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DreamWave Wrestling “Anniversary VII” Review (4/9/16)

This is the seventh anniversary of DreamWave, which you could probably tell, and they are a very fun product out of Chicago. The card looks great so let’s not waste any time and get right into the review! The mics for commentary can be very choppy and that can get annoying at some points.

DJ Z vs. Shynron***1/4

DJ Z sets down one rule for this match, no one can touch his headphones, which obviously was broken and there were some funny shenanigans before the action had really started. When the action gets going, it is a very good and fun high flying affair, these two are great at that style. A perfect choice for an opener to get the crowd hyped! Shynron pulls off an upset by hitting a Dragons Twist in a very fun opener. Great way to start the show with some flips and … y’all know I love me some flips! And they were not that sloppy which can be a problem for DJ Z on some shows.

After that was a Bret Hart segment, talking about how it was cool how a “small indie” could draw like this and he kicked cancer’s ass. A cool yet short segment for a legend.

Chris Castro vs. Connor Braxton**1/4

Braxton comes out with the Swag Team and the damn hover board is with him. If you have seen him in AAW you know how repetitive that can get. After interfering, the Swag Team get thrown out. With all the hover board stuff that usually annoys me, this was not that good of a match. Castro piledrives the hoverboard then makes Braxton tap out. Very short but it was not that good.

(DreamWave Tag Team Championship) Spears & Beers (c) vs. Alex Castle & Markus Crane vs. Harvey Bower & JJ Garrett vs. Seduce & Destroy (Bucky Collins & Kody Rice)**1/4

An alright match, but it was very sloppy and the in ring was very awkward. There were too many people and the chemistry was not there. Markus Crane was not in that much but he was very entertaining. There was a ref bump that led to some bum biting which was a bit odd to say the least. Spears and Beers retained by hitting a hang over. It was not bad but there was almost no chemistry and the in ring was very sloppy.

Matt Cage vs. Stephen Wolf***3/4

Cage is one of the most underrated talents on the whole indie scene and his work in the Midwest is always awesome. He starts off with a right hand and a chop. A very competitive back and forth match, the action was quite frankly great and very entertaining. When it got to a higher pace, it was so much fun to watch, with a sick Blue Thunder Bomb included. A lot of close near falls towards the end that had me very hyped and gripping the edge of my seat. Cage hits the Money Shot but pulls Wolf up at 2! He hits a Money Clip and pulls Wolf up once again. Stephen Wolf wins after rolling Cage up when he was going for a Money Clip. Match was great, main problem was the finish, like that Wolf won but the pulling Wolf up stuff was sort of stupid. But the in ring work was great. But it did show how cocky Cage was. After the match, Cage raises Wolf’s hand.

Team Deep Six vs. Team DreamWave***1/4

This was a brawl in the beginning. Arik Cannon and Darin Corbin had some great interactions. Two fun facts: Zahra Schreiber was the manager for the Team Deep Six and Shawn Daivari (of TNA and WWE fame) of all people is on Team DreamWave which made me chuckle a bit. It was a fun match, not pretty, but it did not need to be, I dug the way they went with it. It may have went a bit too long but it was good. Newly signed TNA Wrestler Marshe Rockett was the last man left on Team DreamWave due to interference from Zahra. After two M80 cutters, it was one on one, Brubaker vs. Rockett. Rockett nearly wins with a frog splash but Zahra interferes and she gets hit with a M80. After rolling up Rockett after all that, Brubaker gets the win for his team. After that match, they show off three MMA fighters and a SI reporter. The SI reporter gets in the ring but Seduce and Destroy come out, including Buck Collins and they call MMA fake and ESPN is better than SI. The MMA guys get in the ring and beat them up.

Candice LeRae & Johnny Gargano vs. Heidi Lovelace & JT Dunn**3/4

Before the match, Candice said she was hurt so she could not wrestle, crowd was very rude, Dunn and Heidi came out to heel it up. They attacked her and Johnny made the save! She was limping around at first but then hit an arm drag and ran for a bit, then tagged in Gargano. Dunn and Lovelace were working on the leg, so I am guessing the injury is a work. The early part of this match felt off and Candice at some points looked shoot hurt and the match was pretty short. Gargano gets the hot tag and does Gargano things like super kicks and suicide dives which are great. Also a sick looking Slingshot DDT he does a lot. Lovelace hits a damn Yoshi Tonic for a 2 count. Dunn and Gargano traded superkicks until Heidi interfered and they hit a bunch of moves such as Death By Elbow and a Saito Suplex to get the win.

(DreamWave Championship) Christian Rose (c) vs. Prince Mustafa Ali****

Ali and Rose had very big entrances, with a dancer of some sort coming out first before Ali did and Rose had an odd entrance with a family sitting on the ramp, and he comes out in a Devil mask, lights go out and they are all taken out. Very weird. Fun fact: Ali is reportedly going into the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series, which is pretty cool. Both of these men were very over. Ali hits a tope over the top, lands into the fans, and gets a kiss, looking fly. There was a weird but awesome chokeslam on the apron. As the match progressed, it slowly became more epic. A 450 onto a damn arm and a near tap out when Rose was stuck in a crossface. The pacing was great in this one. Ali drapes Rose across the guardrail and hits a sick double stomp. Ali hits a 450 and nearly gets the win, but Deep Six comes out to make an interference. They pull the ref out and knock him out, then proceed to attack Ali. Team DreamWave then comes out to even up the odds. Rose hits a superplex onto every one. Ali kicks out of a Through the Never but Rose gets pissed and hits a Rides the Lightning on the ref. Ali becomes the new champ after hitting a 450 for the win. Besides the ref bumps and all the interference this was a GREAT match! After the match, Ali cuts a heart felt promo on about how he nearly did not wrestle again and how thankful he was.

Overall, the show was solid, with Cage/Wolf and the main event being amazing. For all your United States Indies reviews, you are already in the right place Wrestling With Words. Thanks for reading!

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