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Dragon Gate Truth Gate 2017 (February 2) Review & Results


Dragon Gate Truth Gate 2017 – February 2

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Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan

Howdy everyone, I’ll be trying a new review style with traditional star ratings, and keeping a live journal of what worked…and what didn’t work.

Jimmyz (Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee, Jimmy Kagetora & Jimmy Susumu) def. Don Fujii, Shun Skywalker & Yuki Yoshioka***

What worked:

  • The Young Boys – Shun and Yuki, showed good fire.
  • Jimmyz looked strong and got good heat on Yuki.
  • Shun and Kagetora had good exchanges.
  • Old man Don did the least work in the match, but helped his team get believable near falls.
  • A sick superplex and diving elbow drop combo by Jimmyz.

What didn’t work:

  • Shun Skywalker looks like a backyard luchador, and it’s hard to take him seriously.
  • Hard to believe the young boys and Don would beat the established unit, hurting the near falls.
  • Probably due to the lack of belief in a Jimmyz loss, the crowd wasn’t as hot for this compared to most DG openers.

Kagetora hits Gurumakakari for the win on Yuki in 10:43. Show of respect by both teams post match, yay sportsmanship.

Verdict: Nothing technically wrong with this, and young boys developing is always good to watch, but you won’t miss much by skipping this. Don and the young boys could be a unit to watch out for on future DG shows.

Big R Shimizu time limit drew Takehiro Yamamura***3/4

What worked:

  • Yamamura hits a dropkick and dives over the top rope as soon as he enters the ring, selling that he wants to win.
  • They sell the power difference well, but always keeps you believing Yamamura can win against the big man by not relenting and taking every opportunity.
  • The stiff strikes by both men is a cool contrast to what I expect from DG.
  • Yamamura got the crowd hot with some comebacks.
  • Big R constantly hitting Yamamura with power moves, leaving Yamamura dazed just a bit more each time.
  • Yamamura with a great powerslam counter into an arm bar, which gets countered into a buckle bomb, corner splash and a powerbomb combo that looks sick!
  • Great crowd, getting more and more into Yamamura as the match progressed.

What didn’t work:

  • Nothing was bad about this, everything was clean and entertaining.

Verdict: Yamamura looked like a smart fighter who no matter what couldn’t win due to the power difference. All the moves looked clean and impactful, and we were given a nice clear consistent story of Yamamura fighting from behind, watch this!

Jimmyz (Jimmy Kanda & Ryo Jimmy Saito) (DQ) def. Dr. Muscle & YASSHI**1/2

What worked:

  • The beginning of the match had a fast pace.
  • Muscle looked good, hitting some good dropkicks.
  • Yasshi and the Doctor looked like a powerful team, with The Jimmyz getting very little in when they were getting heat on Saito.
  • Kanda had a damn good hot tag, with the traditional fast DG sequence.
  • Crowd reacted to the major parts of the match.
  • Both teams hit good double team moves for near falls.

What didn’t work:

  • The finish had Dr. Muscle using salt and foreign objects to get a DQ for a shite finish, making everything beforehand feel pointless.

Verdict: This was mostly a squash with the final third being good until the finish.

Over Generation (CIMA, Dragon Kid & Eita) def. Tribe Vanguard (Kzy & Yosuke Santa Maria) & Masaaki Mochizuki****

Over Generation, per usual, never not being cute, invite a little girl to the ring pre-match. Tribe Vanguard and Over Generation have pre existing issues as Kzy and Maria feel they deserve a title shot.

What worked:

  • There was a lot of crazy awesome stuff in this match!
  • A nice callback between former partners at the beginning of the match when Maria and Eita have a clean sequence.
  • CIMA and Mochizuki also have an awesome sequence afterwards, moving at an incredible pace.
  • Followed by Kzy and Dragon Kid having a slower paced, but still pretty fast sequence, which leads to some triple teaming by the OG on Kzy. Everything clean and entertaining so far.
  • Both trios hit some great triple team moves. Highlighted by Eita being forced into a headstand while Maria does some dirty ass to face comedy.
  • Every combination in this trio just gels so well together.
  • Everything in this match is just crazy, the second half has a lot of stiff strikes, high-flying and technical sequences.
  • Crazy triple dive by OG late in the match! Someone GIF that.
  • Even crazier tower of doom into a Hurricanrana by Dragon Kid and CIMA!
  • Maria’s kiss of death on CIMA gets a pop.
  • CIMA takes the time to spit in disgust after being kissed by Maria after he gets the win.

What didn’t work:

  • Match quality wise this was awesome, but story wise, bar the fact that OG have a case for Maria and Kzy not deserving a tag title shot there wasn’t much story advancement, a problem DG tends to have.

CIMA hits crossfire on Maria in 14:43 for the win.

Verdict: This match had the perfect trios action I want from Dragon Gate, every sequence was smooth and action packed, and left me wanting more from all six competitors. Watch this now. I can wait.

Seriously, don’t worry, take your time.

I will assume you have finished watching it now and will continue my review.

VerserK (Cyber Kong, El Lindaman, Shingo Takagi & T-Hawk) def. Ben-K, Big R Shimizu, Naruki Doi & Takehiro Yamamura****

Pre-match promo by CIMA announcing Big R and Yamamura as part of this match.

What worked:

  • A big post match brawl in the beginning made this feel personal and intense.
  • As always, Ben K came off as a star.
  • El Lindaman taunting whenever he started getting an upper hand
  • Shingo and Big R have a good ol’ Hoss fight.
  • Team not VerserK all stomp on Lindaman somewhat comically until the ref breaks it up.
  • Doi then comically hits Lindaman with a weapon when the ref has his back turned.
  • Shingo and Big R have another Hoss fight on the outside with a chair being involved.
  • Soon other wrestlers join and Ben K and Shingo have a scrap.
  • After dealing with Ben K, Shingo hits a brutal piledriver to the outside on Big R.
  • Yamamura tried to takedown both T Hawk and Cyber with a lot of chops, they get no sold, then Yama is taken down by two chops.
  • Yamamura and Shingo have a pretty intense sequence that Shingo gets the better of.
  • T Hawk is tagged in, and he goes to town on Yamamura as VerserK take control.
  • Soon all of VerserK are just destroying Yamamura in am awesome heat segment.
  • Ben K gets a hot tag, spearing Kong, leading to a tope by Yamamura onto all of VerserK!
  • Soon everyone starts beating up T Hawk, highlighted by a brutal Ben K Bomb that VerserK breaks up.
  • Everything starts breaking down shortly after everyone hits their big moves.
  • Shingo nearly gets a pin, but Yamamura breaks the cover and they have good sequence ending with VerserK again destroying him.
  • Jesus, Yamamura was damn near decapitated with a clothesline by Shingo.
  • Muscle shows up, unmasks, revealing to be Punch Tominga and attacks Yamamura!
  • Lindaman hits a bridging suplex for the win afterwards for a three count!

What didn’t work:

  • Too much weapon usage for my liking by Shingo.
  • Whenever Big R was in, he was normally just in a hoss fight or doing power moves, making his moments feel a tad repetitive.

Lindaman hits a bridging suplex on Yamamura in 21:58 for a three count.

Punch is revealed to be a new member of VerserK and is leaving Over Generation.

Verdict: Normally I dislike interference, but it is helping tell a story so I’ll let it slide. Everyone contributed to this match with Yamamura in particular being great when VerserK were getting heat on him. The best thing I could say about this match was how quick it felt, despite going over twenty minutes.

After the match we had a brawl and everyone started talking smack. A VerserK vs. Over Generation & Naruki Doi match was announced with the winning team getting a server from the losers team.

Open The Dream Gate Championship: YAMATO (c) def. BxB Hulk***1/2

What worked:

  • A slow beginning of mat wrestling helped make this match standout, and build up the tension.
  • BxB Hulk soon starts to methodically work YAMATO over slowly, increasing the impact and speed of his moves.
  • YAMATO soon takes control and starts working over Hulk, highlighted by a painful sounding enzuigiri.
  • Soon we get a strike battle with some stiff kicked by both men.
  • Hulk takes control and does a good job working over YAMATO, but can’t keep him down for the three count.
  • We soon get a crazy Dragon Gate sequence ending with a Roman Reigns style dropkick to an opponent hung on rope and a brutal springboard footstomp onto YAMATO!
  • Hulk then hits the moonsault for a two count!
  • YAMATO takes back control and hits a corner exploding suplex!
  • YAMATO starts to work over the knee of Hulk.
  • All of Hulk’s covers slowly but surely become more and more intense each time.
  • Hulk hits a powerslam from the top rope for a two count!
  • Sideway slam by Hulk for a two count! YAMATO landed on his head, looked brutal.
  • Hulk with a Orton esque hanging DDT for a two count!
  • Hulk puts YAMATO on the top rope, heel kicks him when YAMATO tries to put him.in the sleeper, AND SLAMS HIM ONTO THE FLOOR, YAMATO also hit the apron on the way down.
  • We soon get another sequence with both men rolling each other up for two counts, and Hulk hitting the side slam for a two count.
  • Hulk goes to the top rope, YAMATO grabs him and hits a German off the top rope! That’s a new one.
  • YAMATO eventually counters a tilt-a-whirl into a piledriver for two.

What didn’t work:

  • Early in the match YAMATO put Hulk in a crossface, he kept it on way too long.
  • The finish felt very abrupt, with Hulk kicking out of one driver, only for YAMATO to just hit his finisher for a three count.
  • This could have afforded to lose five minutes.

YAMATO beats BxB Hulk in 30:12 with Galleria for his third defense of the Open The Dream Gate Title.

Verdict: I wanted to like this more than I did, but with a weak finish, going too long and a few too many dull spots, I can’t help but feel both competitors could have done better. Still good with a few crazy spots still make this a good, just not great match.

YAMATO puts Hulk over after the match, and VerserK attacks, with Cyber Kong challenging Yamato for the Dream Gate. Yamato annoyingly accepts the challenge.

  • Great - 8/10


This was a very good show. Although match one and three were skippable, everything else on the card is worth a watch. This was a good show with the fourth and fifth matches being amazing and most of the show just flew by. Check it out.



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