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Defy 6 Live Report and Travel Log

Before I start this review and talk about the travel, I would love if someone could answer why Defy 6 is called “Defy Presents The Crash Lucha Libre”.

The journey there:

Driving from Vancouver to Tacoma, about 256 Kilometers, add in a few wrong turns, a dentist appointment that I couldn’t reschedule for a third time and traffic–I got really stressed out. Props to my dad for putting up with that the whole time, I may not praise family often (something y’all don’t really need to know), but it was nice to have a travel companion with me here, luckily the show started at 7:20, instead of the 7:00 pm start time as advertised, so we got there a few minutes before bell time. Parking was surprisingly quick and easy to find. The venue – Temple Theatre itself looked very different than the Washington Hall shown, with a lot more light, and on my side, one of the stage lights were very bright, not enough to distract or hurt my eyes, but just enough to be noticeable. ‘Twas a small intimate venue, easy to hold a conversation there, the crowd atmosphere was great, the crowd knew who the wrestlers were, with a few clear drunks getting annoying later on in the show, but nothing that can’t easily be tuned out. Now onto the show.

Sexi Mexis (Avi Rex, Sonico & La Avispa) vs. The Cunninghams & Kate Carney

This was a reat high octane opener. Jack had a crazy powerhouse heat segment, got me hype for the show, people constantly in and out, and a simple story of Sexi Mexis needing to isolate and team up on Big Jack. This led to some fun lucha dives on the way, an excellent way to make a first-time impression to a new viewer. Los Sexi Mexis pick up the win. ***1/2

Jeff Cobb vs. Ethan HD

Originally supposed to be Jack Evans instead of Ethan, but due to circumstances beyond Defy and Jack’s control, Jack Evans could not make the show– which led to a returning from India Ethan HD as the mystery opponent, and while no Lucha god, Ethan did help make a great matchup. The only thing is it felt a bit long and some sequences got repeated, but hot damn was HD good for showing that Cobb strength, with some great suplexes and the always beautiful Tour Of The Islands, Ethan HD showed off some great high flying moves and kicks to balance it out. Jeff Cobb picks up the win. ***1/4

King Kash & Clark Connors vs. Drexel & Batboy

Drexel & Batboy are accompanied by a kendo stick, while King Kash & Clark Connors are accompanied by a debuting Rebel Kai. This was an okay mid-card tag match, with some fun moments. Drexel & Batboy are weird, KK & CC are two good looking babyfaces, with Kash proudly repping Iran, the beginning of the match established the babyfaces being miles ahead of the weirdos, with the weirdos needing to cheat to win, we got some fun heat segments, though I was very disappointed by Defy’s shoddy ref choice, constantly failing to notice clear as day cheating, or do anything about it. Luckily we got a better ref for the rest of the show. Formulaic solid tag, with a very fun closing stretch involving an audience chair (not the folding kind), a kendo stick and a valet giving a Canadian Destroyer. King Kash & Clark Conners pick up the win. **1/2

Intermission adventures:

I had a chance to talk to Lio Rush for a little bit, I mentioned Brady said hi, he promised to murder Joey Janela tomorrow (I like you Janela, just like Rush more) and I noted his crazy fit levels–the body on that boy; DAMN SON. Bought the Final Hour T Shirt.

Got Big Boss a Birthday shirt.

Looked at Tacoma for the first time in my life, the 15 seconds of sightseeing was awesome.

Got an adorable Matanza plushie from Jeff Cobb, and another mark pic, he was sweaty from his match earlier and very nice.

Called Flip Gordon talented and good looking. Complemented Avi-Rex on his match, but got his name wrong twice, and I felt very rude for that

Talked to King Kash for a bit, he also needed to go to Vancouver after the show to work some ECCW shows, and then fly to Iran in the same week. Being an indie wrestler sucks as far as travel seems to go, no matter what level of indie wrestler you are.

Cat Power vs. Desi Desarta

Good grappling and impactful big moves, the other stuff was a bit lacking, okay match, shortest of the night, methinks. This was my first time seeing Desi, she has a good look and hits big moves well, but her strikes look very soft, Cat Power looked like a tough opponent for Desi to overcome, which she did in a fairly forgettable, but easy to watch match. Desi wins. **

Flip Gordon vs. Mike Santiago

Flip Gordon got some beautiful red, white and blue streamers for his entrance, being an army vet amd all, and Flip was the dude I was the second most excited to see live for the first time (third if you count Lucha God who could not make it). We started with the funniest moments of the night, with Flip wearing a shirt to some capacity to sell for charity later, and Mike Santiago showing Flip some of the high-flying he can do, inducing a “HOLY SHIT” chant. One of those things that will come off way better live.

Flip was flipping fliptastic! Santiago also did great with brutal beatdowns that both made him look badass (and Flip like a beast for surviving it). The crowd was mixed, with people cheering for Flip during his hope segments but cheering for Santiago quite a bit due to him being the hometown boy here. It didn’t really hurt the way the match progressed, as Mike didn’t cheat, just brutally beat down Flip, while Flip countered with badass flying to outmaneuver his opponent, the pure athletic spectacle here was amazing. Mike Santiago has surprised me as a highlight of all the Defy shows I have seen, both these dudes are awesome. Flip wins his Defy Wrestling Debut. ***3/4

Shane Strickland (c) vs. Lio Rush

Defy Championship Match

Lots of streamers. All of Shane’s titles are so pretty. Lio came into the match with a taped up shoulder, so we had arm work used at various points throughout the match, with Lio selling the pain well, his facials and vocal expressions are amazing. Better than their other matches. With a crazy intense atmosphere that one could just get lost in, so to show off how much I enjoyed this, I’m gonna add an exclamation point to every sentence.

This is Lio Rush’s final Defy Wrestling Match, so of course, he did a Pedigree and the crowd went crazy!

Near falls galore were here, with possibly my favorite kick out at one after A Swerve Stomp and Rush just screaming in Strickland’s face afterward! Lio Rush did a great variation of the three straight dives he normally does! Another crazy moment was a Swerve Stomp on Chair! I managed to start my first ever chant, “You Sick F*ck!” After Swerve took a move from El P’s playbook and did some Nipple twisting!  Lio Rush comes off as a superstar, while Shane was incredibly over, really making Defy feel like Swerves House. This is a high-end MOTYC to me, and an easy recommendation once the show goes up online. Shane Strickland retains. ****3/4

Post-match Lio is helped to the back while Swerve celebrates, but Santiago comes out to deliver a post match beatdown, soon Ethan HD comes out to feign fighting of Swerve, only to help Santiago with the beatdown. Afterward Lio Rush comes out and they send the baddies packing.

Afterward, Rush is put over by Swerve, with Swerve telling Lio that with the more success he gets, the more haters he is gonna get, but also even more fans. Lio says goodbye, thanking Defy Wrestling, the fans, Swerve, Velveteen Dream, PWG, CZW, MCW and just indie wrestling in general for the opportunities to make the waves he has in wrestling.

The drive home:

A bird pooped on the car windshield, but we had one of those water spray thingies, got home at 1:30 am, had some Jack In The Box, got so thirsty I had to drink pop for the first time in a year, also Jeebus…American Serving Sizes are big. I type this at 3:48 am and am just thinking It was totally worth it.

Defy 6 was a great show, and if Defy is ever near you, I highly recommend you go. It had a great atmosphere, great wrestlers, and hard working people. Absolutely watch the opener, Flip/Santiago, and the main event title match. Cobb/HD is also pretty good and not a single bad thing was on this card, highly recommended.

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