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Dragon Gate Rainbow Gate Review (07/06/2017)

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Dragon Gate Rainbow Gate on July 6, 2017

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Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan

Shun Skywalker vs. Hyo Wantanabe**

This was a very acceptable dark match. No major spots were blown, both men brought intensity and we had some competitive back and forth, but I had nothing to be invested in. Solid match, safe skip. Shun Skywalker wins.

Don Fuji, Masaaki Mochizuki & Yuki Yoshioka vs. Over Generation (Eita, Gamma & Takehiro Yamamura)***

Usual, adorable “bring a kid from the crowd into the ring for a bit’ antics by Over Generation.

This was a great choice for an opener, getting the crowd pumped while not stealing the thunder from the other matches. We got some dives, fun team moves & escalating back & forth in the way only Dragon Gate can. Very enjoyable, and leaves me wanting more. Over Generation gets the win.

Yosuke Santa Maria vs. El Lindaman***1/4

These two have had issues for a while, stemming from their messy breakup months back. Combine that with Maria’s ability to garner sympathy & El Lindaman’s skills at being a douche (such as jumping Maria before the bell), and we got a very satisfying match.  The sequences were clean, if not the most action-packed, & if pressed for time you can skip the match. It’s still a fun watch. El Lindaman wins.

Post-match, Lindaman cuts a promo, saying how happy he is to no longer be with Maria & how the trashy fans made him a champion. Once he finishes, Maria attacks and runs off El Lindaman.

Tribe Vanguard (Kzy & Flamita) vs. Draztick Boy & Jimmy Kagetora***3/4

This was awesome! Just high octane action, with all four men busting out some great moves, never letting a lull in the action, and Flamita & Draztick Boy looking great in their return. This was one of those matches you can put on after a bad day and just forget everything else due to being amazed with all the high flying and fast paced technical work. Tribe Vanguard wins.

CK-1 (CIMA & Dragon Kid) vs. VerserK (Punch Tominaga & Takashi Yoshida)***1/4

This was decent. CK-1, despite being here for so long, still doesn’t feel stale, and can easily back up their longevity in the squared circle, too. Yoshida looked like a monster whenever he was in, but there wasn’t much in the way of dramatic near falls or the like, instead opting for a light-hearted tag match with some cool sequences & comedy spots. In that regard, this was a great success, as the match was a breeze to watch through and everyone had a chance to show off, with VerserK having a great heat segment & CK-1 having a great comeback in a fun match. CK-1 wins.

Tribe Vanguard (BxB Hulk & YAMATO) vs. VerserK (Shingo Takagi & T-Hawk)**3/4

This was fine; you can tell both teams dislike each other & gave good progression to the YAMATO/Shingo feud, placing doubt if YAMATO can overcome Shingo this time. VerserK had another quality heat segment, but this was missing a good quality babyface comeback, with BxB Hulk having a mediocre hot tag. I kept waiting for this to get out of second gear, which it never did. Good for what it was trying to accomplish, just not the most compelling watch. VerserK gets the win

Post-match, VerserK mocked YAMATO for losing, with Shingo saying he can’t wait for T-Hawk to kick YAMATO’s ass & take the title. T-Hawk agreed with Shingo’s statement. YAMATO told the fans he hopes to return to Korakuen as the champ.

Captain's Fall Elimination Match: Jimmyz (Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee, Jimmy K-ness JKS, Jimmy Kanda, Jimmy Susumu & Ryo Jimmy Saito) vs. MaxiMuM (Ben-K, Big R Shimizu, Kotoka, Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi)****

MaxiMuM, a new stable, have been feuding with Jimmyz, one of the oldest current stables in Dragon Gate to try and prove themselves, with Kotoka specifically wanting to prove that MaxiMuM has what it takes to whoop the Jimmyz’ ass.

I will try and explain the rules the best I can: The match starts out War Games entrant rules, with MaxiMuM winning the coin toss, and then becomes an elimination match. A wrestler can be eliminated by going over the top rope, pinfall or submission

This starts off methodical at first, with the Jimmyz playing smart & working a quality heat until Big R gets in to end the Jimmyz heat segment. Soon, JKS joins the match & Jimmyz take back control. Doi is in next, and he just runs wild, looking like a beast for half a minute to give MaxiMuM the advantage again. Saito in next & this match has fallen into a formula of hot action for 30 seconds once new member comes in, then said member’s team takes over. Afterwards, once the members all enter, this turns into a big brawl, with people fighting on the outside & feeling like a Royal Rumble type match. Ben-K gets a chance to show off his greatness parading someone in a torture rack position outside the ring. Soon, the match becomes a regular elimination tag, with both teams working smart & logical. K-Ness & Kotoka have a super fun pinning sequence. Once the first elimination happens, the pacing of the match becomes incredibly quick, with people constantly facing off, while still somehow being easy to follow. The top-rope elimination tease with Kanda & Big R is incredibly intense. Doi & Susumu have a crazy sequence. The final elimination got my heart racing the most. All the little face offs, sequences & pinfall teases at this point make the match a blast to watch, a big multi-man DG main event that must have took so much work to pull off. Hats off to DG for pulling this off and delivering a crazy spectacle. MaxiMuM gets the win.

Post-match, Kotoka & MaxiMuM celebrated the win. Soon, all the other stables came out & started arguing about who was the best. Mochizuki & Fujii, two wrestlers independent of the stable war, suggested a league that ends at Dragon Gate in Ota during the Fall. where the lowest rank stable must disband. GM Yagi came out and liked the idea, making the “Unit Survival League” official, though the specifics would be talked about later.

Soon, the other stables leave, just leaving MaxiMuM. They banter for a bit, and bring up Big R accidentally accepting the matches that got his previous match disbanded. & Kotoka said they would not lose the Unit Survival League.

  • Great - 8/10


Rainbow Gate 2017 was a satisfying show with a good undercard & a standout main event. A good jumping-on point if you're behind, or want to start watching Dragon Gate.



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