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CZW “Welcome to the Combat Zone” Review (4/1/16)

It is time to step into the Combat Zone! This went head to head with NXT TakeOver, and I was the only one on the whole WWW team to decide to buy and review it. Proving Grounds was a pretty good show and it got me hyped for this show. There was about a 15-minute delay for the show to start. Emil Jay is our host tonight, which is great and DJ Hyde comes out and holds a 10 bell salute for Kris Travis, a great UK wrestler who passed away from cancer this week. DJ Hyde then welcomes all of us to the Combat Zone but AR Fox comes out and interrupts, with his wife, John Jr. and a dog. He announces his open challenge and Joey Janela answers it. Dezmond Xavier also comes out, and then Shane Strickland does too! AND NOW TREVOR LEE! AND THEN RICOCHET! CZW going all out!

AR Fox vs. Shane Strickland vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Trevor Lee vs. Joey Janela vs. Ricochet****

You are reading that right. Immediately, right off the bat a top rope moonsault and a dive over the turnbuckle happens. SO MANY DIVES. This was a spotfest, AN AMAZING SPOTFEST. If you like flips and stuff like this like I do, you will love this match! Trevor Lee brought the brutal strikes, but they all brought the flips. This was the ULTIMATE spotfest, and I loved it, and it was glorious. So dropkicks too, I am not complaining. Everybody hit their signature stuff, Lee hits his deadlift German and stomp. Strickland hits the nastiest ace crusher, that was almost botched but he saved it. Strickland ends up winning, brothers, this was a hoot and a holler at its finest!

Chris Marvel vs. Andy Dalton**

Never seen Marvel, but from what I have seen from Dalton, he is pretty darn good. Marvel for a pretty big man, hit a cool arm bar after jumping off the second rope. Fairly short contest, as Dalton hits a Crunchy and wins. An average little match, still nothing to be ashamed of, just skippable.

Veda Scott vs. Brittany Blake*

These two had a pretty bad match at AIW a while back that I reviewed. I’m pretty sure my opinions about Veda are well known by now. This was just as bad as their last encounter. VERY sloppy and quite boring. This went on way too long. Blake ends up making Veda tap out with her signature submission, the Bad Omen. Really bad.

Tim Donst vs. Joe Gacy**3/4

These two are very good big agile men, and it makes them very entertaining. They were training holds, in and out the ring, and it was pretty solid. It then turns into a nice chop battle, which leads to a tope suicida from Donst. Gacy even hits an awesome hand spring stunner but after that there was a sloppy back breaker botch. They then brawl through out the Eddie Deen’s ranch. This was a pretty sloppy bout, but it was still good, and Gacy rolls up Donst for the win.

David Starr vs. Dave Crist***1/2

Battle of the Dave’s and I was excited for this match! JT Davidson, as per usual, introduces Crist. These guys have a storied past, as they have had an over 100-minute match at a Rockstar Pro show. Started off with some good mat wrestling. Starr looked like a Starr here. They eventually go to the outside and Crist hits a plancha. They put in a great effort here, and it came across well, even with a lot of Scarlet and Graves interference, it was very enjoyable. A very back and forth match, and it picked up a lot towards the end. Starr went for a superplex, but Wentz interfered and Crist hit a string of moves for the win.

(WSU Championship) Cherry Bomb (c) vs. Jessicka Havok**

Havok is hit or miss for me but Cherry Bomb is great! Her work in SMASH is always good and she is coming off of an injury. Early on she tries to leave, but Havok pulls her back. Cherry did a lot of ultra heel things but the match was so slow, and very average. After a ref bump and hitting her with a title belt, Havok nearly wins. After rolling her up, Bomb retains. Went on way too long.

Bull James vs. Sami Callihan***1/2

This match was happening the same time as Nakamura/Zayn, but I didn’t care, I was about to watch Bull James wrestle! Some great brawling on the outside. Then Callihan hits a crazy low-pe and it was awesome. The outside brawl also included some Callihan spit. This was a very good hoss fight. It was just a brawl, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Sami wins after reverse a crossbody from Bull into a jack knife pin, and I really liked this match! After the match Bull James attacks Sami, but Sami hits him with the Pedigree. Editor’s note: all hail?

(Tables Match) Nation of Intoxication vs. Amazing Gulaks & Chuck Taylor***1/2

The pairing of the Gulaks and Chuckie T is AMAZING! The Nation attack them during the other teams’ entrance. A hilarious spot where all the members of the Amazing T’s did a leap frog spot and it was awesome. A lot of great spots and it was a hoot. Devon Moore was the first to go through a table, my least favorite gone so soon? What a shame! The Gulaks hit the AMAZING Elbow Drop! Sadly, Drew was the second one to be eliminated, but Chuckie T throws tHURTeen through a table almost immediately after. A weird botch thing happened where Gulak went through a table but Havoc went with him so it was a bit confusing, but it was still alright. Chuckie T gets the win after powerbombing Havoc! What a hoot!

(No Rope Taipei Boards Barbed-Wire Match) Matt Tremont vs. MASADA**

They took their sweet time setting up this match, almost 30 minutes of intermission. After that, any hype I had for this match died. At least they allow blood, unlike that NXT match eh? Very slow, and painful to watch, and not in the sense that it looked brutal. A boring match, I think this was just not for me, I don’t even really dislike death matches but it was just slow and full of no selling or over selling. Also a loud hissing during this match. I’m sure people will really like this match, but I thought it was pretty mediocre. Although a bright spot was MASADA hitting a somersault into a board and landing onto Tremont. Tremont hits the sit out powerbomb for the win.

This was a mixed bag, and far from being as good as Proving Grounds, just some really bad matches and some gems. And the intermission was way too long, but the opener was really good. For all your CZW reviews, you are already at the right place, Wrestling With Words.


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