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FIP Florida Rumble Review (4/8/16)

FIP is a promotion that is a part of the WWN Live family. FIP is a very hit or miss promotion for me, they are quite the odd company. The AA to NXT’s AAA. This show also has Leva Bates on it so, this could be a terrible show, but let us keep our hopes up! The show had an about 20-minute delay and the venue is literally a comic book store.

Florida Rumble**1/2

Fred Yehi and Jason Cade were the first of 16, the 2 best people in this match. They had some great exchanges. Full list of competitors is Aaron Solow, Balam, Black Baron, Donovan Danhausen, Deimos, Earl Cooter, Fred Yehi, Jason Cade, Jody Kristofferson, Jon Davis, Jonny Vandal, Josh Hess, Martin Stone, Monster Tarver, Odinson, Rhett Giddens, Stitch Osiris, snf Teddy Stigma (not order of entrance, alphabetical). A bunch of fun exchanges but a lot of awkwardness when more people entered the ring. Martin Stone looked like a star here. Yehi tried to get out of an elimination by grapplefricking. Grapplefrick is the key to everything. Cooter does this weird thing to eliminate himself to get Deimos out so they can brawl. It was pretty bad. Josh Hess and comes in, he was not scheduled and makes it 17 people. Jon Davis comes in and attacks Hess. Is Jon Davis now in this match? 18 people I guess? As you can most likely tell this was very confusing. FRED YEHI WINS! Match was very sloppy, and pretty embarrassing at some parts, but it was very entertaining. After the match Martin Stone with help from Valifornia, attacks Yehi. He then cuts a promo saying he will only step in the ring again if he gets a match with Maxwell Chicago.

Leva Bates vs. Andrea*

Well, I’m sorry Andrea, very sorry. Leva is cosplaying as Captain America, guess I am Team Iron Man for Civil War. A lot of terrible comedy with the Captain America shield. Leva Bates is one of the most sloppy wrestlers I have seen. This match went on way too long, Andrea tried to salvage it, but sadly could not. Leva Bates rolls up Andrea for the win, a very bad match.

Black Baron vs. Donovan Danhausen vs. Aaron Solow vs. Jason Cade***

Danhausen comes from the House of Truth school, Truth Martini’s school. Cade hits a sick dope tope early on. A lot of fun spots from the recently broken up Flying Solow. Cade calls Solow the Janetty of the team, but then Solow says he was on NXT. Aaron Solow steals the win off Cade, and gets the pin on Danhausen, and a you sold out chant? What was the point of that chant? If anything Cade was being a douche as well, but it was a pretty fun match.

Odinson vs. Jon Davis**1/4

Odinson’s singles FIP debut, and Jon Davis made a surprise return in the Rumble. Two big dudes, usually it would be a good match, this was pretty average. This was a very slow match, and just in a boring slow way. Davis seemed a bit gassed at some points but Odinson looked great. Towards the end they hit some big moves like a spinning European Uppercut from the second rope by Odinson. Odinson kicks out of a top rope jackhammer. Davis hits a lariat for the win. The pacing was off, and the amount of moves that got kicked out of were ridiculous. They just tried to put in a ton of big moves in, it looked pretty weak, but it was still an average match.

Balam vs. Stitch Osiris***

A pretty fun high flying affair. A funny tango dancing move that didn’t make me cringe. Some fun chops, really fun in general. Fun is the only word to describe this match really. Some cool splashes and a sweet moonsault. Randomly Cooter and Deimos come out just to fight with each other. Balam rolls up Stich for the win.

Jonny Vandal vs. Jody Kristofferson vs. Teddy Stigma**

This was quite the boring match, Jody and Stigma were kind of funny but it just was not that entertaining. Jody goes to the top rope and misses a moonsault, there was that. Some mixed strikes during this sloppy strike exchange. All the sex jokes when Vandal does something almost gets unbearable. Trina Michaels interfered and nearly gets kicked by Stigma. Trina low-blows Stigma, he then gets kicked in the face and then Vandal wins. Pretty boring.

Lince Dorado comes out and announces he is a part of the Global Cruiserweight Series from the WWE. Didn’t he announce this a while ago? Anyway, that is pretty dope, he is a great talent and it will be fun to watch him! After that Deimos and Cooter come back out to brawl again, so dumb.

(ACW Championship) Mark Silva (c) vs. CJ O’Doyle**

CJ jumps Silva to start off the match. Another sadly boring match, this show has just taken a nose dive. It should have been a better match than this. Such a slow pace that did not benefit this one. Almost every match has gone too long, and this was the case here again. Silva hits a jackhammer and retains his title. Welp. After the match Silva cuts a promo putting himself over.

Monster Tarver vs. Rhett Giddens**

Good ol’ MSL coming out with Tarver, so that should be at least one good thing about this match. Tarver then shoots on muscle relaxers, and then says he was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder, sucks that he has this but what does this have to do with wrestling? This was fucking weird guys. Is he working a bipolar gimmick? He sits there and shakes their heads like there is voices there. This is just odd. Rhett Giddins somehow wins, the match could have been good but they kept working this angle and it was horrible.

Well this was not a good show in anyway. There was also a Kaiju Big Battel match but that is literally impossible to rate. It was Tucor vs. Paco Plantain vs. Unicorn Party. For all your FIP reviews, you are already in the right place, Wrestling With Words.


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