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Dradition 2016 THIRD Review, Results (October 29, 2016): A Nothing Show


Dradition 2016 THIRD

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Korakuen Hall, Tokyo – Japan

Fugo Fugo Yumeji def. Tsubakichi Sanshu1/2*

I have no clue what I just saw. Was this a wrestling match or your uncles getting drunk and throwing on wrestling gear? This was a sight to see alright. I have no earthly idea who either of these older gentleman are. I think they are from Nepal but I have zero clue. Fugo Fugo looked like Dinosaur Takuma’s grandfather and Sanshu looked like Maasaki Mochizuki in 15 years. They tried hard like they did moves and stuff just it looked so bad, Sanshu’s kicks were awful. Yumeji’s big weapon is his giant forehead. That’s how he won with a regular standing JYD headbutt. Love the wrestling.

Kazuhiro Tamura & Mineo Fujita def. Kenichiro Arai & CHANGO ***1/4

This was the last match I watched but this was one of the opening matches and it was the best match on the show. With that being said it wasn’t any kind of masterpiece, but it was most certainly the best match on this Dradition card. God bless Dradition. Sometimes they put on super intriguing matches but I don’t think I’ve ever gone over ***1/2 on ANY Dradition match ever. They put on weird stuff; like it was only last year Masakatsu Funaki wrestled Tatsumi Fujinami in a singles match. But anyway this match went super long and had the usual Mineo and Arai shenanigans early on but as the match progressed it turned into quite the tag team contest. HEAT-UP offer matches are a regular thing on Dradition shows which is hilarious and great. Tamura and CHANGO had a ***1/2 early in the year at Dradition. The highlights of this match was Tamura doing his usual shoots and strikes plus Mineo’s tope con hilo. Mineo is a treasure of indie puroresu. In the end Tamura tapped out Arai to the Minoru Special. 

Exhibition Match: Tatsumi Fujinami draw Himalayan TigerN/R

This was a five minute exhibition that went to a draw. I don’t know what wrestling is anymore, why is an old guy called Himalayan Tiger wrestling a former IWGP Heavyweight Champion in a half full Korakuen Hall? I am confused and in awe of the professional wrestling. Fujinami took some bumps here for Mr. Tiger, but not too many. We really don’t need another Tiger in Japan so maybe Himalayan Tiger can stick to being in the Himalaya’s. As I said it went to a five minute draw.

Tatsumi Fujinami & Yukio Sakaguchi def. Super Tiger & Kotaro Nasu***

Fujinami received flowers from a younger gentleman who sadly is in a wheelchair and Fujinami went out of the ring then gave the man a hug. That was very lovely. This was a fun match, although it wasn’t anything great, it was Fujinami’s showcase to do some dragon screws and a sleeper but he actually let the other guys have the spotlight more which was cool. Yukio looked great as usual and worked well with Nasu and Tiger who are both shooters in their own right. Sakaguchi used some great kicks and knees. Nothing memorable really. Yukio pinned Nasu with his bicycle knee in the corner.

Daisuke Sekimoto & Mitsuya Nagai def. Ryota Hama & KENSO***

This was fine I guess. Nothing to really write home about, which becomes a cycled theme of these matches. Sekimoto was here so I was invested but it just wasn’t anything special, it felt like a middle of the card BJW house show tag match. Nagai was super over and KENSO was super over as a heel. Hama and Sekimoto are like the outsiders I assume? Sekimoto couldn’t take Hama off his feet for basically the entire match until a lariat floored the Yokozuna. Nagai is good and can be great in certain situations but when against someone like KENSO it didn’t work. I like KENSO more than most but he shouldn’t be main eventing these sorts of shows. I don’t know, who am I say anything like that. KENSO and Japan can do what they want, they do not give one f*ck about a 17-year-old Australian losers opinion. In the end Nagai pinned KENSO with a jumping knee off the top rope.

  • Sub Par - 4.0/10


This was a nothing show and it could have been worse if I watched the LEONA match. Dradition is cool in the way that some fast food options are. Like a deep fried chocolate coated salted caramel peanut butter Twinkie laced with Doritos sounds intriguing but it ends up tasting like poop. That's Dradition, the matches are super interesting but basically never deliver. Bless Fujinami and thank you for reading. I want to add that I love Yukio Sakaguchi with all my heart.



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