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EVOLVE 59 Review (4/2/16)

After all the technical mess ups from this show when it was originally streaming, it is finally up on VOD and I am very excited to watch it! EVOLVE 58 on Friday was a great show so I hope this follows that.

(EVOLVE Tag Team Championship) Team NXTNA (c) vs. Catch Point***3/4

This match had to go on first since Gargano had to leave early on for NXT. Gargano and Williams were grappling in the beginning, and as Gargano has proved himself before, he can go with the best in that style. Catch Point really brought the great grappling here, which is to be expecting as Gulak and Williams are so good are this. NXTNA put Catch Point in stereo submissions but even that will not put away Catch Point. Gargano accidentally tope suicidas Galloway and it eventually leads to Williams making him tap and they are your NEW tag team champions! This was a great match, with a lot of cool moments! After the match, Galloway cuts a scathing promo on Gargano, shooting on him and NXT, very entertaining. The team is now broken up, and there is now a boiling hot feud between the inaugural tag champs, with Gargano and Galloway being booked vs. each other in Baltimore next month.

Fred Yehi vs. Chris Hero****

This was my second most anticipated match from this show, between this and Ricochet and Ospreay. Fred Yehi is such a great talent. Yehi refuses a hand shake, not the best idea. The match started with some of that great grappling we have come to expect. The strikes, in or out the ring, were awesome. Especially the chops, I love me some great chops. The pacing was very good, just like this match was. Hero was bullying Yehi at one point, and that is not bad, as I have said many times, bully Hero is best Hero. When Yehi tries to come back, it feels epic. At some points it felt it was dragging, but it was still a great match that really ramped up at the end. Hero wins with a nasty ripcord elbow shot. A very good match, Hero as a bully is just so entertaining and I can watch him like that against an underdog all day.

Anthony Nese vs. Sami Callihan**1/2

One of my favorites in EVOLVE vs. one of my least favorites, good thing Sami kept this very entertaining with awesome strikes and a cool Death Valley Driver early on. Good thing this was a short match as Callihan hits a Cuerno Killer then a nasty arm bar which makes Nese tap out. So Cal Val informs Nese that he is now part of something called Valifornia, and so is Konley, and she could get him in the Global Cruiserweight Series. Technically the Premier Athlete Brand are still together, ugh.

Darby Allen vs. Ethan Page**

I love watching Ethan Page and Allen is a guy from the WWN Seminar that impressed EVOLVE officials enough to get a match with Page. The match was a good showing for Allen but nothing all that special. Page hip tosses Allen disgustingly into the turnbuckle. Page hits the R-K-EGO and then the Package Piledriver for the win. This was pretty much a squash, but Allen got a bit of offense in, and it was not horrible for its purpose, but I did not like it. But it did make All Ego look like a monster at the end. Page calls out Nese and Galloway on the post match promo.

TJ Perkins (w/Stokely Hathaway) vs. Tommy End***1/2

TJP, formally known as TJ Perkins comes out with his new manager, Stokely Hathaway, and I love that Stokely is managing him. This is part of the USA vs. Europe series. Perkins kept working the legs to stop his deadly kicks and to make his Heel Hook finisher a lot easier to lock on. Still, Tommy End hit some nasty kicks and knees, but his legs were rendered useless for some of this match. Some very good grappling too, TJ is great at that. Some of the leg selling was off but it was a good match! End hits a jumping knee strike to himself the win, Europe is up 1-0. After the match, End calls out Ibushi.

Matt Riddle vs. Zack Sabre Jr.****

This match was also apart of the USA vs. Europe series, and I was very excited to see how Riddle would be up against someone like Zack Sabre Jr. They get straight into the grappling, how else would you start a match with these two though? Now this was great grappling, it had me entertained the whole time I was watching. If you want to see a short yet superb show case of grappling, then this is a perfect match for you, just so great. Riddle then hits an awesome vertical suplex which gets a response with a second rope uppercut. Sabre Jr. hits an awesome Penalty Kick, but then Riddle catches him in a Bromission, giving USA the tie. What a match!

Marty Scurll vs. Timothy Thatcher***

Our third contest in the USA vs. Europe series and a non-title match. These two had a great match at Rev Pro that was on their TV show, but I can tell you now, this was not as good. Thatcher was selling his arm because the night before this show he hurt it. Usually I love those things but that took away from it. Scurll’s villainy was awesome though, he is awesome and kept going after the arm due to the fact his finisher is the cross face chickenwing. This has not been Thatcher’s year in EVOLVE to be honest, he is in a pretty bad funk of mediocre matches. The crowd loved Scurll here especially when he did villainous things like poking Thatcher in the eyes. Scurll made this a good match. Some good grappling and cool sequences. While going for a gutwrench, Thatcher gets trapped in a Chickenwing and taps. Scurll wins and puts Europe back up in the lead! Callihan plays a pre-taped message after the match and intimidates Thatcher, saying he is in his head.

Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet****3/4

Finals for the USA vs. Europe series and also the match I was the most excited for, I like to call myself a connoisseur of flips and this was right up my alley, two of the best high flyers currently in the world. The King vs. The Aerial Assassin should have been a damn hoot … and it was! There was a part early on where Ospreay kept trying to kip up, and it was tiring Ricochet out so he eventually got him in a headlock. Ricochet pops out of a head scissors standing up. The agility was almost too much, and it was awesome. There was oddly some submission work, and it was not bad at all. Ricochet tries for a People’s Moonsault but Ospreay moves out the way, the Ospreay tries, fails, and Ricochet finally hits it for a 2 count, I fucking love that spot. The match had so many crazy moves, like a Death Valley Driver onto the apron, Phoenix Splash, Spanish Fly, etc. Ospreay had the best weekend out of every one, this match, Zack Sabre Jr. match, had a match with Scurll at WrestleCon that was reportedly great and the 6 man from the Supershow. What a resume. Ospreay hits a back hand spring which gets caught into a Benadryller by Ricochet, and gets him the win. This tied up the series at 2-2 and the European’s come out asking for a tie breaker. Hero comes out and says that his match on the Supershow should be the tie breaker, then Ibushi comes out, and it all devolves. It would of been a better segment if I had seen it before the Supershow, but still cool.

Overall, besides two matches, this was a very good show, the main event was just out of this world. Ospreay is the man and is one of the best in the world right now, watch the main event ASAP! For all your EVOLVE reviews, you are already in the right place, Wrestling With Words.

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