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Dragon Gate The Gate of Passion Review (04/07/2017)

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Dragon Gate The Gate of Passion on April 7, 2017

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Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan

Over Generation (Dragon Kid & Eita), Don Fujii & Drastik Boy vs. Tribe Vanguard (BxB Hulk & Flamita), Masaaki Mochizuki & Syachihoko BOY**1/2

We get the usual Over Generation “bring a child into the ring for something adorable” open.

What worked/what didn’t:

  • Eita looks like a star in this match.
  • Draztick Boy looks good in his first time back in Dragon Gate.
  • This match had a large amount of dead space for parts of it
  • Parts of the match dragged

Verdict and Result: Solid Dragon Gate opener, though nothing must see. If you’re pressed for time you can afford to skip this. Team Flamita win in 11:28.

Jimmyz (Jimmy K-ness JKS, Jimmy Kagetora & Jimmy Kanda) vs. Katsumi Takashima, Kzy & Yuki Yoshioka***1/4

What worked/what didn’t:

  • Jimmyz worked hard providing good heat.
  • Kzy was good on offense.
  • Yuki and Katsumi did great in this match, showing great fire.

Verdict and Result: Fun mid card match, that did well in making me more a fan of Yuki and Katsumi. Jimmyz score the win in 11:18.

Osaka06 (CIMA & Gamma) vs. VerserK (El Lindaman & Punch Tominaga)***

What worked/what didn’t:

  • El Lindaman is just the most punchable prick, and it works so well.
  • Even in middle age, CIMA is easy to root for as a wrestler.
  • We got some good comedy segments with the water bottle.
  • This match was clearly a tag match for one to not care about.

Verdict and Result: Fun little house show style tag. Osaka 06 get the W in 11:58.

The post-match promo has Gamma announce he is returning to full-time competition.

T-Hawk vs. Takehiro Yamamura***1/4

What worked/what didn’t:

  • Yamamura is amazing in this match, showcasing a great babyface fire and getting both the crowd and I behind him.
  • The build helped escalate the drama in an efficient way.
  • The crowd was extremely hot for the closing stretch.
  • Parts of this match went by slow.
  • T-Hawk felt replaceable in this match.

Verdict and Result: Looks like we might be getting an underdog story with Yamamura, and it will probably be amazing — this match was a simple fun underdog vs. Hawk story. T-Hawk with the win in 17:23.

Tribe Vanguard (YAMATO & Yosuke Santa Maria) vs. VerserK (Cyber Kong & Shingo Takagi)***1/2

What worked/what didn’t:

  • VerserK are great as bullies both in life and in this match.
  • Maria sold a Kong suplex like death.
  • The crowd is hot for Maria’s comeback.
  • YAMATO does great as the hot tag.
  • I absolutely love watching Shingo in tags, he always does a fantastic job with things like pacing and near falls.
  • I really don’t like the Yosuke Santa Maria comedy.

Verdict and Result: A damn action filled tag, with some interesting moments to boot. VerserK win in 17:57.

Shingo and Kong argued a bit and teased issues as a team. BxB Hulk came out and those three and YAMATO all promised they would survive the Dead or Alive Cage match.

Ben-K, Big R Shimizu & Naruki Doi (c) vs. Jimmyz (Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee, Jimmy Susumu & Ryo Jimmy Saito)***3/4

What worked/what didn’t:

  • While countless others have already mentioned, Ben-K looks like a future Kobe World main eventer.
  • The Jimmyz look smart in their offense.
  • Big R is glorious hitting his big power moves.
  • Genki lifting Big R is a mark out moment if I have ever seen one.
  • We get the usual bonkers fast paced Dragon Gate near fall sequence. 

Verdict and Result: The usual crazy Dragon Gate trios match, everyone looked great and the whole match flew by. Team Doi retain the trios titles in 21:00.

Team Doi celebrated the title win, eventually, Masato Yoshino announced he would return for the May 9th DG show.

  • Strong Effort - 7/10


Highlighted by the main event, this was a solid Dragon Gate offering with more of a focus on building things up rather than the matches themselves -- though they were all still good. Everything provided a nice way to make me interested in the next DG show.



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