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DDT Never Mind 12/23/15 Review

Hey guys. Been a little while since I’ve reviewed some DDT, but I’ve been keeping track of the promotion. This is by no means a huge show for DDT, but the two main matches we have tonight are Akito challenging for the Extreme Title against champion Kendo Kashin and to crown a new pair of tag champs (the title was vacated due to Ibushi’s injury, Daisuke Sasaki was forced to relinquish belts Yuji Okabayashi and Shigehiro Irie vs. Endo and Takeshita, now named New Generation Combo opposed to the former Happy Motels.  That’s a fun sounding tag match, Irie and Okabayashi teaming up in this tag title tournament after their recent war against each other is a great story. And New Gen is SO much better as a team than they are apart from each other.

(Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title) Yukio Sakaguchi, Saki Akai (c) & Lady Beard Vs Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & CherryN/R

It’s a bummer to see Yukio fall so far so quickly to a novelty title match opener like this, but that’s also part of the beauty of DDT. HARASHIMA had to do the same earlier in the year when he lost the title, so it makes sense to work your way back up. Yukio won this crazy assortment tag for the Iron Man belt in the midst of all the silliness. Ladybeard and Saki Akai came out with antlers on. They tried to put a Santa hat on Yukio, and you can imagine how well that went so he took his fury out on poor Shunma who was forced to tap after a double PK and a sleeper. A lot of various flying around in this one and that’s basically it.

(Ultra Heroes EXPO Collaboration Match) Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata Vs Antonio Honda, Hiroshi Fukuda & Tomomitsu Matsunaga: **

You can tell within 5 seconds of reading this match heading that there will be no seriousness involved here. Honda’s team comes out with these funky looking anime super villains behind them, and Takagi brings out the only man that can stop them: Tokyo GO extraordinaire Kazuki Hirata. Apparently these creatures have captured and brainwashed on screen authority figure Tsurumi and Hirata couldn’t give two fucks and just danced the night away. Takagi screaming at him like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING DUDE WE HAVE TO SAVE HIM!” was great. So who comes to save the day? Ultraman X of course! Ultraman takes out all the alien people, and gives Takagi the go to hit the sitout powerbomb on Fukuda to rescue Tsurumi. I was laughing hysterically at a live action Ultraman episode breaking out in a DDT match. My god.

Yasu Urano Vs Daisuke Sasaki**

A clearly joined in progress clipped match. But what we see here is pretty good. A quick paced match between these two that interlaced a ton of cleverness with using the ref as a weapon, dirty tricks from the both of them and a ton of close call rollup pins that was keeping Korakuen on the ed of their seat. The finish was pretty funny, albeit choppy as hell when the ref was thrown to the corner after both guys wee leapfrogging him, and then Urano punted Sasaki right between the boys downstairs, and rolled him up. A lot of wackiness in a fast paced setting.

Isami Kodaka & Ryota Nakatsu Vs Masa Takanashi & Kota Umeda Vs Keisuke Ishii & Soma Takao Vs Kazusada Higuchi & Suguru Miyatake: **3/4

Ton of DNA boys getting an opportunity to get some stuff in for this cluster tag. KO-D champ Isami gets a show off from defending his title and has understudy Nakatsu tagging along with him. We’re joined in progress once again though to see Isami doing his rounding the baseball bases gimmick stuff alongside Nakatsu to four of the guys in all four corners. Well except for the ref, who avoided the attack and axe handled Isami on the back. Good looking out there brother. Miyatake was just pissing everyone off and that one attention whore at the part that goes “LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!” and none of these guys were having it, absolutely destroying him with a stomp circle, and then when he almost yakked on Ishii after being punched in the stomach, Ishii shot on him. This just became a totally crazy spotfest that was extremely hard to keep track of but definitely kept you watching. Nakatsu and Takanashi had a really good sequence to end the match, with Nakatsu reversing a Code Red, into an armbar which Masa turned into a pin, and then Masa kicked Nakatsu in the head and finally hit the Code Red for the win.

(DDT Extreme Title) Kendo Kashin (c) vs. Akito DUD

This whole Kendo holding the Extreme Title hostage and having zero respect for the belt itself is… a thing. When Kashin won the belt from Honda and showed no respect for the title, Akito who has made that title mean something, took exception and some fighting ensued. This should be pretty heated as a result. This one is contested under Amateur Wrestling rules with 3 count pinfalls, submissions, knockouts and countouts allowed. That’s definitely in the technically gifted Akito’s wheelhouse. Oddly enough, Honda seems to be HELPING Kashin. What the heck? In a mass of hold exchanging devoid of any feeling, Honda kept getting involved even throwing a can at Akito at one point. Akito tried locking in an ankle lock on Kashin, but he loosened his boot so Akito would lose grip and then rolled up Akito with a small package. Wow, this stunk. Absolutely stunk. Absolute waste of time for everyone involved. Get this damn title off of Kendo Kashin, PLEASE. And the lack of emotion here from Akito when he was so pissed about the disrespect towards the title earlier in this short little match was shameful. This was crap, ladies and gents and I don’t say that about much DDT stuff.

HARASHIMA & Ken Ohka vs. Danshoku Dino & Super Sasadango Machine DUD

Hopefully DDT’s ace can redeem this show from that abomination of a “title match” I just witnessed. Apparently, they are wrestling this one like a turn based game. No, I’m actually serious. Each team has a different song and they can only attack and pin when that certain one is playing. This is just bad gimmick wrestling DDT. This isn’t funny or entertaining in the least. There’s a point when you can completely destroy the fun of a match with this silly stuff at times and they crossed that line here. I can usually suspend my disbelief for stuff, but god I just could not do it for this borefest of a match with an absurd stipulation. Confusing, convoluted, no fun. The crowd being drowned out by the music, guys pinning each other when they couldn’t because of this stupid ass stip, I just UGH. Have these guys in a regular match for god’s sake. Oddly enough, Dino put on one of his best wrestling performances in this one. But it was all for naught in this trainwreck. Longest 12 mins of my life, thankfully Ohka and HARASHIMA ended this eventually with the Somato knees and the spear. Awful.

To note, after the match Ohka leaves his own Ohka Empire and is going to Isami’s Ganbare promotion for awhile to do stuff there. Alrighty then.

(KO-D Tag Team Titles Tournament – Final) Konosuke Takeshita & Tetsuya Endo vs. Yuji Okabayashi & Shigehiro Irie ****1/2

For the love of god guys, please save this show that has taken an absolutely terrible turn. Like I explained in the intro, Takeshita and Endo are back to what they do best, teaming for the tag titles and Okabayashi has taken Irie under his wing after their match recently. These two squads meet to determine the new KO-D champs, the hole that was left with Kota Ibushi’s serious injury forcing him and Sasaki to vacate the belts. Endo was getting absolutely bodied at the start of this one, Irie seems to be getting more of an edge just via proxy of Okabayashi. His elbow strikes were more brutal than usual. Endo is great babyface in peril here, Korakuen was trying to will him off the mat from this beating. Takeshita was finally able to tag in and came in smoking hot. Endo meanwhile was doing some insane acrobatics in this one, including a corkscrew Lionsault to the outside onto both Irie and Okabayashi. He even ducked an Okabayashi lariat with some sort of Matrix flip, like what!? The second half of this match was just off the charts. Takeshita really did look like the future in this setting. Whether he was in there with Okabayashi and Irie, he truly felt like a threat and a main eventer. He was throwing bombs with both of those big boys and kept right with them. The last few minutes were just crazy, filled with high impact moves and kickouts like Irie hitting a Fire Thunder Driver on Takeshita but only resulting in a 2.9 count, Endo coming out of nowhere to hit that corkscrew moonsault again, etc. Finally, after hitting Irie with two deadlift German Suplexes, Takeshita and Endo are once again your KO-D tag champs. Korakuen was losing their mind by the end of this one and so was I. A must see tag match that saved this show from being the utter shits. Okabayashi didn’t quite take a back seat in this one, but definitely let Irie shine some more and it was great. Takeshita and Irie have fantastic chemistry.

This show was not a good one from DDT, sadly to say. It’s a one match main event show and nothing more. Basically everything in the undercard is skippable, albeit with some funny light hearted moments per usual but not as much as I’d like. There were some serious swings and misses here, like the completely dry and short Akito/Kashin match sucked dry of emotion and the terribly overbooked Ohka Empire/SSM and Dino match. But I’ll be damned if that tag tournament final wasn’t one of the better tag title matches I’ve seen all year. So intense, hard hitting, flips, basically everything for everyone. Go watch that match and forget about the rest.



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