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DDT Super Starlane Review: Mr. Dick!!!

DDT Super Starlane 2016 
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Hakata StarLanes in Fukuoka
June 3, 2016

Well well well this is quite the big show for DDT in many different ways but in my opinion the biggest thing taking place on this show is the return of one of the greatest stars of the Michinoku Pro Dojo, Dick fk’n Togo! Mr. Togo changed his style over the years and, much like Gedo, is still one of the best in the world. Well, he was until he retired in 2012 but he wanted to make a return to wrestling and by god he did just that. Dick is one of my all time personal favorites so I gushed when I saw he was on this card. Takeshita is defending the KO-D Heavyweight Strap against 666 contracted performer Yuko Miyamoto! If you have ever read a review of mine or listened to Puro In The Rough, you will know I love Miyamoto just about as much as I love Isami and that is saying something. I hope you enjoy this review.

Forewarning that I only reviewed the matches that were presented in their entirety. A few matches were trimmed down a lot and I felt no need in reviewing.

Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata vs. Danshoku Dino, Shigehiro Irie & Yuto Aijima

This was the typical fun opening DDT tag team match. It was weird to see Irie this low on the card but I suppose he wants to wrestle everyone before he heads off for his US excursion later this month. Remember #BookIrie. I don’t remember seeing much of Aijima before but he was impressive, nothing overly awesome but his a solid performer. Hirata tied up his own tag partner Owashi as well as Irie in the ropes they both stayed there and it was funny. Dino was about to spike Hirata with the Danshoku Driver but TOKYOOOOOOOOO GO started playing whilst Hirata was in Dino’s trunks and when his head popped up he was wearing the glasses it was very enjoyable. Dino, moments later, pinned Hirata with a brutal lip lock followed by the Danshoku Driver.

DDT EXTREME Championship Match: LiLiCo w/ Mizuki Watase vs. Makoto Oishi w/ Batten x Burabura

Jesus Christ. Much like the last match, I don’t know how the fuck to rate this. I don’t think I will give it a star rating. It was definitely a spectacle and I don’t know what else to say about it. You could only win the match if you had a five second lip lock with your second. In LiliCo’s case it was Watase and in Oishi’s case it was the very slimy looking Batten x Burbura. LiliCo and Watase are legit great together and have real good chemistry in and outside of the ring if you know what i’m saying. Oishi the dirt bag gave LiliCo a diving headbutt to her boobs. In the end, LiliCo retained the title by kissing Watase for much longer than five seconds whilst she had an octopus stretch on Oishi.

Dick Togo & Antonio Honda vs. Yasu Urano & Guanchulo***1/4

This is honestly no joke whatsoever, Dick Togo is one of the best wrestlers in the world. He has had one match back, I am well aware, but holy shit this man is so smart when it comes to professional wrestling. He knows what to do and when to do it. Dick Togo is a ring general in every sense of the word. He came out here looking as vicious and as buff as ever. Don’t be shocked when Togo is in my top 25 wrestlers of 2016. Togo and Guanchulo grapple it up to the delight of Togo, as he smiled when they finished their grapple fuckery. Togo’s punches are still some of the best in pro wrestling. Please wrestle Gedo sometime soon Mr. Togo-San. This was really a Togo spotlight match, but he did make his opponents look quite good. Togo did his perfect springboard senton. Togo connected with a beautiful dropkick! Togo was easily the best performer in this match. He hit Guanchulo with a pedigree, then pinned him after his big boy senton from the top rope. LOVE TOGO.

KO-D Tag Championship Match: Daisuke Sasaki & Shuji Ishikawa vs. Ken Ohka & KAI***1/2

I love KAI much more than most but seriously, I mean this whole hardheartedly, KAI, LEAVE WRESTLE-1 AND JOIN DDT FULL TIME, PLEASE!!! KAI’s gimmick and act fits so well into the DDT universe it’s astounding. Especially when his teamed with his wife beater brother Ken Ohka. Look, Ken Ohka is no all time great worker but the dude is over, and in DDT you would much rather be over than a great wrestler. My first example? Konosuke Takeshita, real good wrestler but he is NOT over. They started this match brawling around Hakata Star Lanes, then Shuji got Ohka back into the ring and demolished him with knees. Ohka superplexed Shuji, which looked sloppy, but it’s Ken Ohka so it works. KAI made a old school hot tag and hit more dropkicks than Ricky Morton in a 30-second time span. KAI also ran wild with superkicks. Double spear takes out Shuji allowing KAI to pin Sasaki with a frogsplash! KAI AND KEN OHKA ARE THE DDT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. THEY ARE SEMI-MAIN EVENTING SUMO HALL! Imagine saying that 2 months ago.

KO-D Openweight Championship Match: Konosuke Takeshita vs. Yuko Miyamoto***3/4

I can’t say anything bad about this match, honestly. Yuko was tremendous as always, and I thought Takeshita held his own and showed fire. Not personality, but he showed fire and it felt like he wanted to win the match. Improvements from young Takeshita. I just think it’s so awesome that Yuko Miyamoto is in the main event of a semi-large DDT show. He deserves it so much, he still continues to work everywhere and anywhere, but man, he should be a big player in just about every major promotion in Japan. I am very happy he will be competing in 3 Ryogoku shows this year, though. For Big Japan (7/24), DDT (8/28), AJPW (unannounced). He could possibly be competing in Chono’s event later this year, which COULD be in Sumo Hall. This match started off slow with the crowd heavily behind the Yankee. Takeshita made a very good comeback showing that fire I was talking about earlier. Yuko attacked Takeshita’s ankle and that would be the story of the match. Belly to belly in the corner from Yuko. Takeshita landed a beautiful blue thunder bomb. Konosuke hit a huge lariat. Yuko fired back with a couple hand spring attacks. The finishing stretch was really fun, both guys got really close near falls. In the end Takeshita won with a Chaos Theory German suplex hold.

Um, I didn’t come out of this show feeling like I want to see more DDT. Like, I will, of course, because I love the brand as a whole, but this show was sort of nothing special. Besides Togo returning and a pretty good main event, everything else was like eh. Nothing bad, necessarily, but nothing that left me wanting more. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the review!


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