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EVOLVE 58 Review (4/1/16)

The start of WrestleMania Weekend is here! WWN has a stacked line up for this weekend and we at Wrestling with Words will bring you coverage of all these shows! There was a lot of streaming mess ups which were very annoying.

(EVOLVE Tag Team Championship) Team NXTNA (c) vs. Premiere Athlete BrandN/R

More like the Premiere Athlete BLAND, am I right brothers? Gargano and Galloway cut a promo putting over the fans and the business and they bring out Kota Ibushi to manage them! If Premiere Athlete Brand disband, they will have to break up. Early on, Konley dives to the outside and gets caught by Galloway who then puts him down hard on the apron. And then the stream died. Gargano and Galloway retained their titles.

(EVOLVE Championship) Timothy Thatcher vs. Matt Riddle***

Finally the stream comes back and Thatcher runs in on Riddle. There was a lot of great grapple fricking, what do expect from these guys? This was kind of like a faux MMA match at some points, but I am not complaining, as it was pretty good. An awesome judo throw from Thatcher then a stretch muffler from Riddle was mad good. When they started to strike, it was very good too. A weird spot where Riddle tries to use the rope to escape a dragon sleeper did not turn out that well. Riddle hit a dope fisherman’s buster. After ref stoppage due to a lethal arm bar and worked shoot injury, the match was ruled a no contest and Thatcher retains the EVOLVE Championship. A very solid grapple frick bout! Was not the biggest fan of that finish though.

Fred Yehi vs. Marty Scurll***3/4

WOOP WOOP! This match on paper looked so good! A lot of amazing grappling and avoiding moves, which led to an awesome apron superkick from Marty. Some villainous holds, grabbing at the ears and the nose of Yehi. A lot of great stuff from both men created a very great match! A lot of joint and limb targeting, which I dug a lot. Scurll ends up making Yehi tap out with the chicken wing, sucks Yehi had to lose though.

Ethan Page vs. Sami Callihan***3/4

Match starts off the usual Callihan way, including a lot of spit. The outside brawl from these two was pretty good. Really great stiff shots. Like REALLY stiff shots, even from Page too. Also featured the awesome Liger Bomb into Stretch Muffler transition from Sami that I really like. A Killshot and Spinning Dwanye can’t even put Sami away! For a first time match up, they had great chemistry. Sami hits his falling for arm for the win.

Ricochet vs. TJ Perkins***1/4

On paper, this match looks like a darn hoot. Loads of suburb athleticism, great flips and agility from both of the men in this contest. Ricochet even hit a damn People’s Moonsault, love that move, it is so funny and impressive! An awesome monkey flip sequence. When Perkins got in control, it was still pretty good, but just not AS good, a little boring. Then when it was even, it was a lot more entertaining. They hit a lot of great kicks! A great near fall happened after a brain buster from Ricochet. Perkins makes Ricochet tap out after targeting the leg and putting him in a knee bar. After the match, Stokely Hathaway comes out gives TJ a contract, and he signs to Hathaway’s group. He then says Perkins should be in the Global Cruiserweight Series.

Will Ospreay vs. Zack Sabre Jr.*****

These two had a FANTASTIC match during the 16 Carat so I was very excited for the rematch. Match started off with some great grappling, Sabre Jr. is just so darn good at the grappling style. Even Ospreay was good at grappling. Once Ospreay started to flip around, it was really good. A great match, better than their outing in the 16 Carat, which is hard to say, that match was great. At one point Ospreay hits a Sasuke Special and it was dope. ZSJ even hits a Tiger Suplex and transitions it into a submission, then ZSJ kicks out of a Phoenix Splash and a Standing Shooting Star. An amazing near fall after Ospreay gets caught in a triangle choke after a flip into it. Cheeky Nandos Kick, Spanish Fly, ONLY A 2!! I CAN’T. THIS MATCH. Sabre Jr. hits a Liger bomb and then transitions it into a double arm bar for the win. WHAT A MATCH! After the match, Hero and End come out to shit on Sabre Jr., but he will not put up with it and just buries Hero. Current Match of the Year for me, please go see this when ever you can, I say that a lot, but good lord this was fuego.

Heroes Eventually Die vs. Catch Point***1/2

Match started off with some great grappling between End and Williams, great grappling starting off matches seem to be the theme here today. Same happens with Gulak and Hero. Chris Hero hits an awesome spinning arm drag and then Gulak also hits an awesome arm drag. Hero and End have Williams in an Electric Chair on the outside, and Hero bicycle kicks him off to create a sickening thud. Some really great strikes from both teams, awesome chops. A lot of awesome double team moves, especially from Catch Point. Sadly there was no way this could follow the last match, and the crowd was pretty dead. It went on a little bit too long, but all the moves and submissions were good, but something was missing. A striking sequence from both teams lead to a brainbuster and piledriver near fall from Heroes Eventually Die! Tracy Williams gets hit with a spike gotch style – double stomp assisted – piledriver, so nasty. End gets caught in a Dragon Sleeper from Gulak, and he taps out! Catch Point get the massive win!

Overall, besides the fact there were a lot of technical difficulties, and we could not see the first match, this show was awesome and contains my current MOTY. For all your EVOLVE reviews and needs, you are already at the right place, Wrestling With Words!


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