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DDT BASARA Vajra 34 ~ Shishifunjin ~ Review (04/29/2017)


DDT BASARA Vajra 34 ~ Shishifunjin ~ on April 29, 2017

Watch: DDT Universe

Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan

Isami Kodaka vs. Takato Nakano***1/4

This was bloody awesome! This is Takato’s debut match and what a way to debut against one of the most established names in modern day puroresu Isami Kodaka and in the legendary Korakuen Hall. This bout was much better than it had any right to be, it’s a debuting guy against a vet as you would expect a squash with a few hope spots. That’s basically what this was but it was worked much better, there was a definitive story. Isami targeted the back throughout the entire match and won using a Boston Crab which targets the lower back. Takato doesn’t look like a geek in all black gear, he looks like a star in his colorful outfit and all. He did lots of awesome stuff here like a wheelbarrow bulldog and a springboard cross-body which Isami simply moved out of the way of. This was great and I think you all would enjoy this.

FUMA & Hagane Shinno vs. YO-HEY & Kenshin Chikano**1/2

This was actually one of my most hyped matches on this show, the GIN GIN BOYS!!! I love these guys, they are the DOVE PRO tag champs and are very good professional wrestlers but they played up their gimmicks a little too much for me and it took away from what could have been an awesome work rate match. Chikano and YO-HEY just played around with everyone’s penis and yeah just not for me, doesn’t offend me by any means but it’s just not what I look for in wrestling. Shinno is one of my favorite workers but he wasn’t able to do too much in this match. YO-HEY did some cool things including his bamboo dragonfly finisher which is a twisting splash.

Masamune, Ryuichi Sekine & Fuminori Abe vs. Trans Am ★ Hiroshi, Trans Am ★ Shinya & Trans Am ★ Tanaka ***

Minoru looked goddamn incredible holy cow! He came out decked in his USA gear. The work in this match wasn’t anything great but it was solid, especially in the beginning sequence with Minoru and Abe — which was awesome. Abe tapped out to Minoru but it’s a flag match so you have to pin your opponent with the flag draped over. I did enjoy it, Masamune seemed very confused at the loveable goof that is Trans Am Hiroshi. Shinya Ishida has improved so much since I first saw him about one year ago on a HEAT-UP show. In the end, Hiroshi pinned Sekine after the big leg drop.

Yusuke Kubo vs. Dick Togo***

This was a good match, very basic and effective. No crazy high spots, no usual Dick Togo crazy non-stop action. This was slow and controlled and told the story of Togo being much wiser in-ring and being a few steps ahead of the much less experienced Kubo. Togo’s focus was on the head and neck of Kubo, for the first 5 minutes he was putting Kubo in headlocks and head scissors, Kubo looked to escape numerous times but Togo being the crafty veteran got him back into the hold. Kubo after 5 minutes finally escaped and put on some offense of his own including a version of the GTR. In the end, Togo used a trick he learned from his old buddy and pinned Kubo with the Gedo Clutch.

Yuji Okabayashi vs. Isami Kodaka***1/2

This was awesome; the best match on the card thus far. Two of my favorite wrestlers fighting made me so happy. Isami had two very good matches this evening, I’m looking at my spreadsheet now, and yup, he is my WOTY thus far. He’s just so consistent with everything and everywhere he works. Okabayashi was a little less serious which I wasn’t really used to but still a big time hoss just killing Isami with chops. Isami would duck the chops then hit elbows but in the end, he was knocked down with yet another hoss chop. Isami showed sometimes it isn’t size that defines strength, he suplexed Okabayashi on the outside and hit a huge lariat that knocked Yuji down on the inside. Isami gave it all he had but eventually after over 10 minutes he tapped to the giant Argentine Backbreaker.

Takumi Tsukamoto & SAGAT vs. Gunso & Shoichi Uchida ***

This was tons of fun and was worked in the classic Gunso way with music playing in the background. I was worried that it would be radio silence because DDT Universe uses mostly copyrighted music but no it was all good. Gunso and Uchida were a welcome addition to this lineup and put on a very solid match with two of BASARA’s most loyal roster members. Gunso is the owner and operator of DOVE PRO and was accompanied to ringside by the GIN GIN boys. Gunso did a really cool splash to the outside through a table. Everything was good and nothing looked bad, SAGAT stepped up here as well. He finished Uchida off in style with a devastating spear.

UNION MAX Championship: Trans Am ★ Ryuichi (c) vs. Ryota Nakatsu***1/4

I didn’t like the first half of this match as it was just Ryuichi doing American moves very poorly, he has the worst working punch and bionic elbow I’ve probably ever seen. The crowd was into it (sort of) to begin with but as the match went on the crowd was fed up. I’m mutual on Ryuichi Kawakami in BJW, like he doesn’t offend me but he does nothing that great. I’m not the biggest fan of him in BASARA, I’m shocked Isami has positioned him as the promotion’s top star. Ryota Nakatsu was out in his new gear looking like a beast, he wasn’t here to play around — he wanted to kick and walk out the UNION MAX Champion. But yeah as I was saying the first half sucked but I would say the last 6 minutes were really awesome. Ryuichi relied less on gimmick and busted out a couple of big time moves. Nakatsu did everything he could to win but in the end he was unsuccessful, Ryuichi won and retained with the Perfect 5.

  • Good - 6.5/10


This was a very fun show, I hesitate to call it a very good show because there were only one or two matches that I would recommend. Isami runs BASARA so it's ny default one of my favorite promotions and I'm pleased they are finding success in 2017.



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