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Dragon Gate 3/5 & 3/6/16 Match Reviews

Me reviewing Dragon Gate? Yes it’s about time I give this a shot. I don’t usually watch full Dragon Gate shows and just watch what is recommended but only four matches dropped from the 3/5 and 3/6 shows. I said to myself, you know what, I can review four matches from Dragon Gate. It’s going to be quite difficult because the action is so fast paced I won’t remember half of the moves when I’m writing but I will give it a go and see how it goes!

3/5 (Open The Brave Gate Championship) Kotoka (c) vs. Yosuke Santa Maria****

This was seriously an amazing semi-main event style match that would of been great in the main event. I have yet to see the main but this was that good and I would have no problem with Kotoka in the main event, the DG faithful may have a problem with it though. Easily the best match I have ever seen from either man. Santa Maria made me HER biggest fan, she is unbelievable with her acrobatics and positioning in and around the ring. Kotoka was great in this too don’t get me wrong! He made me think he was going to retain numerous times, Dragon Gate does near falls better than nearly any other promotion. Shit really started to pick up when Kotoka stripped Yosuke of her top and took out her breast implants.  Santa Maria got incredible height with her standing dropkicks and her missile and top rope dropkicks are very impressive as well. She uses her jumping ability very well. There was not one rest hold in this match which worked perfectly, Santa Maria is sick of Kotoka’s bullshit so she just took it right to Mr. Bleeeeeeeeeh. She did a Taka Michinoku style dive. Kotoka foot stomped her in the face from the top rope which the crowd thought was the finish. Santa Maria paid a lovely tribute to Hayabusa, she gave Kotoka two falcon arrows and one of them was from the top! They traded quick pins back and forth, Yamato hit Yosuke with an object and Kotoka cradled her for a near fall. Yosuke ducks a roundhouse and locks in a brutal KISS OF DEATH for a solid 5 seconds and then delivers a second crucifix bomb to win the Brave Gate title!

3/5 Akira Tozawa, T-Hawk & Masato Yoshino vs. Sumo Fuji, Genki Horiguchi & Ryo SUMO Saito***3/4

Super enjoyable and crazy multi-man Dragon Gate sprint. This incorporated comedy and seriousness very well which made for an easy 25 minutes of viewing pleasure for yours truly. Tozawa did his tope suicida within the first minute like he does these days. The former Don Fuji was known as Sumo Fuji back in the late 90s when he was starting out because of his Sumo background. He was back in the Sumo gear and he did lots of Sumo things along with some usual Fuji things. Fuji early on would do one move and tag right back out because he was very exhausted obviously comedy, Fuji can still go. Tozawa did a step up tope con hilo onto Genki and Saito. Crowd was actually very much behind Team Sumo which shocked me. Tozawa and Fuji work tremendous with one another, great mix of hilarity and action. Yoshino took out all of team Sumo at once with a missile dropkick/senton combination. Team Sumo killed Tozawa with these moves one after another, powerbomb, moonsault, and double jump splash. Awesome near fall right there. Saito just about sent Tozawa into the hospital with multiple dragon and German suplexes. T-Hawk finally did something awesome and performed his T-bomb deadlift style from a backslide position? I don’t know. It was great though. Horaguchi, god bless, just about pinned all of his opposition 20 times with backslides but could never get the 3 count. Yoshino finally applied the Byakuya which made Horaguchi give it up.

3/6 (Open The Twin Gate Championship) YAMATO & Naruki Doi (c) vs. Big R Shimizu & T-Hawk***1/2

This was a tale of two half’s. The beginning of the match was very slow moving and almost made me go to sleep but the last 10 minutes (mainly the last 5) were out of this world incredible. I have never really been a giant fan of T-Hawk or Shimizu but I love YamaDoi. They work so great with each other. Easily one of the smoothest and well oiled tag teams on the planet. Great innovative offence but it’s not wacky offence like most innovated offence these days. It all makes sense. YAMATO and T-Hawk chopped each other basically all match, it was a chop war! Kobashi would be a proud man if he witnessed the chops that were had. T-Hawk did a nice tope suicida but it loses its awesomeness when everyone on the show does the same dive. Doi has a Kairi Hojo like elbow drop, it’s so pretty. Big R powebombed YAMATO onto a pile of chairs but in doing that he superplexed his own partner because YAMATO had him up in the superplex position. Seriously if you don’t want to sit threw the entire bout just watch the last 5 minutes of this, absolutely unreal athleticism. All four guys got in every last move in their playbooks but in the end Big R put YAMATO away with the Shotput slam! New Twin Gate Champions!

3/6 (Open The Dream Gate Championship) Jimmy Susumu (c) vs. Shingo Takagi****

If you’re watching for sheer workrate, this is your match of the year because these two men did so much it was mind boggling. If you showed this to Bill Watts in 1983 I think he would of had a brain aneurysm. Without a doubt there was well over 50 lariats thrown in this match, holy crap it was mental the amount of EVERYTHING they did. I am not someone who will moan about no selling but I will say some of the no sell sequences in this were quite ridiculous. For instance Takagi worked over Susumu’s arm early on in the match but 20 minutes and 20 lariats later his arm is fine? You are an idiot if you can’t respect what they put their bodies through though, as I said everything was super crisp and looked amazing but some parts didn’t make sense. They had counters for each others counters and had great callback spots from their previous bout. I REALLY dislike that they kicked out of each others finishers NUMEROUS times. Susumu even kicked out of Takagi’s last ride which is basically his Made in Japan move but from a torture rack position. He kicked out of the regular Made in Japan twice as well. Takagi kicked out of about 17 different Jumbo No Kaitchi attempts. Susumu took Shingo Takagi to exploder suplex city! Exploder suplexes from the top rope, on the outside, in the ring and into the corner! He hits them so well. Takagi did a fantastic top rope stalling suplex. In my little notes I wrote these words many times “So many lariats and head drops” If you like that style of work like me then you should enjoy this spectacle. AFTER KICKING OUT OF ONE AFTER TWO LARIATS, Susumu finally couldn’t kick out and Shingo regained his title with a killer pumping bomber.

Sometimes we can’t get an entire show to drop so instead of doing four different Review Stands Alone’s, I thought I might as well lump them all together like this because they are only a day apart and I am not sure how many Dragon Gate fans frequent our site. Ian, Lawrence and myself will talk more about these matches on the next Puro in the Rough so keep your eyes peeled for that. If you’re a Dragon Gate fan and would like to see more Dragon Gate reviews on the site just hit us up on Twitter and let us know. Thank you for reading.


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