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Dragon Gate Open The New Year Gate (January 15) Review & Results


Dragon Gate Open The New Year Gate – January 15, 2017 

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Osaka Japan – EDION Arena Osaka #2

The show starts with CIMA bringing a kid to the ring and they talk Japanese, it’s adorable. Dragon Kid gives the kid a hug. It’s the typical Over Generation pre-match festivities. Go youth! 

Jimmyz (Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee, Jimmy Kagetora & Jimmy Kanda) def. Over Generation (Gamma & Punch Tominaga) & Hyo Watanabe***3/4

I like Tominaga’s  pocket in hands thing, it’s simple but helps him stand out. I’ll let you in on an embarrassing secret, I have only started watching DG last summer, and have trouble knowing which undercard wrestler is which sometimes. I apologize. Fast paced energy, starting with some lucha libre, into a striking battle into a mixture of both. OG and Watanabe start to work over Jimmy for a bit in possibly the most festive heat segment I’ve seen. There was saliva covered hand rubbing to the face, into signature Dragon Gate rope running into spitting water to Jimmy’s face. Jimmyz eventually get back control and triple dropkick there enemies. What follows is possibly the greatest spot involving a streamer being launched in pro wrestling history since Adam Cole BAY BAY was hit in the head with one. You need to see it and get a good laugh. Some triple sentons to get some more heat for the Jimmyz. Eventually OG get someone new in there and isolate Kanda, who goes for a role up, but only gets two. Everything breaks down into cool moves and near falls. Eventually Kagetora and Punch are left alone, and Kagetora pins Punch with the Gurumakaka – love that name in 11:52. Crazy fun opener with good near falls, comedy and action. Great way to start a new year of watching Dragon Gate.

VerserK (El Lindaman & T-Hawk) def. Over Generation (Eita & Takehiro Yamamura)***1/2

Eita and Lindaman have feuded a bit and it will probably carry over here. Yama and Lindaman lock up for a bit and do some clean chain Wrestling. Lindaman gets the upperhand and goes for a Suplex, Yama counters so Lindaman just pulls his hair. T-Hawk and Eita both get in the ring and throw their opponent’s partner out. Now Eita and Hawk do a good DG style sequence, and VerserK take control. Lindaman takes Eita to the outside and brawl for a bit. T-Hawk and Yama do the same. VeserK have the upperhand with a good old heel beatdown. Eita and Lindaman now in the ring and they have a chop in the corner battle. Yama fights off T Hawk and helps his partner out in beating up Lindaman. T-Hawk distracts the ref and Lindaman low blows Yama! VeserK isolate Yama for a bit and work the heat. Eita gets in and he and El Lindaman start fighting, Lindaman takes control after a missed standing moonsault and does a power slam for two. Eita gets an arm bar, but T-Hawk tries to break it up, but here’s Yama and we have a strong style battle ending with T-Hawk taking the smaller man down, but only getting two. Yama regains control with an awesome delayed bridging suplex into pin, but Lindaman breaks it up. VeserK members start interfering, ending with powder to Eita and Lindaman getting the pin in 12:38. Some post match promos, I don’t know Japanese, but the general gist seems to be Lindaman wanting a shot at Eita’s title, and Eita accepting. Good match with babyfaces and heels playing there role well and setting up a title match. 

Don Fujii & Masaaki Mochizuki def. Ben-K & Kotoka***

Old guard vs. new guard! Ben-K and Fujii start off, crowd firmly behind Ben-K. Ben-K with a chop to Fujii. Fujii pushes the ref down. Some decent chain wrestling followed, then a chop battle. Ben-K gets control with a shoulder tackle and tags out to Kotoka. Mochizuki also gets in, and now leg kick battle, followed by a damn original sequence which ends with Ben-K spearing Mochizuki just when he gets control. Ben-K now legal, he gets a half Boston crab. Fujii tries to help his partner by throwing a water bottle at his opponents, and missing. Kotoka tags in, and we get some stiff chops. Kotoka does a taunt, and Fujii chops him in the back of the head during that. Fujii now in and sets Kotoka on the top rope to throw him off. Fujii has a “I’m a beat you up” smile on his face, and asks Kotoka to chop him, Kotoka tries and fails, one Fujii chop brings Kotoka down. He throws Kotoka out and we get a beatdown of Kotoka, Ben-K tries to help Kotoka, and fails. Back in the ring Mochizuki gets a leg submission on Kotoka. Kotoka gets out and eventually comeback by contouring a kick, to get Ben-K a tag. Ben-K and Fujii have a chop battle, Ben-K spears both opponents. Kotoka dives into Fujii. Ben-K and Kotoka hit a bodyslam footstomp combo for two. Kotoka goes for a stomp again, Mochizuki dodged, but Ben-K suplexes Mochizuki! Ben-K thrown out, and now Fujii and Ben-K in the ring, Kotoka rolls up Fujii for two! Fujii tags in Mochizuki, who beats Kotoka and covers, but Ben-K suplexes him off Kotoka. Fujii takes Ben-K out, and Mochizuki kicks Kotoka down for the three count in 14:23. Solid match, with all competitors looking good. After the match the old men put the youth over.

VerserK (Cyber Kong & Shingo Takagi) def. Big R Shimizu & Kaito Ishida**3/4

VeserK take control immediately, beat up Kairi while looking like monsters. Eventually Big R and Shingo start to have a more even hoss fight. They go to the corner, and Kaito restarts to take control kicking Shingo down. Big R in, suplexes Shingo for two, not VeserK start tag teaming on Shingo. Kaito now in, but Cyber Hawk throws Kaito outside and starts beating him up outside. While the ref is focused on Cyber, Shingo grabs a chair and attacks both opponents. This starts resembling a squash until Big R starts to Hoss fight Cyber Kong, ending with a vertical suplex. Both men down and tag there partners in. Shingo works Kaito’s leg, Kaito kicks Shingo down and they start countering each other. Big R knocks Kong off the apron and Irish whips Kaito into Shingo. They start double teaming Shingo for two. Big R hits a splash and covers, but Kong breaks it up. Big R and Cyber have another Hoss fight. Kong knocked him down, then piledrived Kaito. Shingo now in after they throw Big R out, Shingo goes for a top rope elbow drop followed by one by Kong for a cover until Big R breaks it up. Kaito kicks then rolls up Shingo for two. Shingo with a patient for two. Shingo puts Kaito in a half crab while Cyber puts Big R in a crossface, and Kairi taps 15:00. A squash, but a fun one, the heat and comebacks did get a bit repetitive though.

Tribe Vanguard (Kzy & Yosuke Santa Maria) def. CIMA & Dragon Kid***1/2

Yosuke and Dragon Kid start off, lock up. We get some comedy based on Maria’s breasts, followed suit with some crazy Dragon Kid flying. Kzy and CIMA in, and we get an awesome sequence between the two (a running theme tonight). Kzy takes control with a dive. Now Maria and Kid are legal, and we get more comedy with a rear view for a two count. Kzy gets tagged in and works over Dragon Kid, they have a striking battle, and CIMA and Kid double team. CIMA now legal and locks a leg submission on Kzy, Maria tries to break it up, but Kid grabs her by the hair and throws her out. Kzy escapes the submission, and now Kid tagged in. Kzy takes control, tags Maria in and they hit a crossface dropkick combo followed by more dirty comedy with a stink face. Maria tries to chop Kid, but he is unfazed. A spin kick brings Maria down, and Kid and CIMA target Maria’s leg. CIMA now legal and we get a comedy based submission, which would legit hurt. CIMA goes for a cover, gets two. We now get a surfboard, dropkick combo by CIMA and Kid. Kid throws Kzy out. CIMA works heat, but Maria rallies and gets a hot tag to Kzy, who throws CIMA out, who Maria dives onto! Kzy and Kid now in and Kzy counters a tilt a whirl for two. Kid with a tornado DDT covers, but Maria breaks it up. CIMA and Maria now legal and now our dirty comedy is ass penetration themed. CIMA works over Maria while the crowd rallies behind her. CIMA hits an enziguri and attempts a delayed suplex, but Maria counters it into a Falcon Arrow (she did the deal)! Maria fired up, and she and Kzy double team CIMA, an ass to face gets two, Kzy goes up top, but the champs stop him and Kid hits a Dragonrana! CIMA with knees to the corner, the champs attempt a double coast to coast, but Kzy dodges, and now Maria is in. She gets Kid down for a cover and gets three with a Neraiuchi in 15:17. The winners challenged the champs to a title match after their win. Good fun, hated the comedy, but that’s a personal preference. Kzy showed great chemistry with CIMA. The title match should be great.

Jimmy Susumu, Masato Yoshino & Ryo Jimmy Saito def. Tribe Vanguard (BxB Hulk & YAMATO) & Naruki Doi***3/4

As this is the longest match, clocking in at 22:08 with Yoshino pinning Hulk, I will not have a play by play recap (you will survive). I can state bar a section of the match that focused on trying to turn Yamato’s tights into a thong (give the ladies a show), this was the average DG main event, fast first third, second third of build up, and a crazy fast ending ***¾ stars. After the match Yamato showed annoyance over Hulk being pinned, but Doi didn’t give Hulk a hard time over the loss. To close the show Yoshino bantered with the Jimmyz over possibly joining and adding Jimmy to his name, but decided against it, not liking how his name would sound.

  • Strong Effort - 7/10


A very easy to watch show and a good show by Dragon Gate. We got some title contenders and some story development, with good matches!



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