface the point again that not all the matches delivered on all fronts but it is exactly what the crowd wanted to see. On the marquee it said FMW not NJPW so don’t complain when every match doesn’t have psychology because FMW was never like that. A 350 pound Headhunter A did a moonsault in 2015!!! How is that not entertainment at its finest? I hope you guys enjoyed my first of hopefully many articles for Wrestling With Words.


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