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DVDVR 1001 Matches #4: Dynamic Duo (Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez) vs. Cosmic Cowboys (Kerry & Kevin von Erich) (WCCW 10/6/85)

To those uninitiated the much respected website Death Valley Driver Video Review is putting together a list of 1001 matches to see before you die called the DVDVR 1001. This is my project where I am reviewing every match in the DVDVR 1001, continuing with #4,

This is a No Disqualification Hair vs. Hair Match for the Cosmic Cowboys’ National Wrestling Alliance American Tag Team Championship.

When Kerry and Kevin von Erich are in the ring in Texas in the 1980s the crowds will be hot. This isn’t even something worth writing about at this point. It’s a given that the crowds will be hot for them, it’s why they were top babyfaces for such a long period of time. When they have quality heels to work off of the crowds go from hot to molten. The Dynamic Duo are such quality heels, and they do all the right things to keep the crowd at lava like levels while setting up the Cowboys for fiery comebacks.

The strategy of the Duo is simple; get in and out of the ring with frequent tags and cut off whichever von Erich is in said ring. For the most part the target of their offense is Kerry. It’s a fitting choice as Kerry is not at the top of his game in this match, but he can still sell and draw sympathy from the crowd with relative ease. The Duo work him over, and they do so in their usual manner; that of scum.

Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez have earned the hatred of the crowd. Going up against any member of the von Erich family in Texas during this era will garner some level of hatred. What the Duo do is to take shortcuts at every turn. Something as simple as cutting off the ring and switching places behind the refs back so that a refreshed Gino can beat on Kerry some more draws immense ire from the crowd. This is what the Duo do over and over again, and it works each and every time.

As stated above Kerry is a tad off in this contest. It’s mainly a timing issue as he comes across as always being a step slower than he should be. Luckily he is in sell mode for most of the match so his limitations in this match are kept under wraps. It’s Kevin who is the superstar von Erich in this instance. His hot tags are simply great to behold. He’s always in the right place, and he understands how to use his out of control emotion to get the most out of the crowd. Kevin brought his A game for this match and he takes the lion’s share of the match which limits Kerry’s opportunities to look slightly off.

The ending is a treat, as the short cuts of the Duo finally come back to bite them. They’ve succeeded all match long at taking the easy route. However, the longer the match goes the clearer it becomes that they are operating on borrowed time. Eventually their dastardly ways will catch up with them and the babyface force that is the Cosmic Cowboys will be too much for the Duo to handle. It’s fitting that the tide turns against the Duo in a matter of minutes and before they even have a chance to counter or get their bearings again they have lost and find themselves being held in place for a head shaving.

This isn’t the best match for any of the parties involved, well, except for a scrub like Lance von Erich at ringside. That being said, it’s still great wrestling with a molten hot crowd that elevates what is in front of them. World Class Championship Wrestling crowds could be grand when they were hot. On this night there were hot, and the match became more than it was because of the level of fan engagement. The work in the ring is really good, but this time out I give the credit to the fans for what I was able to watch.

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